How to write 5 cents in decimal places

Excel: add or remove decimal places


The spreadsheet program Excel offers you numerous functions with which you can manage your tables. In calculations, it is quite possible that the results have a different number of decimal places.

After the decimal point, the music plays: Decimal places can be set individually in Excel.

Excel: Any decimal places can be set

Decimal values ​​are mostly only needed up to a certain point. Depending on the calculations you do with your values, they can turn out very differently. In Excel, you can therefore easily make the adjustment yourself and add or remove decimal places as you like.
  1. Select the cell with the decimal number.
  2. At the top of the menu ribbon in the “Start” tab you will see the “Number” area. There are the options "Add decimal place" and "Delete decimal place". Click the option you want.
Excel then follows your command and extends or shortens the decimal number. It is rounded automatically. For example, if you clicked Clear Decimal Place for a value of 1.782, it would leave 1.78. If you apply the option one more time to remove the next decimal place, you will get “1.8” because of the automatic rounding up. Changing the decimal places also works for several cells at the same time by marking them before using the option. In Excel, you can also use the
Change the separation of the decimal places. You can find this option under “File”> “Options”> “Editing Options”.

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