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Smackdown, RAW, Producer? This is how the spectacle WWE works

Munich - $ 730 million in revenue in 2016. A house brand that is second to none in the entertainment sector. The number shows: The WWE is one of the most popular and formative sports leagues in the world - even though everything has been played.

But what is WWE anyway? The three letters are made up World Wrestling Entertainment together. Since 1980, the WWE has been officially referred to as sports entertainment. And as the second word suggests: It is wrestled. The sport of wrestling is particularly popular in the USA, Japan and Mexico. The most important thing in advance: The winner of each fight is certain before the start - also in the WWE.

WWE has been firmly in the hands of one family for decades: The McMahons. Since 1980, Vince McMahon has been the company's chairman and majority shareholder. Between 1979 and 2002 the WWE was still called the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). In 2002, however, the wrestling organization lost a lawsuit against the World Wide Fund for Nature and finally had to give up the abbreviation "WWF" and rename itself. The WWE has existed since then.

What happens before a show fight? To understand the WWE phenomenon, let's first look behind the scenes. Because in the background, stories are written for every single program, for every single fight. The so-called creative teams take care of the storylines of the weekly shows (RAW, Smackdown and the young talent show NXT). Among the authors there are always career changers from Hollywood - such as Freddie Prince Jr.

A script is similar to a classic TV script. All fights, their arrangements and the further content of the show are specified in it.

Before the TV cameras get down to business, the producers come into play. They are the links between the authors and the protagonists in the ring. Most of the producers are former wrestlers who are very familiar with the subject. Your job: the choreography of every fight on the show.

What is happening in the ring? This is followed by the appearance of the WWE stars that fans know from television. Most of the time the characters only know the bare essentials of each script, because as the Swiss wrestler Cesaro explains to "Sport1": "We wrestlers incorporate a lot more spontaneous, creative elements into the fights than most people suspect."

What is ultimately delivered to the living room via the TV screens is a show. Over 90 professional wrestlers are active in the various leagues of the WWE, including around 20 women. Wrestling writers are definitely not lacking in a lack of storylines.

Known allegations against the WWE and their wrestlers: The big accusation - everything is just "fake" - is true in principle. But aren't series or films also staged?

Every wrestler's performance should be kept in mind by critics. The stunts and actions they practice day in and day out are daring. The superstars John Cena and Seth Rollins were out for about half a year.

The organization also counteracts the allegation that wrestlers are doped. The WWE has its own health program. If a wrestler takes unauthorized means, a ban follows. If he is caught again, he is promptly released.

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