What does thunderous peace mean to me


Draw a picture and use it to show your feelings and thoughts!

You have certainly quarreled with your friends, parents, or siblings before and may have been sad, angry, or hurt afterwards. Hopefully you will have made up and apologized quickly afterwards. The feeling after such a reconciliation was certainly nice and you were probably happy that everyone understood each other again.

So you can understand war as a very big quarrel between countries and people, which is very terrible, in which many people are injured and there is violence. Peace can, for example, be a state in which there is no war and all people and countries adhere to certain rules, treat each other peacefully and people do not have to fear for their lives.

Now is your task for today!

How does war feel and how does peace feel?

First write down on a piece of paper what you think of about war and peace and then complete the beginnings of the following sentences!

War / peace ...

  • … Has the color….
  • …tastes like… .
  • ... smells like ...
  • …looks like… .
  • …sounds like… .
  • …is like… .

After you have considered what you associate with war and peace, you can now paint a picture of how you imagine war and peace. Make sure to also match the colors to your feeling. 🙂

I would be very happy if you would like to share your picture with us! Simply use the contact form below 🙂

Your Viki 🙂

So you send us your picture

The children should ...

  • deal creatively with the topic of war and peace.
  • express their feelings.
  • Consciously perceive emotions and thoughts and write down / represent them.