How to Create Messiah Persona 3 Fes

What's the perfect build for Messiah? Been thinking about MS, what else? SPOILER

Seen some topics about downfusing morning star for orpheus to get it on messiah.

That's good for room clearers, especially with magic skill up, it's a guaranteed one hit kill for even enemies in Monad (Nomad?)

But what about bosses? There's a room to the left of the Tartarus door that seems to have Margaret from P4 and a bunch of other doors, one in particular that gives me a randomized battle that I can't even fathom how to beat.

I saw in one of the archived topics that elec amp and elec boost stack, which is giving me all kinds of ideas, but I was wondering what kind of moves I should have on messiah, other than magic skill up, morning star, auto matarukaja (the one that increases attack), weapons master, maybe victory cry ...

Also should I be investing this much in Messiah more so than this fabled Orpheus Telios that I won't be getting until the next playthrough? I'm planning on giving Messiah lots of stat boosting cards for 99 magic / strength / agility.

Heck, what in general should be the best moveset? Because either or, both Persona will probably have the same ultimate moveset.
1. Thunder Reign
2. Elec Boost
3. Elec Amp
4. Magic Skill Up
5. Morning Star
6-8 Your choice

I would pick
Mind Charge
Victory Cry
To go further in depth

Thunder Reign is the best severe spell because it has a 100% chance to shock the target, which will make all your other physical attackers get instant crits.

Elec Boost, Elec Amp, and Magic skill up is self explanatory

Morning Star is for enemy sweeping, combined with Tarukaja should kill about everything in the game with one hit

Morning Star uses up 80 SP however and unless you want to constantly use the clock for healing Victory Cry is needed

Mind Charge if you don't want to keep switching between personas to use it on bosses.

I forgot to mention Repel Dark because Messiah is weak to darkness so that would be useful too
Been reading the archives and I can't seem to get thunder reign. One post says to fuse Odin and Helel to get mechizadeck with morning star and thunder reign, but the chances of getting these 2 powerful skills in one shot seems like one in a million.

I've actually gotten morning star a couple of times but I don't think it's even possible to get thunder reign.

I wish there was a way to delete moves so that the only skills that get passed on are the ones currently in the persona's repertoire.

And the fact that I have to keep fusing down and make sure morning star and thunder reign stick ... how did other people do it? Is it entirely luck based? Because this is lottery-level luck right here.
That fusion recipe is wrong
Melchizedek can't learn Thunder Reign because of his inheritance
If you want to get Thunder Reign and Morning Star you need to put Morning Star on Orpheus and Thunder Reign on Thanatos.

For Morning Star
Helel + Rakshasa = Kikkuri-Hime (noise control physical)
Kikkuri-Hime + Virtue = Titania (noise control physical)
Titania + Samael = Succubus (noise control physical)
Succubus + Kurama Tengu = Mot (noise control light and recovery)
Mot + Unicorn = King Frost (noise control elec, wind, and fire)
King Frost + Jack Frost + Pyro Jack + Queen Mab = Black Frost (no noise control)
Keep downfusing in the Fool chain until you get to Orpheus (Orpheus inherits fire, so you can eliminate noise with ice, elec, and wind, but all other Fools inherit all)

For Thunder Reign
Odin + Angel = Incubus
Incubus + Lilim = Vetala
Vetala + Incubus = Lilim

Use that Lilim in the Thanatos fusion to give him Thunder Reign
Use light and healing skills for noise control in all these fusions.
Minor correction

Incubus + Lilim = Mokoi
Mokoi + Vetala = Lilim
Second correction
I meant use that Lilim in the Alice fusion and use Alice in the Thanatos fusion

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Yes, it finally worked! Phew.

Thanks again man, really appreciate all the help.
Overall useful and ideal for fighting the last boss in the Paradigm Door:
Thunder Reign
Mind Charge
Electric Amp
Electric boost
Magic Skill Up
Null / Repel Dark
Unshaken Will

The last skill is up to you.

In regards to "ultimate" Personae, if you do plan on fighting the "true" final optional boss with the long but easy method you will need to fuse a squad of 4 uber Persona and an uber Anubis, if you plan on going that route it is pretty mandatory to give different ultimate skills (Ragnarok, Nilfhiem and Phanta Rhei. Anubis will be using Thunder Reign) to your Personae. Each of them should also have Unshaken Will, High Counter, cover up weaknesses but in a way that doesn't trigger the boss' rage mode !!
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