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Partner: International Fair for Fair Trade and Global Responsibility. Stuttgart Exhibition Center


1 partner: International fair for fair trade and globally responsible action Messe Stuttgart

2 Table of contents 1. Organization and implementation / general information Page 4 2. Greetings Page 6 3.S Foundation Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg (SEZ) Page 8 4. World: Marketplace Page Information on Fair Trade Page Exhibitor portraits Fair Trade Page 18 Development Cooperation Page 54 Sustainable finance page 66 Sustainable tourism page 70 Responsible corporate governance (CSR) page 73 Special section Future Fashion page Product index - overview page 83 - Product index with exhibitors page 84 2

3 With the kind support of professional and non-material sponsor: Partner: We thank the sponsors 2017: Media partners: Cooperations: Imprint Publisher: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH Coordination and production: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH Ulrike Siegle Marketing Communication Department Telephone: Compensation for faulty, incomplete or non-compliant Contributions, entries and advertisements are excluded: The author is responsible for the content of editorial contributions, entries and advertisements and any damage resulting therefrom. Reprinting, even in part, is not permitted. The use of the addresses, especially the inclusion in cards, files and the like is not permitted. Place of fulfillment and jurisdiction is Stuttgart. Editorial deadline: March 18, 2017 Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH, information without guarantee, subject to change 4/2017, Printed in Germany 3

4 Organization and implementation Technical and non-material sponsor: Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) Werastr. 24, D Stuttgart Telephone: +49 (0) Executive Board: Philipp Keil Partner: State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg Richard-Wagner-Str. 15, Stuttgart-Germany Organizer: Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH MessepiazzA 1, D Stuttgart Telephone: +49 (0) Managing Directors: Roland Bleinroth, Ulrich Kromer von Baerle (Management Spokesman) Project team: Foundation Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg (SEZ) Lena Zoller (Project manager) Tel .: +49 (0) Nicole Kimmel (press work) Tel: +49 (0) Messe Stuttgart Ramona Dröge (project manager) Tel .: +49 (0) Sina Voss (communications manager) Tel .: +49 (0 ) Duration of the exhibition: Opening times: Thursday: a.m., Friday to Sunday: a.m. 4

5 General information Location: Exhibition: Hall 5 Framework program: World: Stage and World: Lounge in Hall 5 and in the ICS International Congress Center Stuttgart Forum of Churches (East Entrance) Church information and discussion point, room for open encounters Contact: Pastor Dieter Kleinmann, Tel .:, Mobil: Prayer room Raum der Stille (opposite the cloakroom) Friday, April 21st respite Saturday, April 22nd respite Sunday, April 23rd place of prayer also for guests of Jewish faith (MIZRACH) and Muslim Faith (QIBLA) 5

6 WELCOME TO THE FAIR HANDELN 2017 trade fair, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all guests and exhibitors in Stuttgart. I was very happy to take over the patronage of the international fair for fair trade and globally responsible action, on which the Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), Messe Stuttgart and the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg are jointly committed. The trade and consumer fair FAIR HANDELN is an international and high-quality platform that brings together actors and interested parties in the fields of fair trade, development cooperation, sustainable finance and sustainable tourism. The focus is on exchanges on the subject of responsible action in a global world and cooperation with developing and emerging countries. Visitors can not only enjoy tasty and fairly traded products, but can also specifically rethink their own local and global actions. Because even small changes in our habits can contribute to an economically more sustainable cooperation and promote justice and equality. Commitment to a world has a long tradition in Baden-Württemberg. As a cosmopolitan and innovative country that is culturally, socially and economically closely linked with numerous regions of the world, development policy has received a special status in Baden-Württemberg. Projects such as the dialogue process Welt: Citizens Asked !, the development policy state conference and the Welt: Marktplatz make it clear that development policy is a cross-cutting task for the state government and a joint task for the diversity of all social actors. It is a concern of the state government to give priority to these structures in the joint implementation of the development policy guidelines of Baden-Württemberg. My thanks go to the organizers, exhibitors and guests of the fair, who deal with the important topic of global responsibility. I wish all visitors to FAIR HANDELN 2017 a stimulating and exciting tour of the fair. Winfried Kretschmann Prime Minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg 6

7 Welcome to FAIR HANDELN! At Germany's leading trade fair for fair trade and globally responsible action, we will show you how you can make the world a little fairer through your conscious and fair consumer behavior. A sustainable lifestyle not only shows social awareness, it is also fun. And the around 150 exhibitors at FAIR HANDELN show you how to look stylish in green fashion, how to eat eco-fair and tasty, how to invest your money sustainably and how to travel in a climate-conscious, ethical and socially fair manner. Never before has the order been as necessary as it is now: Everyone must make a contribution to a more livable and sustainable world! Trade visitors and end consumers can look forward to an informative and varied supporting program again this year. We are particularly pleased about the visit of Graeme Maxton, General Secretary of the Club of Rome, bestselling author and critic of our economic system. With FAIR HANDELN, Messe Stuttgart and SEZ have created an international platform for exchanging ideas about global sustainability and offering a presentation area for fair and sustainable options for action. This was made possible by the extensive and varied support of the sponsors and supporters. Many thanks go to you and the patron of FAIR HANDELN, the Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann and the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry as partners. We warmly welcome all exhibitors and visitors and look forward to an interesting and profitable trade fair with you! Roland Bleinroth, Managing Director of Messe Stuttgart Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) 7

8 Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) Together. Sustainable. Act. The non-profit and independent Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg (SEZ) was established in 1991 by the state parliament. Your foundation mandate is very topical: raising awareness of global interrelationships and global responsibility as well as promoting commitment to development policy. The SEZ wants to encourage people in Baden-Württemberg to actively participate in shaping sustainable development around the world in their living environment. For over 25 years, the SEZ has been working successfully and with great expertise at the interface between politics, municipalities, civil society, business and science. The foundation sees itself as a bridge builder, for example between decision-makers in politics or administration and those involved in development policy, between knowledge and action or between Baden-Württemberg and the world. Strengthening partnerships locally and globally With its partnership center, the SEZ strengthens and networks those active in development policy in the state through networks, exchange, qualification offers and practice-oriented advanced training. The SEZ also advises and supports projects of Baden-Württemberg sponsors in development cooperation at home and abroad. Projects and partnerships, among other things, will be presented in the partner lounge at the SEZ stand. The state-wide municipal initiative Meine is a successful platform for networking. Yours. One world, which has been bundling development policy engagement every two years since 2006 and making it known. A wide variety of actors show in concrete terms how they jointly meet the global challenges at the local level, in development education work, in projects or partnerships. The nationwide One World Days will take place again in autumn 2017. Burundi and Baden-Württemberg For more than 30 years there have been intensive partnership relationships between people in the Republic of Burundi and Baden-Württemberg

