Different bras and what they do

Apparently there are nine types of breasts - which one do you have?

So now it says: Appropriate breast shape selected and paid attention. Because this classification could play a key role in appreciating ourselves, our breasts and our shaping companions even more in the future. 🙌

What does the breast shape say about your underwear?

Picture no. 1: asymmetrical

Most breasts are of different sizes. For some, however, the size differs more clearly than for others. If you notice a noticeable difference in your own breasts, you should contact yourself Bras with removable pads hold. One pad supports the smaller breast, while the larger one, freed from the padding, can fill the cup without pressure pain.

Picture no. 2: Athletic

This type of breast is very firm, taut and muscular. Since the tissue already supports itself well, delicate, thin bra materials are also sufficient. In order to capture the shape perfectly, T-shirt bras with or without underwire are particularly suitable. They provide the necessary support and gently push up and into the middle.

Picture no. 3 & 9: Bell and teardrop shaped

In general, it is understood to mean heavier breasts. They are narrower at the top and become noticeably fuller at the bottom. A bra that covers the entire breasts is best for this shape. A lot of support is needed, especially for this type. Wide straps and full cups can help lift the breasts and relieve pressure on the shoulders and back.

Picture no. 4: facing east-west

The nipples usually point in opposite directions and the whole breast tends to gently fall outwards. Light push-up bras or tight bustiers manage to catch the breasts and place them in the middle. So you lie comfortably, without exerting a pulling pressure pain on the body.

Picture no. 5: Relaxed hanging

Slightly tapered, these breasts tend to point downwards. They draw a gentle U-shape and are fuller at the bottom than at the top. Balconette models with comparatively straight temples and round cups are ideal for perfectly stabilizing the fabric. In this way, the entire breast is lifted particularly effectively and can rest comfortably in the cups.

Picture no. 6: Round and plump

The shape is characterized by a uniform fullness and roundness. Surgical help was often given here - but not always, of course. In order to keep the breasts in their shape permanently, a certain support is necessary here as well. Bras with a wide bridge in the middle show them off particularly well.

Picture no. 7: Lying on his side

The breasts are wide apart and tilted slightly in different directions. At the same time, the nipples point forward. Balconette models with a high bracket are also available to hide the gap. If you want to see the breasts more centered, you can alternatively opt for bras with closely spaced cups.

Picture no. 8: Slim and delicate

The breasts are slightly wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. In general, this type of breast tends to have thin tissue and soft skin. So they should be packed safely and gently. Bralettes that frame and capture the chest well are best for this. They should be cut in the shape of a triangle, but can also consist of delicate and thin material.