How to Prevent False Memories Manga

How do you prevent memories from coming back?

I have almost no memory of my early childhood, up to 5 years old. Until now I thought it was completely normal, but I recently talked to my boyfriend about childhood (it came up because we looked at photos of us as babies / toddlers) and my boyfriend still seemed very much from the time in memory and he was amazed that I know next to nothing. In retrospect, I wonder about a few things. Examples:

I was (must have been when I was 3 or 4) in a "play group" with other children. I remember being in that group, but I can't remember a single detail of it. Not even something gross. I couldn't even remember the building, even though I was standing in front of the building and I was there every weekday for several months.

I was once approached by a woman whether I still know her. When I said no, she said she was my kindergarten supervisor. I still didn't recognize her, even though I saw her every weekday for almost a year.

I don't remember my grandmother (she died when I was 4). Neither about her appearance nor that I have ever met her. She is said to have played with me very often and I should have loved her very much.

My parents once told me that my other grandparents and I went on vacation to France for two weeks when I was 4. I have zero memories.

Then, as I said, I looked at children's pictures of us with my friend. My friend was able to tell something about many of the pictures: where he was there, and what his mood was like: For example, he looked angry at one picture, because he still knew exactly why he was so angry ... I was able to see them Pictures (where I was 3 to 4, sometimes 5) tell NIX, because I couldn't remember when, where and why the pictures were taken. The first pictures that aroused precise memories in me were my school enrollment pictures at the age of 6.

It's not like I have no memories at all, but the above things should be remembered a little bit, right? What I also notice is that the few memories I have, all of which are negative memories. Actually, one should remember the wonderful vacation or the nice grandmother, but I don't remember that. I only remember things like that where I was annoyed and sad.

To everyone: When can you remember your childhood relatively precisely?

To people who are particularly concerned with the topic (professionally or out of interest): How can you interpret that with my memories? Is that normal; is it different for everyone? If it's not normal, what could be the reason?