9 The professional and ideal sponsor of FAIR HANDELN further strengthened by the signing of an official declaration of cooperation between the two countries. The SEZ's Burundi Competence Center bundles and coordinates activities in Burundi, looks after the projects funded with SEZ and state funds and continues to expand the network of those involved. A success story of the partnership is the fair-trade Burundi coffee, which is imported via the dwp eg fair trade cooperative and can be tasted at the SEZ stand at FAIR HANDELN. SEZ as the initiator of FAIR HANDELN SEZ is committed to fair and globally responsible action. She has proven technical expertise in the field of fair trade. Further training and qualification of those involved in fair trade, project funding in countries in the South and consistent networking are central. In order to promote awareness and sales of fair products, in 2005 she organized the first national fair in Stuttgart. The FAIR HANDELN trade fair has been a joint project of the SEZ and the Stuttgart Trade Fair Center since 2009. The SEZ is the technical and ideal sponsor and responsible for the content of the fair and the admission of exhibitors. In addition, she organizes and coordinates the supporting program with specialist events and consumer information. Together. Sustainable. Act. We are working on a sustainable world! Service point One World Partnership Center Development Education Fair Trade Fair FAIR HANDELN Partnerships with Burundi Project advice and support Take part! Or support our work with your donation. 9

10 World: Marketplace for development cooperation in Baden-Württemberg and beyond! World: Marketplace for development cooperation in Baden-Württemberg and beyond! Development cooperation lives from people who are personally involved, be it in small initiatives and projects, in the Weltladen, in partnership groups, in schools, in companies or in church parishes. This valuable development policy commitment is coordinated, supported and promoted by various institutions, organizations, networks and foundations, both ecclesiastical and secular, non-governmental and state. With the initiative Welt: Citizens asked! In 2012, the state government of Baden-Württemberg carried out a participation project that was unique in Germany to develop the new development policy guidelines for Baden-Württemberg. Taking responsibility for development policy is emphasized as an essential element of a state policy geared towards sustainability in the state's development policy guidelines. Development policy is more than a voluntary state task - it is in the common interest of all those involved. This has been proven by the development policy citizens' dialogue, in which more than citizens and around 120 associations and organizations have contributed to help shape the development policy guidelines. This has resulted in a strong alliance in Baden-Württemberg. For the fifth time, the actors of this alliance are presenting themselves together on the world: marketplace of the fair FAIR HANDELN. The One World Promoter Program is also back. Funded by the federal and state governments, the 20 promoters support civic one world engagement with advice and coordination offers throughout the state. The Baden-Württemberg Sustainability Strategy is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and, on this special occasion, is presenting a special offer for the 10th time on 500 square meters of presentation and exhibition space

11 Sustainability. In addition, the presence of the federal states at the trade fair gives insights into the diverse work of the federal states in development cooperation. As a guest country, Hamburg will present its development policy this year. The Fairtrade City attaches great importance to promoting fair trade chains and socially responsible procurement and also maintains intensive partnerships with the cities of León (Nicaragua) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). Take the opportunity to get to know the different sides of development cooperation in and around Baden-Württemberg at a rally across the world: Marktplatz and secure yourself a fair profit. Learn more about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the contribution of the world: Marktpatz exhibitors to their implementation. What are the federal and state governments doing in development cooperation? What can be done at the local level? Where do the churches stand on the way to a more just world? What do a sustainable lifestyle, environmental protection and resource conservation have to do with development cooperation? What is the role of each and every one of us? Where can I find support if I want to get involved in development policy? On the Welt: Marktplatz you will find answers to all questions about development cooperation. This makes the Welt: Marktplatz an information exchange for those who are committed to development policy and for everyone who still wants to become one. But it is more than that. With a large cosmopolitan shop, a café, the world: stage and plenty of comfortable seating, the world: market square invites you to stroll and linger, to shop and relax, to network and to rest. Relax after an exciting day at the fair with a cup of fairly traded coffee, learn more about the development policy commitment in your area and discover for yourself the small steps you can take to contribute to more justice in our One World. Visit the world: Marketplace at FAIR HANDELN and the exhibitors represented there. 11

12 Information on fair trade 12 The international association of the umbrella organizations of fair trade FINE (FLO, WFTO, NEWS! And EFTA) define fair trade as follows: Fair trade is a trading partnership that is based on dialogue, transparency and respect and is based on more justice in international trade. Through better trading conditions and the safeguarding of social rights for disadvantaged producers and workers, especially in the countries of the south, fair trade makes a contribution to sustainable development. Fair trade organizations are committed - together with consumers - to supporting producers, raising awareness and campaigning to change the rules and practice of conventional world trade. "All of the importers represented at the fair in the field of fair trade have confirms with their signature that they are acting according to the above definition. The following criteria play an important role: Minimum prices The minimum prices for fair trade products are usually well above the world market price. A premium is often paid that improves the living situation of the producers. The minimum price covers the production costs and allows the producers economic security. Direct purchase The products are bought directly from the producers so that their income is not reduced by intermediaries. Long-term purchase agreements These grant the producers financial planning security it and are the basis for lasting development. Pre-financing At the request of the producers, pre-financing of the products is possible so that the producers can invest in seeds, machines and means of transport. Social standards The producers guarantee the members of the cooperative or producers on the plantation minimum social standards. You have e.g. B. the possibility of further training and the right to working conditions according to the minimum legal requirements. In addition, there is a ban on discrimination as well as child and forced labor. They have a say in their work and in their organizations. Quality The higher income enables producers to further improve the quality of their products, for example by switching to organic farming. Processing Many producers invest in the construction of plants for the further processing of their products, because processed goods achieve higher prices than raw goods.

