Howell Power Bank 11000 Mah portable charger

Solar Battery Charger

A solar charger can be a loyal helper in everyday life. I got the idea because I often have a problem with the power supply when traveling or in the fire brigade's camp, especially for my smartphone (One PlusOne) I need a power source every day, but now I want to replace it with the mobile version .

Why a solar charger?

I am often out and about with a lot of gossip and I have to keep it alive somehow, which means I need a lot of electricity and actually in every situation in life. For this I have now come up with the solution with the solar charger. I also have my mobile battery with 16000 mAh. I take this loaded with me and whenever there is time and the opportunity, I recharge it. The whole thing then, of course, via solar energy.

Which charger?

The biggest problem for me was finding the right charger. I was looking for a solar panel that is mobile and has a reasonable output of watts. After a long back and forth I found a variant: RAVPower 16W solar charger.

Here we have another article on the topic of saving money with solar energy:Anker portable solar panel in combination with a mobile battery (15000 mAh) save money. In this article we explain in a nutshell that you cannot save money with solar panels. Just take a look for yourself.

The use:

The use of the gadget is really gigantic. It doesn't matter where, I can charge my battery and then use it to charge my notebook, smartphone or whatever. In addition, the combination of the Anker Astro E4 and charger is so small that I can really use it on the move and take it with me on long journeys.

To cut a long story short, if you travel a lot and need a cheap power source, shouldn't you just use solar energy?