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Learn to play skat

Skat is first of all a book with 7 seals for everyone. Since it is quite extensive and has many terms that only a Skat player understands, getting started with learning Skat is even more difficult. This is precisely why even experienced skat players have difficulty explaining the game and the rules of the game in a simple way.

This is why a lot has been left out of this introduction to the game of Skat and we have tried to concentrate on the essentials first. In this way you first learn the essentials.

The two central points in the game of Skat, which require a basic understanding and initially seem very complicated, are the terms "trump" and "charm". If you understand that, you can actually start playing right away and everything else will clear up over time as you play.

You need the following topics to learn the first steps in the game of Skat:

  • Who gets how many cards, what is Skat, who is playing against whom?
  • What is trump, what types of play are there (color game and grand)?
  • What is stimulation and how does it work?
  • The zero game, play hand and play crotchless.
  • An introduction to the game of Skat for advanced players and a lexicon for all the Skat terms will follow soon and if you have any questions, you can find out more here:

  • Wikipedia has a lot of helpful information about the rules of Skat
  • Our skat help provides explanations of the special features of online skat
  • In the forum you meet many experienced skat players who you can ask for help or training sessions
  • Skat for double-headed players

    If you can already play Doppelkopf, you don't necessarily have to start from scratch. On the blog for card games "Luschentreff" you will find instructions on the Skat rules, which were written for players who can already play Doppelkopf.
    Click here for the blog post Skat for double-headed players