How I learned to love junk cars

# 125 How I learned to love my thighs

No, my body is not perfect. Far from it.
Yes, my body is perfect. Every inch of it.

I love my body Really. Not every day equally great and not every part equally intense. But i love my body That was not always the case, however.

In today's podcast episode I will share with you what I did (and still do) to love my perfectly imperfect body including cellulite, wrinkles, bacon rolls and low performance.

"How I learned to love my thighs."

Your crooked teeth, your unshaven legs and your upper arms that flicker back and forth ugly when you wave, deserve to be loved. At least a bit.

So ... be sure to listen and share the episode with as many people as possible.

We have to stop comparing ourselves with the photoshopped women in the magazines and finally feel good again in our skin.

All the links I mentioned on the podcast:
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Have fun listening to #satnambaby
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