How to solder wire to cmos battery

Solder cables - instructions

For a hobby electronics technician, soldering cables is part of everyday life. With our instructions, you too can easily learn how the trade works and what you have to pay attention to.

Solder cables yourself - how to proceed

If you want to solder cables or wires yourself, you need a few tools as basic equipment:
  1. In our instructions we use a soldering iron, tin solder, a "third hand", a silk cutter, wire, shrink tubing and a heat blow dryer. You can also follow all steps in the picture gallery.
  2. Switch on your soldering station and set a temperature between 300 and 400 degrees. Also, make sure the sponge is damp.
  3. While the station is heating up, you can strip the wire a few millimeters at both ends with the silk cutter.
  4. Now you can clamp the wire in the soldering aid. This makes the process a lot easier when you are working alone. At this point you can also push the shrink tubing onto one of the two wires.
  5. Once the piston has reached its temperature, you will also need the solder. Pick up some tin with the tip and apply it evenly to both stripped portions of the wires. If you are a little more practiced, you can of course wet the tip of the piston with tin and hold the wire briefly in your hand. If you have consumed too much tin, you can get rid of it in the damp sponge.
  6. Now that both ends are tinned you can join the wires. Leave one wire clamped and hold the other wire in your hands. Alternatively, you can clamp the wires directly in such a way that the ends touch each other in parallel.
  7. Now you can use your soldering iron again. Keep touching the two ends until the tin becomes liquid. The metal then flows between the wires and hardens after about a second. The two ends are then firmly connected to one another.
  8. So that the area is insulated again, you can now slide the shrink tubing over the connection and heat it with a blow dryer or a lighter. The hose then contracts and tightly wraps itself around the wire.
In the next practical tip, we will explain what you have to consider when soldering aluminum.

Latest videos

Here you can see the soldering station used. With 350 degrees you are almost always on the safe side.

The two ends of the wires have already been stripped of their insulation with the silk cutter.

With this soldering aid, a so-called "third hand", soldering is much easier.

In this position you can tinplate the wire well.

The blue wire remains clamped while the black one is held by hand. Warning: the wire gets hot quickly, so keep the second wire still and work quickly.

With such a hot blow dryer you can quickly and easily bring heat-shrink tubing into the desired shape.

The shrink tube is already attached here. Now all you have to do is switch on the hair dryer or the lighter and the hose will shrink. Be careful not to get too close to the hose, otherwise it can easily become charred.