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Rockabilly Rules - The first address for rockabilly fashion and vintage fashion from the 50s

Rockabilly Rules - The first address for rockabilly fashion and vintage fashion

Rockabilly fashion and vintage fashion are not just fashion for you, but a lifestyle? Is rock ’n’ roll your life and you love the style of the 50s? Then you are in the right place in our Rockabilly Shop. Our range hardly leaves any wish unfulfilled. In addition to the right rockabilly fashion and retro fashion, we also offer pomade and rockabilly accessories for your perfect rockabilly outfit. Whether bowling shirts, petticoats or wide-cut Marlene jeans - you are sure to find favorite items for your wardrobe in our retro fashion online shop. And because we know that rockabilly means more to you than just the outfit, we have the best products for your vintage hairstyle, cool decorative items for your 50s interior and of course a lot of music for your rock 'n' roll party. In addition to this offer, our sale offers you cheap rockabilly fashion. Check back regularly and don't miss out on buying your retro favorite in our Rockabilly Shop for a low price.
With our Rockabilly online shop we let the retro fashion of the 50s flourish again!

50s fashion for spring

The 50s fashion was characterized by dresses, petticoats, high heels and pumps. This is why fashion is particularly popular every year when spring arrives. The annoying, bulky and often unsightly winter fashion is stowed in the wardrobes and the loose spring clothing is freed from the clutches of winter. Finally time again for the cheeky swimwear and light cardigans. Thick jeans and down jackets give way to trendy dresses and skirts. Uncomfortable sweaters are stowed away and exchanged for chic shirts and light T-shirts.

Our rockabilly shop offers you vintage fashion and matching accessories

Your outfit is not complete without the right rockabilly accessories. Our rockabilly store offers you everything that perfects your rockabilly style. Stylish belts and suspenders, matching buckles, retro handbags with polka dots, leopard print, pinstriping or anchors that go equally well with wide Marlene trousers and dresses. Men stow their belongings in casual worker bags and we have high-quality wallets with matching wallet chains on offer for change and cards. What absolutely must not be missing: bandanas and hair accessories! We have beautiful hair flowers in all possible colors and shapes for your hairstyle. And of course there is also jewelry in vintage design and rockabilly style. Rings, bracelets and bangles, necklaces and earrings. Would you like to upgrade your rockabilly clothes a bit? Then click through our huge selection of patches, buttons and pins. Our range of rockabilly accessories will inspire you!

What makes the rockabilly and 50s style?

The 50s style and the rockabilly fashion impress with their opposites. Skin-tight or loosely flaky. Extravagant petticoats are arguably the most famous feature of 1950s fashion. Pretty much every woman at that time managed to turn herself into a real style icon. Although the rockabilly fashion looks very extravagant and still has to be comfortable so that you can dance properly to rock ’n’ roll music in proper style, it exudes a certain elegance.
The outfit is really rounded off with the right accessories. Women like to wear pretty hats that go with handbags and pumps. Find your vintage fashion online in our vintage shop.

Fifties fashion trending among women and men

The fashion of the fifties is a long-running hit and is always in trend. Whether college jackets and Marlene jeans for everyday life or petticoats and saddle shoes for the dance floor on the weekends. The 50s fashion offers a wide range also for non-rockabillies and rockabellas. The trendy college jackets, baseball jackets and hoodies and sweatshirts are ideal for men. Women look forward to extravagant dresses, wide jeans, high heels, pumps and cool boots. Buying 50s fashion is super easy in our 50s fashion online shop.

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Rockabilly - expression of rock 'n' roll fashion

Rock 'n' roll fashion, like music, was an expression of the rebellion of youth against parents in the 1950s. The youth from the white middle class secretly listened to the music of the black radio stations. This created a youth protest culture that was reflected in both the music and fashion of the 1950s. The hairstyles and the jewelry worn were also adapted to rockabilly fashion. With the beginning of the 80s, tattoos were also a sign of rebellion. They consisted of motifs such as skulls, flaming hearts or cherries.
Men have been styling their hair with pomade since the early 1950s, which resulted in the classic, expansive "Elvistolle". The youth listened to rock ’n’ roll music less and less secretly. The music and the rockabilly lifestyle spread from the American southern states over the entire USA.
The two most famous icons of this time are Bettie Page and Elvis Presley.


Our Rockabilly Online Shop advantages

Our Rockabilly Online Shop offers you a multitude of advantages. We are the only supplier who claims the complete range of Rumble59 for itself. At the same time, we are the largest rockabilly online shop in Germany, listing the most popular top brands from the rock ’n’ roll scene. Your data is transmitted securely through SSL encryption. If you have any questions, we offer you a competent telephone service that reacts immediately to all your questions. You can contact our customer service team either by email at info (at) rockabilly-rules.com or by phone via our order and service hotline on +49 (0) 201 8778 6787 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

You can also find us on Facebook or in our Red Hot and Blue store in Essen. If we are allowed to supply you with rock ’n’ roll beyond just shopping, take a look at our Rockabilly Rules magazine. And so that you are always up to date, have our news, offers and promotions delivered to your mailbox every week with our newsletter.


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Magazine on the rockabilly lifestyle

Our rockabilly magazine informs you about everything to do with the rockabilly lifestyle. Whether music, vintage cars, fashion, beauty and care, events and appointments or the history of the creation of the rockabilly lifestyle, our magazine reports everything you need to know. So you always stay up to date and even get insider knowledge with which you can show off at the next meeting or at the next party.