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Great fashion design software for beginners

Are you looking for easy-to-use fashion design software that is suitable for newbies? Are you interested in fashion design but poor in drawing? Our great fashion design program will become the first choice for fashion design amateurs.

There must be a lot of fashion design lovers like me who know little about drawing. Hence, we long for fashion design software that is easy to use and requires a minimal learning curve. Edraw, a fashion design tool anyone could use even if they never learned professional drawing skills.

Clothing design with predefined models

Edraw can save you a lot of time drawing the built-in models. You can also use models from the integrated examples. In addition, Edraw allows you to draw custom models on your own.

Draw clothes on the models with the crayon and pen tools

Go to the menu Symbols, you will find a number of drawing tools including "Colored pencil", "Crayon", "Move anchor", "Add anchor", "Remove anchor", "Convert anchorand more. It only takes a few minutes to become comfortable with these tools. You can always open the dynamic help on the right side of the canvas.

Use the tool first Crayon or Colored pencilto design the clothes. Then use the tools Move anchor and Convert anchor for fine adjustment of the lines.

Repeat the above step to add more patterns and embellishments.

Why is it easy to use?

  1. There's a ribbon user interface similar to Microsoft, so it isn't hard for users to get used to pretty quickly.
  2. Ready-made models allow you to design your own fashionable clothes instantly.
  3. A large number of pre-drawn fashion design samples are in the library Fashion design to disposal.
  4. There is little to learn as the tools are very easy to use.

Create fashion design

Example of fashion design

Download a free fashion design trial and see firsthand how quick and easy it is to design your own fashion clothes.