How to integrate matlab into visual studio

Matlab Extension Pack


  • This extension pack packages some of the most popular (and some of my favorite) Matlab extensions.
  • Hope these will make Matlab code writing easier and fun.

How to install

Extensions Included

  • MATLAB for Visual Studio Code - This extension adds language support for MATLAB to Visual Studio Code: colorization, snippets, and code checking.
  • Matlab Code Run - Running code straight from VS Code without having to open the full Matlab GUI.
  • Matlab Interactive Terminal - This extension allows users to launch Matlab scripts and have a working Matlab REPL directly included in Visual Studio Code.
  • matlab-formatter - Indent and format MATLAB code. Also usable as standalone without VScode.
  • MatlabSnippets - All the snippets of R2019a.
  • - This extension is now off the store for some reason. For more detail seethis issue.