13 Fair trade - two ways for fair trade products Fair trade of the world shops (integrated supply chain: control of the entire company) Fair trade according to Fairtrade (product certification) Small producers, social enterprises, marketing organizations, rarely plantations. Production according to the criteria of fair trade / standards of the WFTO; are partially Fairtrade certified.An important criterion for import organizations! Producers No unnecessary intermediate trade Small producers, plantations / wage laborers, contract farmers. Produce according to the standards of Fairtrade International and are certified by FLO-Cert. Intermediate trade is regulated individually by the licensees and should be as short as possible. 100% fair trade organizations, WFTO members, recognized suppliers of the Weltladen umbrella association Importers Any, if Fairtrade criteria are met for the corresponding product (especially medium-sized conventional companies and multinationals). No quantity compensation = physical product identity (exception: orange juice) Fair trade content in mixed products preferably over 50% (recommendation) All that can be must be fair! Components from Europe (e.g. milk) partially meet Also fair trade standards Product composition Volume balancing for orange juice, sugar, tea, cocoa: no physical, but documentary traceability Fair trade content at least 20% in mixed products (binding) All that can be must be fair! Single ingredient strategy (e.g. Cacao Program) (no Fairtrade seal, but program logo) World shops & groups, online shops. Profits are reinvested in fair trade, used for education and campaign work. Retail Sales through supermarkets, health food stores and online shops. Trade profits remain there; Financing license fees Information work Orientate yourself when buying at the Weltladen as a fair trade shop. Use this partly for information. Customers use the Fairtrade seal to orientate themselves when buying, provided they consciously choose a fair product. For over 40 years Since 1992 Source: Weltladen Akademie / Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. 13th

14 Overview of selected fair trade systems at FAIR HANDELN Ecocert Fair * Fairtrade international PRODUCT GROUPS Clothing / textiles Flowers Wood and paper products Cosmetics and hygiene articles Crafts Foods Natural leather Jewelery and design CERTIFICATION // VERIFICATION AND CONTROL llllllll System-internal screening and / or certification processes ll. External certification / verification by Ecocert FLOCert Accreditation of the inspection body Accreditation under ISO 65 (previously only for organic) ISO 65 What is certified / verified? Entire supply chain: via first-time traders, processors to the finished product, producers and trade transactions What is sealed? Only organic products can receive the Ecocert Fair Trade seal. Consumer products 14 * Note: The information comes directly from the institutions and organizations.

15 IMO Fair Naturland Weltladen- World Fair Trade for Life * Fair * Umbrella Association ev * Organization (WFTO) * lllllllllllllllllllll lllll Comprehensive questionnaire based on the convention of the world shops Internal monitoring system, self-assessment report, peer visits and accountability watch IMOswiss AG The independent Naturland Recognition committee takes over the certifications. Verification of the information by an external auditor. External audits by accredited auditors. Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) according to ISO / IEC and EN (I SO 65) Naturland is accredited according to DIN EN ISO 065. This is not a certification. The WFTO control system is to be ISO certified. Food, Cosmetics, Textiles, Crafts and Paper Products Products and Companies, Worldwide (North & South) The whole company is subject to review. The companies as a whole are checked according to the WFTO criteria. End consumer products Products that are eco and fair certified in accordance with Naturland Fair - in the north and south. It is not possible to seal products. WFTO guaranteed members can use the WFTO product label. 15th

16 Overview of selected sustainability systems at FAIR HANDELN Global Organic NATURTEXTIL TourCert- FAIR WEAR Textile Standard IVN Seal FOUNDATION (GOTS) Best (FWF) PRODUCT GROUPS Clothing / textiles lll Flowers Wood and paper products Cosmetics and sanitary articles Handicrafts ll Food Natural leather Jewelry and design Travel and culture l CERTIFICATION / VERIFICATION AND CONTROL Internal system screening and / or certification processes External certification / verification through accreditation of the inspection body Standard revisions every 3 years with international multi-stakeholder participation External, independent certification institutes / laboratories (third-party certification) Accreditation according to ISO / IEC 65 plus sector- and GOTS-specific requirements External ISO-accredited certification institutes and laboratories (third-party certification) l regular revision of standards and processes, last revision March 2015 external independent expert accreditation of the Standards and criteria by GSCT Review of members (Brand Performance Check) by FWF employees Factory audits by local auditor teams trained by FWF Only auditor teams trained by FWF are allowed to carry out the FWF factory audits What is certified / verified? What is sealed? All levels: fiber preparation, yarn / fabric production, dyeing, finishing, sewing to trade Certified textiles - only valid with license number and label level Company: fiber preparation, yarn / fabric production, printing, dyeing, finishing, sewing Certified end products, clothing, accessories, home and Home textiles CSR management system at tourism companies The FWF company verifies the progress of its members in implementing the FWF working guidelines. Member companies use the logo to inform about their FWF membership. 16 An additional criterion for exhibitor authorization at FAIR HANDELN is the reference to countries in the global south for all sustainability systems. The information comes directly from the institutions and organizations.

17 You will find the missio truck in Hall 5, Stand 5G74 The missio truck is coming. People on the run. The multimedia exhibition. Recycle Cell Phones Doing Good! Bring your old cell phone to the truck! Anyone who wants to invest their money in an ecologically sensible and profitable way has trusted the Öko-Invest information service since 1991. It provides up-to-date analyzes, overviews and tips on sustainable funds, wind, solar and hydropower investments every 14 days (by post) approx. 40 sustainable stocks in the model portfolio, e.g. Shares from Shimano and Umweltbank (price gains approx. 800% each) 25 natural shares in the nx-25 index (+ 567% from 2003 to 2016) 30 solar shares in the PPVX index (+ 242% from 2003 to 2016) over-the-counter shares such as e.g. from BioArt AG or Öko-Test Holding AG warnings of (green) black sheep. The Green Money 2020 handbook (in its 8th updated edition) again contains a comprehensive overview of almost all eco-investment opportunities, including new chapters such as green bonds and crowd investments, on around 360 pages. The manual (unit price EUR 24.90 including shipping with invoice) and a free Öko-Invest sample book can be downloaded from Öko-Invest-Verlag Schweizertalstr. 8-10 / 5, A-1130 Vienna Tel

