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Burger King vouchers - current overview & discounts

🍔 What's the best way to save at Burger King?

The most important thing for saving is to be up to date. You can do this best with our website - because we research around the clock for new promotions, coupons and vouchers. If there's a way to save on Burger King, check out our page. It also helps to install the Burger King app in order to be able to use the coupons that are offered there.

🏨 Are the coupons valid in every branch?

The coupons are valid in most Burger King branches. Like most of its competitors, Burger King is a franchise company. Therefore, the individual branches can decide whether to take part in promotions or not. However, very few restaurants miss this chance to supply you with tasty burgers cheaply. With the Burger King delivery service, only the coupons or vouchers from the app can be redeemed so far.

🚕 Can I redeem vouchers at the drive-in and in the delivery service?

The vouchers and coupons work in the drive-in without any problems. Sometimes it is even easier to redeem Burger King vouchers at the drive-thru. Most of the time you will only be asked for the code on the voucher and often do not even have to show it. Unfortunately, there is no way to redeem the PDF coupons with the delivery service.

💻 Where can I get the Burger King vouchers?
Thanks to our editorial team, which regularly checks whether there are new vouchers or promotions, you are always up to date with Einfach-Sparsam. With us you can find out which vouchers are available in the app and when the new PDF vouchers will be available. If available, you can of course download PDF vouchers here and find a link for the Burger King app.
📚 Do the coupons have to be printed out?

You can download the PDF coupons on your smartphone from our website and show them when you are in the branch. Of course, you can also print them out, take them to the branch and show them this way. With the vouchers or coupons in the app, all you have to do is have your smartphone with you and show the promotion you want to use.

⭐ Are there currently vouchers?

Our editorial team regularly asks Burger King what actions are planned, when they will start and how long they will be active. If there are currently no PDF vouchers, you can see on our website when new vouchers or coupons can be expected and which discounts you can get in the Burger King app.