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International Mental Health Day

Christian Hütt was available to answer questions from those interested on the International Mental Health Day

“Mental illnesses, especially anxiety, depression, alcohol and other addictions, are now among the most common problems in our society. And the fact that the trend is increasing here is shown by the various absenteeism and health reports from the health insurance companies, ”explains Christian Hütt, founder of cor - Center for Healthy Leadership. One consequence of mental illnesses is, for example, increased absenteeism from the workplace, with the absence of work taking much longer than with other illnesses.

One reason for the increase in mental illnesses is the "new world of work" and the associated flexibilisation of work. "Being able to work anytime and anywhere and always being available offers an opportunity to work independently and to be able to better coordinate the demands of work and private life, but this flexibility also carries the risk of psychological stress and excessive demands," says Hütt .

In order to make people aware of the consequences of mental illness and to counteract stigmatization, International Mental Health Day was launched on October 10, 1992. Numerous workshops, seminars, campaigns and lectures are offered on this day to inform people. Christian Hütt himself has been committed to this day since 2013 and offered free advice to all interested parties in order to sensitize them to this topic and to inform them about potential risks.

You can find out more about Christian Hütt and his center for healthy leadership - cor - on his website:

Christian Hütt with cor - the center for healthy leadership

From insurance salesman to entrepreneur - Christian Hütt knows what it means to have to work under enormous pressure to perform. Often, with a falling willingness to perform and rising sick leave, overburdened employees are faced with overwhelmed executives. This is where Hütt helps both companies and employees with coaching, advice and training. Here he not only acts as a partner, but also as a companion and troubleshooter. With his know-how, he sensitizes managers in dealing with their employees and helps them to get personal problems, fears and other burdens under control before they have a negative impact on their work. Ultimately, with the right measures, a healthy environment is created so that the company can be successful with high-performing, motivated, self-responsible and healthy employees.

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