How to clean particle board desk prices

Maintain and clean WPC boards properly

So that your WPC terrace or balcony looks really nice even after years, we give you some tips on how to deal with annoying stains and discoloration.

Here we go:

  1. Different finishes and treatments
  2. Discoloration of the WPC boards
  3. WPC cleaning with water and a brush
  4. Water and mold stains: remove gently
  5. Oil & grease stains
  6. Special cleaner yes or no?
  7. The use of high pressure cleaners

1. Different finishes and treatments

WPC boards are not just WPC boards. There are also differences here. The surfaces of the boards can untreatedroughened andsealed be. Depending on the surface properties, the planks also differ in their properties and, above all, in terms of care and cleaning.

2. Discoloration of the WPC boards

The color of your planks will change a little. However, this only happens in the first few months and is completely normal. One speaks of the naturalColor ripening. If you have an uncovered WPC deck, it will brighten up faster than a covered deck. However, the cleaning effort is higher for roofed areas. Because here stains cannot be removed by the rain.

3. WPC cleaning with water and brush

The first cleaning is recommended immediately after laying your WPC terrace. After that, it is sufficient if you clean your WPC planks once or twice a year. You should leaves and coarse dirt every now and then remove it with a broom.

Consequences: If you don't remove this dirt, it may developMould make up on your WPC terrace. The same applies if there is insufficient ventilation.

Avoidable: After the rough cleaning, you can easily clean light soiling such as dust with clear water and one Scrubber remove. You can also use a sponge or brush.

TIP: Regularly sweep coarse dirt such as leaves or dirt from the floorboards. Clean WPC boards once or twice a year.

4. Water and mildew stains: remove gently

When moisture from the last rain dry poorly can result in ugly water stains. But also there where Dirt deposits have not been removed for a long period of time. For example with your flower pots or your garden furniture. If you've covered your garden furniture, very little oxygen will also get into the area.

Consequences: Formation of water marks. But the wood fibers of your WPC boards also expand.

Avoidable: Water stains can be washed away by the subsequent rain without any problems, but if you have a covered or partially covered terrace, you often have to run it yourself and remove such stains by hand. In this case, you just take a soft brush and rub the surface. Then you rinse the surfaces with clear water from. FINISHED! If the stains are a little more stubborn, you can use a little of yours too All-purpose cleaner or detergent to help. Make sure that your terrace enough gradient so that the water can drain away. It is important to pay attention to this, especially with hollow chamber boards. So you can damage by Waterlogging prevent. If your terrace is not sloping enough, mold stains can appear, among other things. But don't panic. You can remove such stains just as easily as water stains: with a little all-purpose cleaner and enough water.

5. Oil & grease stains

The next barbecue party is sure to come. A relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. What could be nicer. But of course something goes wrong sometimes. That used oil, Mustard and various sauces can be unsightly stains left on your WPC planks. And these are usually only discovered the next day.

Consequences: It's not that wild. The spots will be seen for a while. But as soon as the oil is absorbed, nothing will be seen from the stain either.

Avoidable: In order not to give the stains a chance from the outset, it is advisable to wipe off the dirt immediately with water and possibly all-purpose cleaner. Then rinse the planks with clear water. This way you can remove all grease residues.

6. Special cleaner yes or no?

Some WPC manufacturers have also made special WPC cleaners for their products. You can use this for particularly heavy soiling. Apply the WPC cleaner to the WPC surface and then let it work for 3-5 minutes. Then you grab a scrubber and brush the surface with water.

TIP: Rinse off the dirt in the direction of the milled grooves. This process can be repeated if necessary.

7. Use of high pressure cleaners

Cleaning with the help of a high-pressure cleaner is particularly effective but ...

Consequences: Can shorten the life of WPC decking. The strong pressure washes out the wood fibers and can even damage them if the pressure is too high and the distance between the high-pressure cleaner and the WPC board is too small.

Avoidable: If you still don't want to do without a high-pressure cleaner, set the device to a maximum of 100 Bahr. Make sure to keep a minimum distance of 30 centimeters. Now you can always clean your floor in the direction of the plank structure.


Also take a look at our video on WPC floorboard cleaning. It's really easy and quick.