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Special find: Farmer whirls up bills while swathing

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money to burn on Tuesday, 10/9/2018 - 10:28 AM (comment now)

A farmer made an unusual find while raking in a meadow in Bavaria. Suddenly bills whirled around him.

A farmer in Oberwildenau, Bavaria, in the Upper Palatinate region of Bavaria, had probably not expected this find when he drove his tractor to the rake on a meadow on Sunday afternoon.

As the police in Neustadt an der Waldnaab reported, banknotes of various denominations in the four-digit lower euro range suddenly fluttered through the air.

Leather bag with money damaged by rake

Apparently the banknotes were in a brown leather bag with a Sparkasse print, which was severely damaged by the rake. The meadow is located on the Oberwildenau-Neudorf municipal road, near the Berg├Ącker confluence.

The police are now investigating where the bag and the money come from. Please contact the Neustadt / WN police on 09602-94020 for information.

With material from Police Neustadt an der Waldnaab, Upper Palatinate Echo

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