How to play Nick Racer 3d

Nick Racer's Revolution 3D

A Unity racing game starring all your favorite Nickelodeon characters, like SpongeBob and Patrick, Penguins of Madagascar, and Bucket and Skinner. It features creepy character models and broken physics.

Unused Graphics


Early Final is an early version of SpongeBob and Patrick's icon, using early season 1/2 illustrations instead of ... that.

bomb_indicator is a warning for an incoming bomb. There isn't a bomb powerup, and the only explosive powerup is the rocket. Even then, nothing warns you about them.

signPost has an unused texture for a sign post with strange names written on it.

HUD positions

HUD_Laps-Spritesheet.png other Positions-Spritesheet.png have extra counters. There can only be four racers at once, and each track has three laps, so the remaining numbers aren't used.