Brittany Howard Transgender Alabama Shakes

Rolling Stone

Grammy Award-winning rock band Alabama Shakes are the latest musical act to speak out on North Carolina's controversial HB2 law, commonly referred to as the "bathroom bill."

“I think it was wrong what the lawmakers did,” singer Brittany Howard said in a music festival podcast interview for CRN International. Speaking about the LGBT community, Howard said: "[It’s] wrong to take their tax money, turn around and then disbar them from living with their identity that they fought so hard to understand and develop."

HB2 targets the LGBT community by allowing North Carolina businesses to deny service to LGBT individuals and forces transgender people to use the public bathroom assigned to his or her gender at birth.

Howard announced the Shakes will perform as scheduled on April 22nd at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater in Charlotte, North Carolina. Other acts slated to play the state such as Father John Misty and Cyndi Lauper are keeping their dates, but are donating the proceeds of the shows to LGBT-friendly organizations.

“We are going to play the show. We couldn't just say ‘No, we’re not showing up and I’m sorry your government is behaving this way.’ That’s not the right thing to do, ”said Howard.