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In many countries around the world, people are being terrorized with new technologies. But the terror takes place in secret. People are used as guinea pigs, unseen by the mass media and the general public. For research into a technology that is more dangerous than the atomic bombt.

For a few years now, the word mind control has been roaming the internet. You can read about it on various websites, there are videos that deal with it, and recently radio podcasts in which those affected have their say and report on terrible human rights violations. Mind control means torture with the help of the most modern technology. Those affected speak of physical and psychological influence from weapons that can be used at a distance. Electromagnetic waves that can trigger different effects in people. Implants that read out body functions and transmit them wirelessly. Pain that can be triggered at the push of a button and from which there is no escape. Insomnia that drives you crazy. Tracking and constant monitoring. The effects associated with Mindcontrol sound like stories from a bad horror movie, and yet they are real.

Early research under the Nazis

Mind control seems to be a new phenomenon that is being talked about more and more. But appearances are deceptive. Mindcontrol is an old technology that has been developed since the reign of terror of National Socialism. As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, there were first attempts to research the effect of electromagnetic waves on biological systems. Effects on the human body were also examined. In the Nazi concentration camps, targeted attempts were made to manipulate the human psyche and to influence the thinking and behavior of people. When the Nazi empire fell and the Allies occupied Germany, the secret research fell into the hands of the United States. It is not known whether other countries were also aware of the scope of the human experiments. However, there is evidence that the USA had numerous Nazi scientists who were previously also involved in human experiments in the concentration camps secretly brought to the USA. Many of these researchers escaped trial for involvement in war crimes. Several thousand researchers are said to have been secretly transported to the USA as part of the Paperclip project. The transports took place with the help of the CIA, which organized secret routes across the Alps to Italy, and from there by sea to America. Members of the Vatican are also said to have helped smuggle the war criminals. When they arrived in the USA, the "former" National Socialists were allowed to continue the research they had begun in Germany under the protective cloak of the CIA. Many of these people were well paid and equipped with all the necessary resources later on in the notorious secret project MKULTRA1 involved, which the CIA operated unnoticed by the public for decades.

Early mind control projects

Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke were early U.S. attempts to invade the human mind. Various drug experiments were carried out on soldiers. After the Second World War, the United States had set up secret prisons, some of them in Germany. There, prisoners of war were drugged and forced to testify, sometimes with severe torture. The prisoners of war were used as guinea pigs for new interrogation techniques and all kinds of experiments. The experiments were shaped by the experiments that German doctors had made in the concentration camps. Pathogens were also administered to the prisoners2. Since the USA had access to Germany's scientific elite after World War II, it used the knowledge that German scientists had gathered in the concentration camps. One of the doctors who worked with the Americans was Kurt Blome, a staunch and avowed National Socialist.


In the early 1950s, the CIA began to conduct intensive research into Mind Control. One wanted to explore the possibilities of influencing human consciousness and behavior. The effort that went into it was enormous. MKULTRA had 149 sub-programs. Research was carried out on several thousand American citizens, but also on Canadians, in Mexico and in Europe. In Denmark alone there were 500 people affected. In Norway there were also 500 children on whom experiments were carried out. The experiments were carried out without the knowledge of the test subjects. In doing so, the CIA doctors sometimes used prison inmates who were not informed about the experiments carried out on them. Much research took place in hospitals, on patients who were hospitalized for often minor illnesses and then "treated" by doctors with profound and inhuman methods. Some of these patients died and others suffered lifelong damage. Part of the research focused on drug experiments. The test subjects were put on various highly potent substances such as mescaline or LSD. In addition, electric shocks, hypnosis and sensory deprivation were used, which in connection with the drugs had profound effects. Strong barbiturates were also used, with the help of which people were sometimes anesthetized for weeks. This erased the patient's memory. A classic element of brainwashing consists in first breaking the person to be “washed” with severe torture, erasing their memories of the crime, and then playing in the new “program”, i.e. the content of the new personality. Tapes with endless loops of spoken commands are often used, which the person has to listen to for days or weeks. When the mind is broken in this way and hit rock bottom, the person is open to new content. Like an empty vessel, the mind can then be filled with the contents that the performing doctors deem appropriate.

