How to Install PVC Quarter Round Shape

PVC sheets are becoming more popular because of the availability and ease of installation now many different materials and techniques are used to finish the ceiling. One of them is finishing the ceiling with PVC sheets. This material, which has a number of advantages, which will be discussed below, it is very practical, and the installation of PVC panels on the ceiling with their hands can be done by anyone. The ease and accessibility of the material makes the installation of PVC sheet for decorating bathrooms and kitchens is very popular.

Advantages of PVC panels

Of course, the PVC sheets offer several advantages, which explains the popularity of this material.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Lightness made of plastic;
  • Water resistant;
  • Delimitation of shadows;
  • The ability to repair and install by yourself;
  • Easy care;
  • Temperature resistance;
  • Soundproofing;
  • Ability to smooth ceiling uneven;
  • The absence of slack joints creates a smooth, seamless surface.

With full installation of waterproof PVC panels, often made in the bathrooms. Caring for a ceiling made of plastic is also very easy, you just wipe it with a cloth, you can use any detergent, the main thing that it was without abrasive particles that can cause damage to the plastic panels.

PVC sheets are of different types and they can be picked up for any room

Because of all these advantages, professionals recommend the use of plastic it's wall panels for self-assembly.

Plastic sheets are of three types: white, floral, textured. First of all, the cheapest, do not have a pattern and color, most often used for decorating the bathrooms. Colored and textured white expensive, they can be installed in the kitchen, in the bathroom, even in the bedroom and living room.

How to install PVC ceiling tiles on your own

First of all, we need to calculate the amount of material for finishing. In order to do this, make a drawing, it is possible that you will have to cut the panel somewhere rather than fully attaching it. It is necessary to choose the width of the panel to choose the length, choose the direction of mounting the panels on the ceiling to calculate.

At least one day before panel installation must be removed from the packaging and gives it to acclimate.

Procedures for assembling PVC panels are as follows:

  • When the ceiling is perfectly flat, the PVC panels can be attached directly to the ceiling with a special adhesive;
  • Otherwise, you will need to create a frame that will hide the flaws and irregularities of the ceiling. Making the frame - a simple matter, requires profiles (they can be made of wood, metal, plastic or from in the form of sandwich panels.)

At the time of purchase, attention should be paid to the surface of the panels. It is supposed to be smooth, with no gaps, along with two panels without cracks or scratches. The plastic should be the same color without deformation.

Installation of PVC panels on the ceiling (video)

The choice of material, manufacture and mounting frame

There are several construction materials for the frame.


  • Wood;
  • Metal;
  • Plastic.

The easiest way to install is a frame made of wood. It includes a rack and wooden beams. However, this frame is suitable for rooms with high humidity.

Greater durability various frames made of metal, it is often used in large rooms that require the presence of a large number of lighting fixtures.

Plastic frames used in bathrooms and toilets make it easy to make at home.

For a simple frame, you need the simplest material - wood

With the application level is determined by the lowest point of the floor, on it further committed markings on all walls. Retreating 5-6 cm, another level marked, it will be the basis for the ceiling. Marked points for beams or profiles are to be attached directly to the ceiling in steps of half a meter. Marking lines are, depending on the direction of the mounting plates, ceiling joists and profiles should be vertical. It is necessary that the joints of the panels fell on the center of the beam.

Mounting rails are made with screws, a frame made of wood to be processed to emulsions of water-repellent to prevent rotting.

The first set of load-bearing walls along the lines of distinction. Then she installs ceiling profiles. After installing the necessary wiring for the lamps to operate. It is worth remembering that the lighting device includes the omission of the ceiling not less than 10 cm.

The metal frame is used in large buildings and has been used for many years

Mounting ceiling made of PVC panels

You can mark the main points by finishing the ceiling with PVC sheets.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Calculate the number of panels, choose the color of panels, buy material and let it acclimate;
  2. Create markup fabrication and installation of frames (if necessary);
  3. Install wiring if necessary;
  4. Attach PVC panels of a special glue, brackets or screws. Also, if they are attached to the frame, it can be mounted with glue, staples, screws. Next, attach the corners.

After attaching the frame, make sure it is perpendicular to the panels. To do this, put the profile as close to the wall as possible and securely.

Installation of PVC panels does not require a lot of cost, and the process is quite straightforward and quick

Notice boards should not be inserted as far as they will go and the screws should be strongly tightened, otherwise they could be deformed by temperature fluctuations in the kitchen or bathroom.

Assembling the last panel PVC ceiling

When assembling the ceiling panels you may have some difficulties with the last panel assembly. On the one hand, you can twist the strip and finally trim it to the size you want, then attach it tightly to the previous panel and securely. If you are using collapsible baseboards, it is much easier and safer to just cut the plinth widthwise and connect it to the previous strip.

If the tiles are not the right size - it is easy to cut stationery with a knife and resize it.

It is worth remembering that the panels and PVC baseboards - very fragile, even the slightest bend or pressure will damage the material. Treat them carefully and precisely.

In conclusion, we can say that PVC sheets - affordable and easy to use finishing material, which is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to its properties of resistance to moisture. Care for the panels is so easy, just wipe them off with any detergent. Set PVC sheet by one person, the main thing - carefully handle this fragile material.