18 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E38 Akar GmbH Am Steinigen Graben 15, Dießen Tel .: Fax: Hall 5 Stand 5F37 Aldersbacher-Fairhandels-Brücke Kantnerstr. 11, Aldersbach Tel .: Fax: Akar was founded in 1994 to support the rehabilitation workshops of the New Sadle leprosy aid project in Kathmandu. Today Akar is a certified importer of fair trade handicrafts from Nepal for the world shops in Germany and Austria. Akar works in Kathmandu with two small family businesses and with three fair trade organizations. The latter are members of WFTO Asia and founding members of the Fair Trade Group Nepal. Regular stays and assistance on site give us a good picture of the working conditions of the craftsmen. Traditional Nepalese singing bowls, creative felt items - flowers, decorations, seat mats, ... bags made of wool felt and hand-woven fabrics, scarves made of felt, wool and silk hand-made Nepal paper Contact: Gerhard Ernecker The Aldersbacher-Fairhandels-Brücke has been in business for over 10 years various producers and organizations in Kenya / East Africa and hilltribe projects (minorities of mountain peoples) in northern Thailand. We offer producer groups and individuals pre-financing for material and purchase at higher prices in order to reduce poverty and enable better educational and living conditions. Handicrafts from Kenya and Thailand Costume jewelry Olive wood for kitchen and table Bags and textiles Soapstone figures and soapstone hearts recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. 18th

19 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5G36 Anden Art GmbH Elisabethinergasse 36/70 AT-8020 Graz Telephone: Hall 5 Stand 5F13 Bad Boyz Ballfabrik e.k. Michaelstrasse 54 b, Nuremberg Tel .: Fax: Anden Art Committed to Fair Trade and Pure Quality Anden Art's commitment to cooperation with various producer groups enables many people to have a fair livelihood. Anden Art stands for: - Fair trade principles - Local added value - Sustainability - Fair trade gifts - Garden decorations - Jewelry made of silver and natural materials - Eco-fair clothing recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; GOTS-certified products Contact: Robert Weber The BAD BOYZ BALLFABRIK e.k. founded in January 2012, is one of the few providers of FAIRTRADE-certified sports balls worldwide. We only work with FAIRTRADE certified producers. The possibility of CUSTOMIZING balls for municipalities, schools and clubs even for small quantities (from 30 pieces) makes our service and offer package unique! The FAIRTRADE certification stands for the consistent implementation of our CSR idea, the FIFA certification of our FOOTZ DARLING match ball for the highest quality. FAIRTRADE-certified sports balls for - soccer - handball - volleyball - dodgeball in all marketable, for use in matches, training, leisure time, school and as a promotional ball Fairtrade certification; recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. 19th

20 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5G41 BAGHI fair fashion Susan Bohn Anna-Birle-Str. 9, Mainz Kastel Tel .: Contact: Susan Bohn Baghi is fair and organic and that is important to us! We take responsibility for fair jobs and ethically correct and sustainable production. We do not use pesticides or artificial fertilizers and use environmentally friendly colors for our paper and textile collections. Our partners work in a resource-conserving way with consideration for mother earth. Baghi produces in family businesses and is on site with the producers twice a year to develop new designs. We produce in family businesses and small workshops in India, Mauritius and Nepal. Home textiles (pillows, tablecloths), women's clothing, yoga clothing and accessories (yoga mat bags, meditation pillows), accessories (summer scarves, pareos), paper products from Nepal with their own designs recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; GOTS-certified products Hall 5 Stand 5F35 BanaFair e.v. Langgasse 41, Gelnhausen Tel .: Fax: Contact: Rudi Pfeifer BanaFair is a development policy non-profit organization with three fields of work: Fair and partnership-based trade with smallholder producer groups (focus: marketing of organic bananas by the smallholder association UROCAL / Ecuador) Public relations, campaigns and lobbying work on the production and trading conditions for bananas (eg Make Fruit Fair campaign) Financial support for partner organizations in the global south; Focus: labor and human rights, ecology, migration, gender, cooperation with plantation workers' unions. Mixed organic bananas, dried bananas, banana fruit spreads, etc. Fairtrade certification; Naturland Fair certification; recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Forum Fairer Handel e.v. 20th

21 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E23 bazarak UG (limited liability) Haberlandstr. 3, Berlin As a small, country-specific importer, we want to give our Afghan producers access to the German market, support them economically, and promote traditional handicrafts and the exchange of cultures. Our range consists of charming silver and stone jewelry, made in the women's project Nazo - Afghan Luminous Sun. Nazo is not only a production site, but also a center for exchange and further training for women. There is a project's own kindergarten and legal and health advice for employees. Silver and stone jewelry from Afghanistan: the classic and modern gems are designed, cut and forged by the jewelry designers trained in the Nazo project. Member of the Fair-Band e.v. Case-by-case examination by SEZ Hall 5 Stand 5F12 Café Chavalo Theresienstr. 10, Leipzig Tel .: Fax: Contact: Jens Klein Café Chavalo sees itself as a bridge between Germany and Nicaragua. The company, which was founded in Leipzig in 2014, imports coffee and other fair-trade products from small-scale farmers in Nicaragua. One of the most important goals is to shift more added value to Central America: That is why the range includes coffee that is roasted directly in the country of origin. Profit maximization and elbow mentality have no place at Café Chavalo. The goal is solidarity and transparent trade that serves all parties involved. - organic coffee - organic turmeric - organic ginger - Nicaragua recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. 21

