How to prevent an electricity meter from turning

Electricity meter defective - what to do?

If you get an electricity bill that is so extremely high that it is twice as high as last year or even higher, the electricity meter is usually defective. You should fix the problem immediately.

What you need:

  • Energy meter
  • Write to
  • Lawyer

This is how you can check the electricity meter

The electricity meter is not your property, you are not allowed to open it or repair it yourself! If the meter is defective, you must contact the owner. This is either the network operator or the electricity supplier. In the event of a defective meter, the latter must cover all costs incurred for testing and replacement. In order for this to work, proceed as follows:

  • A common cause of a defect in the electricity meter is a broken magnetic brake. In this case, the meter continues to run until it stops due to frictional losses, even if no consumers are connected. You can test this by plugging in some heavy loads to make the meter run fast. Switch them off and switch off all fuses, remember to shut down the PC beforehand. Now look at the counter. If the wheel is still turning and this continues to indicate that electricity is being drawn, i.e. the electricity meter continues to run, the electricity meter is definitely defective.
  • Even if your electricity meter passed this test, it may be defective. You can check this with the help of an energy meter. Switch off all consumers, including refrigerators, stand-by mode on televisions, etc. Write down the meter reading and connect the energy meter to a heavy consumer - for example a tumble dryer or washing machine - and let these devices run for several hours. Then restore the normal power supply. If the electricity meter shows a higher consumption than the energy meter, you can also be sure that the electricity meter is defective.

Behavior in the event of a defective meter

  • Immediately withdraw the direct debit authorization from the electricity supplier and - if the invoice is debited - book the amount back. You don't have to pay anything that you haven't used. You can have your bank reclaim such direct debits if you request this within 6 weeks.
  • Write to the utility company and explain the situation that obviously electricity consumption is displayed, although no electricity has been drawn. Ask for the meter to be checked and for a corrected invoice. This will surely refer you to the owner of the meter or contact him himself.
  • After consulting the meter owner, you can also hire an expert yourself. You have to pay this yourself first. However, if the meter is demonstrably defective, the costs must be borne by the meter owner.
  • Continue to pay the usual discounts, because you have to pay for the electricity actually drawn. You should also transfer a reasonable amount to the invoice. It makes no sense not to pay for what is presumably correct consumption.

Prepare for a fight because utility companies are seldom willing to accept the fact that a meter is defective. The evidence is also difficult, because you can only prove that the meter is defective - but not how high your consumption actually was. If the energy supplier is stubborn, you have to call in a lawyer.

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