Jose Delgado

The Spanish physiologist Jose Delgado laid an important foundation stone for modern mind control. He initially researched animals and developed methods of influencing their behavior. His experiment with a bull with electrodes implanted in its brain is famous. Delgado was able to partially control his behavior through electrical stimulation of the bull's brain. On a farm, electrodes were implanted in the bull's brain region. Then the bull was provoked, similar to a bullfight. The angry bull was now ready to attack Delgado. Delagdo used some kind of remote control to get the attacking cop to break off the attack. The electrodes in the bull's brain exerted electrical stimuli on certain areas of the brain. The bull broke off its attack immediately and turned to one side3.

Delgado later also carried out research on humans, and developed the so-called stimoceiver, a device that worked with radio frequencies and was implanted in the brain of the test subjects. With the help of radio waves, different regions in the test subjects' brain could be stimulated and different moods evoked. Delgado stimulated regions in the hippocampus and amygdala of mentally disabled people with radio frequencies, causing them to experience feelings of sadness, joy, relaxation, focus, and euphoria. The stimoceiver worked wirelessly, and practically allowed Delgado to trigger strong emotions in his test subjects by remote control. The stimoceiver could remain in the person's brain for a lifetime. Delgado also found out that by stimulating certain areas of the brain, he could also control the movements of the test subjects. Delgado later found that manipulating the brain did not require physical contact. By directly sending waves from the radio frequency range to individual regions of the brain, it is possible to evoke different feelings and states of mind.

Research today

Since the days of Delgado, the methods of influencing human behavior have been massively developed. In particular, secret research is now at a very advanced level of knowledge. It is said that the military and secret services are decades ahead of civil research. What is researched in secret, state-funded laboratories usually comes to light much later. If anything! The example of MKULTRA has shown that huge research projects are possible apart from public attention. Although the number of victims at MKULTRA runs into the thousands, it took almost thirty years for the secret human experiments to come to light. The real extent of these attempts may never be known.

Modern nanotechnologies have made implants possible that a Jose Delgado could only dream of. Brain research has made enormous strides over the past twenty years. Modern technologies allow the brain activity of people to be monitored from a distance. Devices have been developed with which a person's brain waves can be read out and changed. With the help of a computer, the brain waves are modified and sent back to the appropriate region of the brain4. This allows you to have a direct influence on a person's thinking and feeling. At least one hundred patents exist on technologies with which it is possible to exert a direct influence on brain functions5. The risk of misuse of this technology is obvious. Whoever controls people's thoughts rules the world. Which government would not be tempted to use such inventions to advance their goals?

The history of mind control shows that there were and still are several governments that use mind control technologies. The own population is always affected. Today there are mind control victims in most countries of the world. Above all, the rich industrial nations seem to stand out. Mindcontrol is also used in many Asian and African countries. Those affected often suffer from insomnia, feel physical pain, listlessness, and muscle twitching. There may be vibrations on the body, strong pressure on certain parts of the body or within the body. Digestive activities are often manipulated, which can result in immediate diarrhea. The possibilities of influencing with mind control are enormous. Both physical functions and mental processes can be manipulated by Mind Control. Many of those affected speak of synthetic dreams and feelings. An artificially induced feeling cannot be distinguished from one's own feelings. Planting thoughts is also possible. The manipulated person cannot distinguish between his own thoughts and the artificially induced thoughts; he considers the foreign thoughts to be his own and pursues them.

Mindcontrol can also influence the sex drive. Complete disruption is just as possible as sexual charging of the target person. The sex drive is then felt to be so strong that many male sufferers use prostitutes. Thereby, additional control is exercised with the help of the sex drive. This can also lead to financial scarcity, because whoever spends his money on prostitutes cannot use it for more meaningful things. Some of the male sufferers also complain of impotence. An erection can suddenly collapse for no apparent reason due to external influence.

A particularly cruel type of torture is the so-called Voice to Skull (V2K)6. This is a technique with the help of which it is possible to send voices and noises into the head of the target person. The person then hears (intelligent) voices that accompany them throughout the day. Often the voices comment on the daily routine of the target person, utter insults, or try to wear the person down with clever psychological tricks. Those affected describe it as a kind of radio that runs sometimes louder and sometimes quieter all day. It is easy to imagine how intimate this type of attack on a person is. It is not without reason that those affected speak of rape. A technique that is capable of interpreting and manipulating a person's feelings and thoughts, that allows perpetrators to penetrate a person's brain wirelessly, without visible contact, and send voices and noises to a person around the clock, is still safe more terrible than the atomic bomb ever was.