22 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5G31 Centrum Mondiaal Randweg 8 a, NL-4104 AC Culemborg Tel .: Contact: Christel Schraven Sarana has been a certified Fairtrade importer since Our range includes home accessories and gift items from all over the world. Our main goal is to raise the standard of living of the local population and strengthen the capacities of local entrepreneurs. We monitor factors such as work, the environment, capacity building and fair prices. We also pass on our knowledge of the western market to the producers through advice and product development. We strive for long-term business relationships with our producers. Our gift items and home decorations are designed by ourselves. We combine the latest trends with the mystical properties of Asian culture to design our products. recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Hall 5 Stand 5E12 colombo³ Fairer Handel eg Lorscher Str. 14, Viernheim Tel .: Fax: Contact: Anette Mayer colombo³ is a fair trade cooperative that emerged from development cooperation in Sri Lanka. Women s empowerment and start-ups are our basis: training, job security and valuable life prospects are the result. Our principles: We do not import raw materials, but finished products at the highest processing level. In this way, the added value remains in the country of origin and the producers benefit as much as possible. We have been developing our products for more than a decade. Today, our brand stands for high-quality, handcrafted products from fair trade. Sri Lanka: clothes, bags, toys made of cotton. Mongolia: Yak wool fashion, bags, slippers, accessories. Egypt: handicrafts, jewelry, fabrics & homeware. Palestine: Ceramics recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. 22nd

23 Fairer Handel Exhibitor Portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E11 CONTIGO Fairtrade GmbH Wilhelm-Lambrecht-Str Göttingen Tel .: Fax: Hall 5 Stand 5G11 dwp eg Fairhandelsgenossenschaft Hinzistobler Str Ravensburg Tel .: Fax: Contact: Helene Stanienda Contact: Thomas Engler Committed for over 20 years CONTIGO is committed to fair trade, which wants to ensure a better balance between overseas producers and our market. Both sides should benefit from this: the producers through improved market opportunities, better, more stable incomes and decent working conditions, and also the consumers who value good quality, transparent trade routes, originality and diversity. CONTIGO mainly imports handicraft products from 70 trading partners around the world. Over 550 world shops use CONTIGO as a reliable supplier. KAPULA candles & ceramics bags scarves jewelry arts and crafts & decorations recycled products hanging furniture baobab trees recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. The dwp eg fair trade cooperative maintains partnerships with more than 60 producer and smallholder organizations worldwide. In addition to fair prices, we offer our partners long-term trade contacts, surcharges for organic cultivation, surcharges for social projects, e.g. for the supply of clean drinking water or the construction of schools and pre-financing of at least 50% of the order value when ordering. Our range includes around handicrafts and food, almost exclusively in fair + organic quality, and many times Naturland Fair certified. We supply world shops, specialist and natural food stores with fair trade products and import raw materials such as sugar and mango puree for processors. We also operate an online shop for private customers. Naturland Fair certification; recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO); Member of the Forum Fairer Handel e.v. 23

24 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F32 El Inka - Treasures of the Andes Spannbruckerplatz 1, Laufen Tel .: Contact: Rina Gurtner Hall 5 Stand 5F11 EL PUENTE GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. 9, Nordstemmen Tel .: Fax: As a born Peruvian, my work in trading in products from the Andean countries is a bridge to my homeland.A bridge that is constantly in motion through getting to know each other, relationships, cultural exchange between producers, me and the customer. I work directly with artists, artisans and producers who are organized as individuals, family businesses or cooperatives. Your own creativity makes your products unique. Together we have committed ourselves to the criteria of fair trade. Our cooperation includes helping people to help themselves. Ceramic and wood products: biblical representations, works of art. Alpaca and cotton products: for adults and children. Jewelry: made of silver and natural materials (e.g. seeds, coffee beans). recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. EL PUENTE is an importer and distributor for fair trade products. EL PUENTE's work began in the early 1970s with the import of handicrafts from Latin America. This makes EL PUENTE one of the pioneers of the fair trade movement in Europe. Since then, we have been able to continuously expand our partnerships and our product range and are now one of the largest fair trade houses in Europe. EL PUENTE works with over 140 trading partners worldwide: small farmer cooperatives, small family businesses and fair trade organizations in over 40 countries. Handicrafts and food Fruits, dried fruits, nuts Leather goods recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO); Member of the Forum Fairer Handel e.v. 24

25 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F33 Elecosy bvba Kanegemstraat 178, BE-8700 Kanegem Contact: Frank Cockerill Our products are all recycled, fairly traded, environmentally friendly and handmade. We sell products made from elephant dung: notebooks, paper containers, photo albums, earrings and much more. Recycled material from India and special paper from Bhutan are also used for our products. Products from elephant dung, made in Sri Lanka: Notebooks, paper containers, photo albums, earrings and much more. Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Hall 5 Stand 5F12 ETHIQUABLE Germany eg Wipperstr. 10, Berlin Tel .: Fax: Contact: Klaus Kruse The ETHIQUABLE Germany cooperative has been selling fair trade organic food since 2009. As part of a civil society movement, we are helping to create long-term prospects for smallholders. The protection of original varieties, biodiversity and fair prices are important building blocks for this. ETHIQUABLE would also like to increase the added value in the countries of origin. That is why, for example, plantain chips from Ecuador, potato chips from Peru and jams and whole cane sugar from Peru are processed directly in the country of origin. Food (chocolate, coffee, tea, snacks etc.) Fairtrade certification; Ecocert Fair Trade Certification; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. 25th

26 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E21 EWH Pirsch GmbH Köllach 50, AT-8712 Proleb Tel .: Fax: Contact: Stefan Pirsch Help through trade! As a partner and supplier to the world shops in Austria and several distributors in Germany, we have been known for trading in wicker and leather goods for years. Acting together for a world Our family has been committed to this credo for 30 years now. Our family business is in dialogue and dialog with people from many regions of the world and cooperates with smaller and larger organizations of fair trade. Our vision is to create decent jobs. New purses and bags Leather / canvas from India Fair trade wickerwork from all over the world Brass jewelry and scarves from India Dream catchers and felt from Nepal NATURALA spices Sri Lanka / South India Hall 5 Stand 5F40 EXIL MUSIK GmbH Putumayo Äußere Bahnhofstrasse Burgbernheim Tel .: Fax: Contact: Friedo Josch One of the leading world music labels (20 million CDs sold) based in New York has been presenting themed samplers with artists from more than 100 countries since 1993. The routes range from Salsa and Samba to the African and Arabian Odyssey, from the music of coffee-growing countries to the sounds of New Orleans. Club goers are enthusiastic about the Groove and Lounge series, children are happy about the Playground series. Our definition of fair trade: Putumayo donates part of the sales proceeds from many CDs to charity organizations. Products: CD s with music from all over the world Case-by-case examination by SEZ certification / Member of: recognized by ARGE world shops (Austria) 26

