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[SERVER] InfinityMetin With all the innovation!

INFINITYMETIN, the new revolution!



Download this patch and extract it, insert the two files in you pack folder of InfinityMetin
The file name is locale_infinity.exs and locale_infinity.ext

Best reguard

In the center of the page there are this image:

Click on this and a window will be open.

Insert this datas:

- name of your login
- password
- repeat password
- email
- delete code for you account (7 numbers)

Click the only button e play !!

i dont write the link but i write the site without link ..

client download:


After a year and two months of servers we can say we have reached a good goal but, as always, our team never gives up and wants to find more new players to offer our loved ones and those who join them in the future. Our history is very exciting being part of a year. We started with the import weapons on metin, continuing with the missions do a certain level, by entering the name in part to the level and collaborating with other servers to improve ourselves. Now we've made our "last" big change, which is the first 3D metin, inputting visible to helmets, shields, arms visible, completely new monsters, and taken from other games, new NPCs, brand new weapons, houses and objects for Maps completely new mounts and finally to a completely new high-level design on our part.
What can we say we are a team that works, although a few produce as an army. We divided the staff into work so you can improve performance.
We love what we do and we believe is the most important thing that could ever exist, we are not kids who want money, but we are adults who want to make. Having said this, begin with INFINITYMETIN !!

[color = "blue" "] STAFF: [/ color]

[GA] IlSanto That is the founder of everything that surrounds you, now also the primary point of reference between player - server.

[GA] Phil Das is the server-side programming and scripts for various tasks, 3D modeler, responsible for placing the latest client, the creator and operator of the map database.

[GA] F107 Aide in moderating the forum, engaged in more concerns and assistance in controlling various issues in the game.

[GM] FreshEin GM very close to the player, quickly understanding their problems together with the GA tried to help with implementations.

[GM] Hypnos Gm very actively on the game to entertain our players, very nice but responsible at the same time.

[GM] Passion Gm very actively at stake to entertain our players, very nice but responsible at the same time.

Also I am not writing the moderators on the forum, which are as important as our GM, because they now know without them there would be no order in the forum, let alone all of this happened.

[GM] Nihal Very helpful and caring, always knows how to stop and is very responsible.

The various TSM thanks in particular for talking to us and running a team player in fact helping the network team, talking InfinityMetin has provided the player!

Radio DJ: Well I end with a thank you to the DJ offered for the "direction" of our radio. Who would understand what I am saying is invited to come and visit our forum ^ ^

Editing: Employees Employees active in the forum, they prepare enigmistci events that test your culture and cleverness.

So thanks to all of the staff for creating a server of great value. A person cannot create anything, but with a staff well adjusted, the impossible is created.


A game developed according to certain ideals, placing it in a half-way between easy and hard making it a very important server. The exp is very fluid and the drop are decent skill to create the P is not at all difficult, let alone make money (we have specially created the casino).
We tried in every way to have a smooth game play that will entertain both low level platers the top, of course you can not make that much, but we will strive every day to find ways to "escape" to find the fun in every moment . Create maps, attractions, monsters, items, events we do, everything that brings fun will always try to create it in order not to lose heart.
Now step with the basic facts of the game.


200% exp (exp also increased the same amount)
300% drop yang
100% fall item


- +0 to 6 100% no element (except for some legendary weapons)
- 40% +6 +7
- 35% +7 +8
- 30 +8 +9%

We have this kind of percentage up to the blacksmith to have introduced items with a bit of sweat, not too much, but it takes a bit if you experience the item uppato, otherwise everyone with +9 and end of game point would want not I play it more taste to upload items.
This is our ideal, then good sense if you understand we can't do anything about it: D.


- Create 9
- Wind shoes
- Horse
- 10k Yang


- We have the registers that are used directly on the medium.
- The missions will stall every 2 hours instead of every 12. So in a day and a half you did the average.
- We have many events where we are intermediate to advanced.



