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Kap38: continued

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“…. but nobody knows how to get the cattle out! "

Jamie moved his head slowly back and forth. Yes, this satyr could probably be trusted. But the mind demanded one final test. "Give me one plausible reason why I should trust you!"
"Because I'm from the future, Marty?"
The Magus had to laugh against his will. The difference between an earth-born satyr and one who, like Isar, was an exception as an umbra-born, became very clear here. "Okay, answer one more question for me!"
A friendly nod was the response, accompanied by the fact that he stuffed the rest of his bagel into his mouth.
“Did Oberon ……… .in his present case?” He deliberately avoided the word puppy.

While still chewing, the satyr shook his head once, swallowed with a grin and when he could speak clearly again, he said calmly, "No, he has no idea where he ended up. What is clear is that the cattle threw him out. Big O. thinks that it will probably be his soul animal and that we are now looking for a miniature dachshund. "

Jamie lifted an eyebrow. "Miniature dachshunds anyway? Aha. "Then he let go of the young faun, stretched himself, put down the fighting staff (however, half ready to hand on the floor behind him)," And - what is stopping Ketsuro? Or Nguyen, whatever the good name may be ……. I have some hints where I could find Wings of Ether. But I have to keep a promise before I can get started. And for that I need the little one! "
“I don't know, man! I have only just arrived, as you noticed! ”.

Jamie peeked out the window, nodding, but nothing of the Asian could be seen. He was getting restless. He wasn't the type to break promises. But the more time passed, the more likely the trail of the wolf and puppy would be lost! It was still not proven that he was not dreaming, and in dreams time passed differently. However, there was increasing evidence that this was real and that he was awake. Even if he still couldn't explain how he suddenly got into the completely different clothes and where the fat wand came from. At the same time, he felt Red's attempt to establish telepathic contact. For a brief moment he closed his eyes and in turn connected with Red.

does it fit? - what fits, Red? - The coat and armor that I sent you ... - You could have let me know beforehand, I am completely disoriented, especially because I am sitting here with a Fey who claims he is Isar's cousin. - Understand. Have you ever…..? - No, I seem to have been transferred …… Red, no offense, but I can't talk to you for long now, I don't like to carry that out. But if I keep silent about it for a longer time, it will be noticed. Thanks for the armor! …… - It's okay, Jamie. Take care of yourself!

The satyr seemed unaware of his telepathic conversation. "What should I call you, man?"
“I know your name. I am shan. Or - if you want it pompous - Forest Fire. "
“We should spare the secret names, Shan!”, A hesitant grin when an idea shot through his head, “well, if Ketsuro doesn't show up, then it might be a stroke of luck that you were allowed to go to NY. You're a satyr - it shouldn't be difficult for you to take her place …… ”Jamie stripped off his gloves, his trust in Shan was now completely restored.

“Hey, I have no idea what the lady wanted from you. But as long as there is no expression dance or the programming of your hard disk recorder, I can handle it! "
The Magus grinned at him diagonally from the side and mumbled: “Very simple: I have a hamster in my brain. He's running around there day and night in a hamster wheel, which makes me pretty crazy and nervous, huh? Before I can go looking for the miniature dachshund, I have to get the rodent out of my skull! And the best way to do that is through a 'hearing and seeing fuck off', THAT is what I wanted from Ketsuro. "

Shan very skillfully imitated the Latino-oh-no-no with head movement and wiggling index finger. “Now don't say you assume that just because I'm a satyr I am promiscuous! That would be really racist! ”Whatever this Fey was, he was obviously very familiar with the offended culture of that time!
Jamie first succumbed to a flash of laughs. Then his own diplomacy (you can talk about anything, wolf!) Let him run his index finger over Shan's harness, whispering “If I only popped promiscuous subjects, I would be chronically overworked and double chronically underfucked. The question is not what I think you are or whether I am a moralist. The question is if you want to help me find wings by helping me keep my promise I made. I promised not to go before I ground myself with a good fuck. "

"Your luck. Of course I'm promiscuous. I'm a bloody satyr, man. This is our USP. "
Again Jamie was shaken by a violent fit of laughter, poked the satyr amicably on the chest and neighed, "Put the heavy down, Shan! And the glove with the thorns! Today I don't feel like pain ………… ”, then he got up, calmly took off his clothes and plopped naked on the sofa. “There don't even seem to be curtains. If someone out there thinks they have to watch us we will charge entry. D’accord, you model of overt promiscuity? "

“Nobody will come. And if he does, he won't see us. I am good at what I do. Or what do you want someone to be able to see from the outside? Fighting raptors? Benedict Cumberbatch in the shower? This aunt the Black Widow is playing with this guy from Thor? "
“Be fine with me if you can hide us! But I would be completely puffed if someone saw it. My inner Exhi would only have a celebration. How that would happen if someone saw a satyr is a completely different question! ”He laughed darkly and eyed the young satyr. "... then I thought I would get a slot today ...... .. and then something!" ... ..but his tone didn't sound in the least regretful, he just held out his hand invitingly to Shan. "Come here! You will have to get me going, because this hamster in my brain distracts me badly. Still………!"

Shan frowned slightly. "Age, also express your wishes? I'd rather have Rihanna too …… .do you sing at least? ”With clacking hooves and a grin, he strolled over to the couch with these words to sit down next to Jamie.

At the same moment as he sat down on the edge of the sofa and looked Jamie in the eye, the lock could be heard clicking, then a key was turned and Ketsuro scurried into the room. Jamie rolled his eyes slightly. She had changed. A jogging suit. Hooves. Horns. He could have known. The Magus has been past the point where you can be amazed over and over again. She threw a "Good evening guys!" Into the room, not in the least amazed to see Shan here. "Man I'm flat!" With these words she let herself fall on the seat cushion and beamed at the two of them.

It wasn't long before she realized that Jamie had apparently found a 'replacement' for her in Shan, and a happy banter started. Ketsuro suggested leaving the two of them alone, but would then have a rental allowance for the lost money. Shan waved it off and grumbled. Jamie would have preferred to ask for a slot anyway. The words flew back and forth, and at some point the girl (who Jamie still didn't know whether her name was Japanese or Vietnamese, Ketsuro or Nguyen), and dropped the covers, whereupon Shan realized that he was going out with his Thong-like panties made of coarse fabric are absolutely overdressed.

While Ketsuro knelt behind him and untied his thong, Shan's hand slowly began to kiss the hamster magus. One made the next. And less than two hours later, Jamie was as relaxed as you can only be after a happy threesome with two feys ………… (not that he had ever experienced one before, but satyrs really have something to offer in love matters. )

After the long game, both Feys weren't tired but rather refreshed, just as Jamie knew it from Isar. While Ketsuro, as she said, "went downstairs" to a friend, Jamie was only half awake with Shan on the couch. And as much as Shan was a completely different type than Isar, they seemed to share something: a certain concern about food supplies.

"I'll get two large plates of Shawarma so that you can strengthen yourself when you wake up!"

Jamie had shuffled his head, slightly moved, and then curled up tired and dull on the sofa. He didn't know what Shawarma was, but it would certainly taste good, he wasn't very particular about it. And a surprise for breakfast certainly didn't hurt!

As soon as he was asleep, nothing would stop him from going looking for Isar.

Even if he didn't have the slightest idea how to drive the wyrm out of Isar’s actual body. In an emergency, he would have a dog forever and ever. But he'd rather not think about that now - the hamster was just sleeping so well!





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