27 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E10 FAIR Handelshaus Bayern eg Alte Kreisstr. 29, Haimhausen Tel .: Fax: Contact: Georg Podlech FAIR Handelshaus Bayern eg was founded in 1984 by the Bavarian world shops as the first German fair trade cooperative. The basic concern and the statutory mandate is the wholesale of fair goods for world shops and action groups. We are sales partners for over 30 fair trade importers from German-speaking countries and beyond. In addition to the goods of all well-known, the range also includes numerous small fair trade import organizations. Wholesaling consistently thought so the supply of goods in the world shop is presented even easier by the FAIR trading house eg Cards from Africa, Pearls of Samarkand, fair organic wines from Stellar Organics (South Africa) as well as arts and crafts and cosmetics from EZA. Fair trade certification; Ecocert Fair Trade Certification; Case-by-case examination by SEZ Hall 5 Stand 5E25 Fair-Handel GmbH Münsterschwarzach Abbey Schweinfurter Str Münsterschwarzach Tel .: Fax: Contact: Brunhilde Käser As a GmbH, Fair Handel Münsterschwarzach is embedded in the work of the Benedictine monks of the Münsterschwarzach Abbey. For four decades we have been a recognized import organization and supplier for One World Groups, World Shops and Parishes. It is our goal to provide our partners around the world with a secure income. We import directly from the producers so that the greatest possible profit stays with the craftsmen and farmers. In Africa, Latin America and Asia we want to: CREATE OPPORTUNITIES - DEVELOP INDEPENDENCE - MAINTAIN TRANSPARENCY - SECURE CONTINUITY Bags and baskets, accessories, especially jewelry from West Africa. Cast bronze figures and typical handicrafts from Burkina Faso. Utensils and ornaments nuts and dried fruits Member of the Fair-Band e.v .; Individual examination by SEZ 27

28 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5G15 FairTadeCenter Breisgau GmbH Hauptstr. 25, Riegel Tel .: Fax: WHO WANTS TO CHANGE SOMETHING MUST BE COMMITTED - with the people for whom he wants to change. If you want to do it better, you have to do it together with you! We offer long-term purchase guarantees to improve the working and living conditions of our trading partners in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In this way we support social projects and promote the development of ecologically sustainable products. Additionally paid fair trade premiums are used for the expansion of the infrastructure and for further training. An active cycle, SO THAT ALL PARTICIPANTS BENEFIT! We work face-to-face with various, primarily smaller, producers and craft groups. Modern design, high quality and functionality are in the foreground. recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. Hall 5 Stand 5G21 Filigrana Schmuck Individual Design Products UG (limited liability) Teichstr. 11, Laboe Tel .: Fax: Contact: Daniela Skaruppe The numerous filigree pieces of jewelry made of 950 and almost pure silver (mostly recycled) come from Paraguay and are made by a group of experienced silversmiths from Aregúa, partly in their workshop, partly at home. Introduced during the colonial period, a particularly fine type of filigree technique has developed in Paraguay over the last few centuries, the delicacy of which is reminiscent of lace. Part of the range is offered in 24-carat gold-plated. The combination of rubber necklace and bracelet with centrally attached pieces of jewelry is new. Silver earrings and studs Silver pendants Silver rings Silver chains Silver bracelets Gold-plated silver earrings Gold-plated silver pendants New: Rubber necklace and bracelet with silver jewelry recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. 28

29 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F22, 5F23 Frida Feeling Jürgen Herold Heimstättenweg 81 b Darmstadt Tel .: Fax: Contact: Jürgen Herold Under the framework of fair trade, we offer high-quality and beautiful goods from Nepal at fair prices. We work with suppliers who have committed themselves to the guidelines of fair trade and who are regularly audited / checked. Our goal is trade in partnership between all parties involved: We give producers access to our markets, we promote and support them and offer our customers high-quality handicraft products. We work according to the WFTO criteria of fair trade. Our goal: helping people to help themselves. (Art) handicraft from Nepal e.g. Scarves (cotton, cashmere, wool, silk, viscose), bags, upcycling, seat cushions, felt, singing bowls, paper recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. Hall 5 Stand 5G23 GAFPRO (Good African Products) Mettenöschstr. 32, Balingen Tel .: Fax: Contact: Udo Reinhardt GAFPRO means (Good AFrican PROducts or Güter AFrikanischer PROducenten) The projects supervised by GAFPRO must be demonstrably fair and ethically correct and should therefore either be a member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) or be the UEBT (Union for Ethical Bio Trade). About 45 women work for our projects in Pietermaritzburg near Durban / South Africa and about 20 women in Hluhluwe / South Africa. For the first time, they make a significant contribution to the livelihood of their families, strengthen their self-confidence and their standing in the family. Fashion jewelry made in South Africa from telephone cords. Also in South Africa (Hluhluwe) elaborately hand-embroidered unique items from Tunga Studios (pillows / bags / cosmetic and mobile phone bags) Member of the Fair-Band e.v .; GOTS certified products 29

30 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5G46 Ganesh Nepalhandel Olpketalstr. 63, Dortmund Tel .: Fax: Hall 5 Stand 5G10 GEPA mbh GEPA-Weg 1, Wuppertal Tel .: Fax: Contact: Ganesh Nepalhandel Help and act in Nepal. It is our concern to bring Nepal closer to you with our products and our work! We work directly in Kathmandu, designing new products together with our producers. We combine western standards of quality and traditional Nepalese craftsmanship. Ganesh Nepalhandel has been a recognized supplier for the world shops since 2013. In the same year we also founded the Ganesh Nepalhilfe e.v. founded and set up the children's home Ganesh New Life Center for severely handicapped children in Kathmandu. Bags and pouches, woven baskets made from upcycling materials, handmade wrapping paper, high-quality silver jewelry, singing bowls, incense sticks, Ayurvedic soap and much more. recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. As a fair trade pioneer, GEPA has stood for transparency and credibility in its work for over 40 years. We act as the largest European fair trade organization with cooperatives and socially committed private companies from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe. Thanks to fair prices and long-term trade relationships, the partners have more planning security. The GEPA has received numerous awards for its services to fair trade and sustainability, including: at the German Sustainability Award 2014 as Germany's most sustainable brand. Food, handicrafts and cosmetics from fair trade recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO); Member of the Forum Fairer Handel e.v. 30th

