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The many Cartier watches Würzburg replica watch watches Würzburg replica watch novelties with which Cartier demonstrates its still young workmanship include four tourbillons alone. With the Geneva hallmark that is Pasha de Cartier Flying Tourbillon Skeleton excellent. Typical of the Pasha line, the clock has Arabic instead of Roman numerals. In the skeleton watch, the hour numbers serve as a movement holder and combine with the caliber 9457 MC to form a functional whole. The 42 millimeter timepiece is manufactured 100 times in white gold and costs 104,000 euros. ak

The Cartier watches are unique. They are the result of the constant pursuit of perfection and the extraordinary commitment of a team to a shared passion. From the beginning, Alfred Cartier and later his son Louis were interested in timekeeping. Whether inventive, imaginative or refined - the times a la Cartier defies the norms of watchmaking and combines bold aesthetics with complex and innovative movements. A combination of dream and reality, goldsmithing and watchmaking technology that produced cult objects such as the famous Santos wristwatch from 1904 or the Tank from 1917. At the heart of the Swiss watch industry, Cartier has more than 1,600 employees. The Cartier Manufactory brings together all watchmaking professions, from development to manufacture, decoration, assembly and adjustment, through to manufacture and the final inspection of the watches; Here, cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship work side by side. Cartier watchmakers, true virtuosos of the infinitely small, put together piece by piece to breathe life into the Cartier watches of haute horlogerie. Gear trains, rubies, escapement, screws and bridges are assembled in a precisely defined order to ensure that the movement runs precisely.