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The fan4van online shop:

  • Ratio of installation height / stroke

    Best stroke ratio on the market

  • Installation depth

  • Lifting capacity

    Direct transfer of the lifting force to the underside of the girder without any transverse load

  • Force curve

    Over the entire stroke with up to 140%

  • Low oil consumption

    Due to the small difference in volume, only a small tank is installed and thus saves space

  • speed

    The leveling process takes between 1-2 minutes

  • stability

    Vehicle is extremely stable

  • Warning sign

    No warning signal when the ignition is switched on

  • Weight

    This system is still one of the lightest on the market, but it still swallows approx. 60kg

  • One manufacturer only

    Installation only possible in Owen at Asimo

For me as a business camper, the jack system means an enormous gain. Due to the often late arrival to parking spaces, I usually couldn't straighten my vehicle in the past because it would have been simply too loud. With the new system, this happens almost silently.
This enables me to have a straight bed in less than 2 minutes - PERFECT!

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