31 Fairer Handel exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F17 GLOBO Fair Trade Partner GmbH Westerntor 26, Beckedorf Tel .: Fax: Contact: Manfred Winkler Hall 5 Stand 5E13 HängemattenGlück GbR Burgdorfer Weg Freiburg im Breisgau Tel .: Fax: With its long history, GLOBO is one of the Fair trade pioneers in Germany. As a specialist in handicraft articles, GLOBO offers more than just articles from Africa, Asia and Latin America. GLOBO attaches great importance to long-term cooperation with its trading partners. We are a member of the Fair Trade Forum and a recognized supplier of the WLDV. GLOBO Fair Trade Partner would like to further expand fair trade with high-quality products in Germany and Europe and thus promote conscious consumption. Decorative items, greeting cards, hammocks, ceramics, leather goods, musical instruments, pendulum clocks, candles and holders, wooden crosses, wicker, jewelry and accessories. From the beginning we have run the company fairly and sustainably. The company headquarters are in sunny Freiburg. Right now we are eight people who make sure that hammock lovers can swing happily. Hand-woven GOTS-certified organic hammocks and floating chairs, cushions, cradles, frames, accessories. Fair trade certification; recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; GOTS certified products; GOTS-certified company recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO); Member of the Forum Fairer Handel e.v. 31

32 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F20 IndianHandweaving Nordring 21, Otterfing Tel .: Fax: Contact: Rudolf Hogger Indianhandweaving - A decent life for lepers in Northern India. We mainly sell table linen but also pillowcases, scarves, small carpets for heavily used living areas and bedspreads, etc. Our products are all hand-spun and hand-woven and come exclusively from a leprosy project in northern India. They are woven by around 160 people damaged by leprosy who have settled in 4 colonies in the area around Dehra Dun in northern India and were founded in the 1960s by the Munich social worker Agnes Kunze. Hall 5 Stand 5E77 Inti Peru Hittostr. 29, Freising Tel .: Contact: Luise Wanner We import directly and exclusively from our parent company Raymisa from Peru. Raymisa was initially a refuge for many artists and their families, and later a think tank and promoter for handmade products. Our product range is like the country itself: a treasure chest full of diversity, colors and stories, constantly ready to rediscover. Products: Crafts Certifications: recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. Tablecloths, placemats, table runners, pillow cases, napkins, towels, bedspreads, small. Cotton rugs, wool rugs, wool tapestries. Hand spun and hand woven. Member of the Fair-Band e.v .; Individual examination by SEZ 32

33 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E30 ISUNA -Keramik from South Africa (LINEA S GmbH) Schwarzwaldstr. 52, Gernsbach Tel .: Fax: Contact: Hans-Uli Strohm AFRICA! SEE IT TOUCH IT FEEL IT LOVE IT ISUNA ceramic is as colorful as Africa. Those who are passionate about the continent of colors and contrasts full of beauty, wildness, life and movement will fall in love with ISUNA's African ceramics. ISUNA's talented South African ceramic artists from Cape Town's townships banish hopeful, bright and cheerful colors, patterns and symbols of South Africa on ceramics. In this way, they secure a regular livelihood for themselves and their families. ISUNA's secret of success is the high quality as well as the artistically valuable, hand-signed one-of-a-kind manufacture. Ceramic gifts: coffee mugs, cereal bowls, candle holders, vases, plates, bowls & bowls, decorative & dipping bowls, salt & pepper Ceramic manufacture: unique pieces for sophisticated interior design Hall 5 Stand 5E14 Kalakosh Preungesheimer Str Frankfurt am Main Tel .: Contact: Sandeep Morthala Kalakosh is the union of traditional Indian handicrafts and new designs. We work with small craft groups in rural India and bring the resulting jewelry, scarves and other fashion accessories to Germany and Europe. In doing so, we can enable the families on site to earn sustainable fair earnings and at the same time show their beautiful works to the world. Jewelry scarves made from old saris recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. 33

34 Fairer Handel exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F30 Karma Fair Trade Bruchhausener Str. 24, Arnsberg Tel .: Fax: Contact: Edith Malzer Since 1998 Karma Fair Trade has been importing and distributing for the projects New Sadle, ACP, Sadle Traders, Sana Hastakala, NGCC among others from Nepal. The New Sadle project, our main partner, primarily employs people with disabilities, v. a. formerly lepers, and enables them to reintegrate into a normal life with many additional benefits. Fair prices for good quality products, no child labor, training for new and old employees. Pre-financing, joint product development independence, independence, direct contacts to partners! Felt slippers, felt cushions, felt pendants, silver jewelry, batik cards, fabric bags, pearls from horn and bone, wire pendants, wood decorations, incense, yoga cushions, decoration recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; Member of the Fair-Band e.v. Hall 5 Stand 5E24 Legal and Lecker Fair Handelszentrum Rheinland ohg Italian delicacies and wines from exempted mafia land Am Tonschuppen 4a Alfter-Witterschlick Tel .: Fax: Contact: Martin Klupsch legal & delicious sells wines and delicatessen products from Italian (social) cooperatives that support a Engage a mafia-free society.The Libera Terra cooperatives manage confiscated land that was owned by the Mafia. Addiopizzo organizes and supports companies that do not pay protection money (Pizzo) to the mafia. All cooperatives value high social and ecological standards and excellent product quality. The legal & delicious products are imported and distributed by the fair trade center Rhineland - active in fair trade for over 25 years. Typical regional wines Limoncello, Grappa Olive oil Delicatessen pasta jams predominantly in organic quality Individual assessment by SEZ 34

