How would I look in 5 years

It would never change

* 5. Week*


"I just don't know how to tell Ricky and then others, let alone my parents." I sighed desperately.

We had known it for 2 days and we still hadn't come up with a solution.

"I think your brother and the others will be a bit taken by surprise, but they will definitely stand by us and probably support us. As far as your parents are concerned, I don't know."

"Who says we have to tell my parents at all?" I mumbled.

River frowned briefly, only to give me a stern look a little later.

"You know very well that I hate your parents, but they are still your parents. How about we tell our friends today? We can invite them to dinner," suggested River.

I really give a shit about it. Especially in front of Ricky, because I really didn't know how he would react. On the other hand, the proposal was pretty good.

I was sure that the guys would be angry if we told them later. In addition, I was sure that I would push it out until I would find out for myself in a few months using a thick ball.

"You are right." I continued.

A big grin fell on River's lips. "Oh babe, when don't I have that?"

"Idiot." I smirked.

"Your idiot who happens to be your husband too. I would be for you calling Grayson and Ethan and me calling the others."

"Okay." I said and kissed him briefly before I got up.

Now I got off the sofa with ease, but what did it look like when I was fat like a walrus?

With vague thoughts of my future weight, I got up and got my cell phone from the kitchen and called Grayson.


"Hey, it's Sydney. Is Ethan with you right now?" I asked Grayson.

"Yes one moment." "Ethan get your fat ass over here," I heard him scream.

Shaking my head, I briefly held the receiver from my ear. Because I wasn't really loud about going deaf, thanks to Grayson's loud organ.

"So, Ethan is listening, so what's up?"

"Um, River and I wanted to tell you something, so I wanted to ask if you two could come over for dinner tonight."

"Seems to be important, but we'll be fine," Gray said.

"Yes that's it, thanks. Is 6:00 pm okay?"

"Yep, see you later.", Ethan said goodbye and they hung up.

Phew, the first step was already done. Relieved of honor, I went back to River in the living room, who was apparently still on the phone.

I sat down next to him quietly and looked at him. Even when he was 23, he wore his brown hair under a cap. The three days of his beard he wore made him older and yet he looked so good.

Would our child look the same?

Did it get its green eyes or my blue eyes?

I wish our son or daughter would get his green eyes.

I wanted a son. Boys were easier. They wouldn't have all the girls problems of a tennis court and I didn't know if I was such a good role model.

River, on the other hand, would be the perfect model for our miniature river.

Still, I would do my best if it turned out to be a girl. I would try to give her a perfect role model and support her with any problem that may arise.

"Everyone will come. I assume the twins too, right?", River asked me as he put the cell phone down.

"Yes already at six."

"The others won't come until half past six, but that won't be a problem."

"How about I make my meatloaf?" I asked him.

After all, we hadn't talked about what we were going to cook yet.

"Sounds good."

"Well, I'll get down to work then, luckily you went shopping yesterday."

"As if I knew it.", He grinned.

"Yeah, who knows.", I rolled my eyes and ran into our kitchen.

I washed my hands and turn on the radio and off I went.


The meatloaf was already in the oven, now the only thing missing was the side dishes and I still had three quarters of an hour for it. Then I'd have to freshen up a bit, after all, I didn't want me to tell Ricky in River's sweatpants that he was going to be an uncle.

For the meatloaf he gave a green salad and potato with a light sauce. Since the potatoes were already boiling on the stove and the sauce was simmering, it was now the turn of the salad.

Humming to the song that was on our kitchen radio, I went to the fridge and got the things I needed.

I was just cutting the washed head of lettuce when two muscular arms wrap around me. River had kept going to the gym over the years and it really paid off.

While I was getting fatter and fatter, his body became more and more defined and more muscles were added.

"Do you know what I was just thinking about?"

I felt his body, which was pressed against my back, exactly. Goosebumps killed me when his warm breath hit my neck.

When he started kissing a neck I got weak knees. This tension between us grew stronger and more intense. Just like my feelings, because they got more intense from day to day.

I swallowed and shook my head.

"I thought about our child running around here and holding me up and my beautiful wife cooking something delicious for us.", He mumbled and continued to kiss my neck.

My heart rate doubled. He thought of our kid running around?

It warmed my heart. I could just visualize it and I liked the idea more and more.

"You're cute," I smiled.

"I love you Sydney and no matter what Ricky says today, we can do it."

I couldn't describe how much I love him. He was just so loving and I knew he meant every word that way.

I turned to him and gave him a smile that came from the bottom of my heart.

"I love you too. The only reason we're going to make it is because I have a wonderful man like you by my side."

His green eyes sparkled at my words. He put her hands on my cheek and kissed me.

Again my heartbeat quickened and my emotions went crazy. I felt like I was newly in love.

No matter how many times River kissed me, it would never change.