What does it mean to see a white dove?


by Joe Doe

The white dove was declared a symbol of peace at the Paris World Peace Congress in 1949, although pigeons are anything but peaceful animals and, above all, behave aggressively towards one another. The dove of peace was designed by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), who also gave his daughter, who was born on the evening of the congress, the name Paloma (Spanish for dove). In 1955 he received the World Peace Prize for his lithography.

Pablo Picasso's Dove of Peace (1949)

The dove of peace is a common symbol of the peace movement to this day. In the GDR, a children's song entitled "Little White Dove of Peace" was even dedicated to her.

However, its origin is by no means in the modern peace movement. The dove is a biblical symbol and comes from the Old Testament. More precisely from the story of the Flood, in which Noah sends out a dove that returns with an olive branch in its beak. This should be a sign that God has declared his war on humanity over.

The Vatican ritual introduced by John Paul II, in which the Pope raises a white dove to pray the Angelus, seems superficially based on this. However, the Old Testament only speaks of a dove and not explicitly of a white dove.

In 2015, the pigeons that Pope Francis raised with two children were attacked by a crow and a seagull. Although the animals survived, the traditional pigeons were replaced by balloons in 2016 for animal welfare reasons. It may seem like a dark omen that shortly before the final outbreak of World War 3, the doves of peace were attacked. That almost begs the question of whether the crow and seagull were trained to do it?

If the dove is a symbol of peace that has its roots in the Old Testament, why do doves appear in occult symbolism equally? And why are these always explicitly white? This has astrological background, because the white dove in the sky is like the shining morning star Lucifer. So it is a Venus symbol.

The white dove is used, among other things, in Freemasonry and among the Rosicrucians. In addition to the eagle, it is considered the bird of light, which again alludes to the light-bringer Lucifer. In addition, it is a symbol of female fertility, which brings us back to the Roman goddess of fertility, Venus. This is identical to the Greek Aphrodite, the Babylonian Astarte and the Egyptian Isis. The meaning of the white dove extends to all these goddesses and some of them are even represented with a dove.

Venus with Dove - Jacques François Courtin (1780)

It is quite conceivable that the use of white doves in the peace movement and in the Vatican has corresponding occult backgrounds. Nevertheless, compromises have to be made, at least with the dove of peace. On the one hand because of the biblical symbolism with the dove holding an olive branch. The olive branch is the decisive element, because the Venus dove in occultism does not wear it. On the other hand, the dove has established itself as a symbol of peace and is understood by most people in this context. You should therefore pay close attention to the context in which the symbolism of the white dove is used.

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