35 Fairer Handel Exhibitor Portrait Hall 5 Stand 5E34 Luna Viva Inh. Vivian Tuschl-Aguilar Gottlieb-Daimler-Str Schorndorf Tel .: Fax: Hall 5 Stand 5E01 MAHAFALY Sandbergstrasse Benz OT Balm - Usedom Island Tel .: Fax: Contact: Vivan Tuschl-Aguilar Contact: Uwe Marschall Luna Viva VERY BEAUTIFUL COLORFUL Living social responsibility We know our producers personally. And we are aware of the social responsibility we have towards them. That is why we pay women and men fair prices for their products. Ecological sustainability also plays a major role for us. Many of the products that we have in our range are upcycling products. We don't compromise on design either. Demanding design and high quality go hand in hand with us. These are handicrafts from Luna Viva. Unique items for modern people Colorful clothing and textiles, high-quality silver jewelry, chic accessories made from recycled materials. Every part is made by hand. Certification / member of: Individual assessment by SEZ Mahafaly is based on a social project in Madagascar. In close cooperation with local manufacturers, the aim is to support traditional craftsmanship and to establish niche items made from traditional handicraft on the local market. All processing stages remain in the developing country, exploitative intermediate trade has been stopped. Fixed contracts, interest-free loans and price increases based on an index strengthen the producers' willingness to help themselves and secure a steady income for them. We use the profits to support direct family aid and the street children project ZAZAFALY. Recycling tin models from old advertising boxes, upcycled rubbish, fine jewelry and everyday objects made from real cattle horn, wickerwork and table decorations made from plant fibers, antique sculptures, minerals recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. 35

36 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5G14 MAK Afrika GbR Hirblinger Str. 33, Augsburg Tel .: Hall 5 Stand 5G22 mama afrika spiritwork Barbarastr. 10, Düsseldorf Tel .: Contact: Katharina and Allan Mutagwaba Contact: Martina Zenker Why MAK Coffee? Transparency, partnership, authenticity We at MAK Africa maintain direct contact with the coffee farmers in the Meru region in Tanzania. It is important to us that a fair price is paid for every kilo and that there is real coffee in your cup. With us you will find different roasts according to your taste with an exotic note but 100% from sustainable cultivation. In order to support the development of the region in which the coffee farmers live, 1 euro is reinvested in social projects for every kilo of coffee sold. Our coffees are sustainably grown in the Meru region at an altitude of m. Discover the full-bodied aroma and fruity sweetness of our hand-picked coffees. 100% Arabica roasted coffee. mama afrika spiritwork stands for fair and creative trade in gift items, jewelry, home accessories and up-cycling art from southern Africa. We strive for long-term cooperation and further development of products. Support AIDS cooperations & women's projects in which training, health & responsibility for yourself are in the foreground. Those who are lucky enough to be able to work calmly and proudly can also create high-quality, authentic products. This is our many years of experience & our project - future! spiritwork is something different - enjoy it! Pearl jewelry, key rings, gift items, paper jewelry, tea towels, various fridge magnets, innovations made from ShweShwe fabrics, Christmas decorations & angels. Individual examination by SEZ member of Fair-Band e.v .; Individual examination by SEZ 36

37 Fair trade exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F31 Moogoo - Creative Africa Baust. 16, Frankfurt a. M. Tel .: Contact: Eliott Martin We see Moogoo as a platform for the exchange between modern artists from Africa and interested people in Europe. The aim is the valorization and marketing of Burkinabe art and design and the associated know-how. In addition to trading in Burkinabe furniture and home accessories, Moogoo should also serve as an intermediary between Africa and Europe and give local artists access to the European art and design market. The heart of Moogoos is African designer furniture and home accessories, created and developed by designers and craftsmen in Africa. These products are made entirely in Burkina Faso. recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v. Hall 5 Stand 5G13 Naturland Kleinhaderner Weg 1, Graefelfing Tel .: Fax: Contact: Nora Taleb Naturland Öko.Sozial.Fair. Naturland promotes organic farming and fair trade worldwide. Naturland producers in 44 countries are currently working in accordance with the association's guidelines. The international commitment to organic farming and fair trade started early. The cooperation with the fair trade house GEPA has existed since the 80s, later also with dwp eg and BanaFair. Since 2010, the additional Naturland Fair certification has brought together the highest standards from organic farming and fair trade in one label. What is special: farmers from the global north and south benefit from it. Naturland has developed guidelines for eco-food, eco-wood, eco-textiles and eco-cosmetics. The additional Naturland Fair guidelines have so far been applied to food. Naturland Fair certification 37

38 Fairer Handel Exhibitor portrait Hall 5 Stand 5F21 Ndoro Trading Danckelmannstr. 19, Berlin Tel .: Contact: Manfred Schumacher Ndoro Trading imports from southern Africa, directly from the suppliers' workshops, wicker furniture and wicker goods, hand-printed fabrics, cushion covers and placemats. Stone sculptures from Zimbabwe are bought directly from the artists. Fair trade relationships have been practiced for 20 years. Our aim is to advise suppliers on fair and sustainable production and marketing. Ndoro Trading is a founding member of Fair Band e. V. Bring exclusive, African design into our living rooms is our motto. Wicker furniture from Malawi Fabrics, pillow cases and placemats from Zimbabwe Traditional fabrics from the Congo Stone sculptures from Zimbabwe Basketry from Zambia Decorative items made from recycled materials Member of the Fair-Band e.v .; Case-by-case examination by SEZ Hall 5 Stand 5G01 Nepalaya focused on fair Allendweg 8, Bötzingen Tel .: Fax: Contact: Hilke Tiwari The fair trade company NEPALAYA, with its wholesaling headquarters in Teningen near Freiburg, has employees in its factory in Kathmandu / Nepal who are the lowest Hindu Belong to the caste (so-called untouchables) or belong to the Muslim minorities who have no school education. For many of these people this means that they are usually only allowed to do the lowest jobs, their wages are extremely low and it is extremely difficult for them to find a secure job. Nepalaya offers these people a fair and safe job. Playful fashion and accessories upcycling products (bags, loops, pants, clothes) recognized by the Weltladen-Dachverband e.v .; GOTS certified products 38