- As mentioned, the possibility of making the average horse doing missions every hour.
- The ability to trade through the bank of sand exp
- Mob completely new
- Completely new NPC
- New weapons
- Maps decorated and made by us (in the true sense of the word)
- Helmets and shields visible in the character
- Game play well stocked and well built to provide security in everything you do.
- New teleporter with many maps available for you
- A banker who not only exchange money, but also exp and Carma. There may also be useful for the deleted objects.
- A renovated warehouse.
- All missions and play in Italian (this was already known)
- Missions completely linked together with new maps and items
- Maps to groups very funny and creative.
- Mounts completely new (along with the classics)
- A number of items traded between players in game, but we would find out for yourself. Are needed to facilitate the game.
- Now I do not want to ruin the surprise, so come and see!

Now to the items in game have been included many items, many weapons and many items that will serve you forever. Start by saying that the weapons are not exorbitant values ​​with which you can kill the opponent with one shot, but were imported weapons with poor values ​​that can go to replace the original weapons of the game, so do not worry about the weapons because they were set up with care and tested together with the players. The weapons were originally taken from World of Warcraft even a year ago, now we have added other weapons taken from Perfect World, and modified a bit by [GA] PhiLL for the appropriate entry in metin2. The armor that currently there are the classic games are reigning supreme and the water that now are the end of the game.
There are many maps where you have to do certain tasks for a specific purpose. For example, the last 2 maps, tunnel exile and desert exile have been created to continue the story of the Village to the Exile asked to do 5 new missions biologist. Within these last 2 maps you have to do missions to get to the group wins an item found only in that game, we're talking about "Exile Tunnel" for the level 100 shields, and the "Exile Desert" for the level 110 shoes .

ELMI visible again:


[size = "3] Metin MAPS OF INFINITY:

Hero Arena:

Map created exclusively by the staff of infinitymetin, where you can challenge your rivals in front of all and take part in many PvP tournaments that invade the wonderful world of infinity.


The Labyrinth of Hate, another map by just getting INFINITYMETIN, remembers the ascent of the tower, but here you have to climb into the infamous Minos to kill, there are 7 levels give you a hard time, can you resist?

One of the last maps created by Infinity, a village swarmed with your guild, where you try to drop the infamous article in the exciting new shields create lvl 100 ... One of the most complete maps on the face of metin, of course, is just a map of the group so you can forget to join one!


This is a card from "exp" where you give in to try and move up the ladder and get to the top of the top!

[size = "3] THE NEW OFFERS FOR NOW ONLY IN Check out the video SCREEN:

TUNNEL exile:

To win the shield layer 100 faces the tunnel of exile, a really long and difficult mission, can you handle it?

Desert of Exile:

To win the 110 level shoes must face the wilds of exile, a mission built by a group of courageous and strong. Conquer the power of the devil!

Tools for the player and the right PLAY GAME:

letters of life SUPPORT:

Scrolls were created as a kind of mission that helps you in the event of an eccecc error. Give us a look before contacting the GM in vain).


In addition to this bank yang exchange for checks you can split your exp in the sands of time. Obviously, everything is marketable so you can share both benefits and sand with your friends. You can use the bank of items that are not tradable in the game that you no longer need to get rid of without leaving the warehouse.

CASINO "Multi-Play with 6 games all for you:

very nice casino with lots of games, players make a lot of money at this point let's say that a card is created to help you make money in the game for the fair you need.

Time elapses New 'and EVENTS:

I claim that every day or so, unless the problems of the staff, the events do not end up giving away prizes Very attractive to the growth of the players. We can say that I was taken to strengthen the team-player relationship, to have a place to laugh, joke and at the same time work peacefully.

We give the player a lot of space for their ideas and help us test different innovations, let's say that with the players we create really good news.

Now I will show you the fruits of our events and news on the screen that I have personally created, together with the staff.

All the other news will be posted in a week! Thanks to all, come in this server and enjoy !!!
[/ SIZE]

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