In general, the destruction of a target person's life seems to be one of the goals of those who use mind control. Many of the target persons experience intensive stalking as an additional measure to the physical and psychological effects of mind control. Chasing by car is just as much a part of it as chasing people on the street. The target persons are made aware of the stalker by often subtle actions such as winking or grinning. Fake scenes are played out in the street, faces are made. These measures become more subtle and inconspicuous as the target person perceives more and more what is happening to them. In the beginning, methods are more drastic, as most of those affected do not yet know that they are in a secret program. They do not yet pay attention to the behavior of their environment. Increasingly, those affected are registering that they are being persecuted, which means that the persecutors' methods must be less conspicuous and less violent. Someone who knows that he is being persecuted pays different attention to his environment.

Who is behind it?

Who could be interested in persecuting and terrorizing individuals for no apparent reason? Individuals? Mafia groups? Bad Neighbors? Are they acts of revenge? This question can be answered more easily if you ask yourself who is actually able to undertake this great effort. The perpetrators work supraregional, i.e. they are able to pursue the victims anywhere. Many have tried to escape their persecutors and have traveled to other countries. Mind control and tracking were mostly continued seamlessly, often even on the go. This means that the perpetrators have ample manpower and money to carry out this persecution. You have access to government telecommunications facilities. Those affected are monitored by telephone, and their rooms are also monitored visually and acoustically. Thanks to the seamless monitoring, all plans of a person can be determined in advance. The post is also monitored. Many complain of mail theft or delayed delivery.

It becomes clear that private individuals or Mafia gangs could do this poorly. Each private mafia-like association has only limited money and staff at its disposal. The groups of perpetrators seem to be well equipped with it. How else could cross-border persecution be carried out? In addition, the perpetrators have access to technologies that 99% of humanity have never heard of. Could a jealous neighbor get hold of such state-of-the-art weapon systems and use them against his neighbors? Hardly likely. This prosecution is only possible if the perpetrators have access to the international networks of the secret services. This is where the knowledge of the technology and its effectiveness comes from. There are no problems for secret services in tracking people across borders. Wherever the target person flees to, the secret service is already there. Secret services have secret offices in most countries around the world. While the target person is still sitting on the plane and looking forward to a relaxed vacation, the resident of the respective service in the target country is already preparing to receive his destination. He's practically already on site. And if there is no employee of their own there, a friendly service is sure to help. The cooperation among the international services is certainly much more pronounced than at the state level.

Where there is shadow, there is also light

In the last few years a small international movement has emerged that wants to defend itself against these torture practices. Affected people from all countries establish contacts and form alliances. The US-based Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance7 is an association of affected Americans. In Germany, too, there are alliances and self-help groups that try to bring information about the terror to the public. In 2011 Jesse Beltran and Lars Drudgaard founded the ICAACT association8, an international organization of victims. All of these people try to make the public aware of the new torture methods through various actions. But in many cases they fall on deaf ears. A deep ignorance has established itself in large parts of the population. The television generation is all too easily distracted from the real problems and dangers of this world. Cheap entertainment is part of everyday life for a large part of the population. People are all too easily influenced by the mass media.And forget that these media contribute to making them good and malleable consumers.

The overwhelming power of the perpetrators seems to be great, and those affected have little opportunity to protect themselves against the methods used. Many give up, stay in their apartments and hardly dare to go out into the streets. There are always dead. The American Jean Stinn only died last September. The 45 year old man was found dead in his room. Heart attack was found to be the cause of death. The classic death of a Tis (target person). The heart muscle can be brought to a standstill by an electromagnetic pulse from a microwave weapon. The examining doctor would diagnose a heart attack. A corresponding laboratory test could determine the real cause of death, but who bothered to look for death by microwave weapons? With this in mind, many heart attack deaths appear different. Especially with people with political influence who suddenly and early die of a heart attack, a murder with microwave weapons would come into question. The charismatic Stefan Schleuter suffered a heart attack in 2006 after a political speech in the Konstanz market square. Although he never had heart problems, this one heart attack was so severe that it eventually cost him his life. At first he survived the heart attack, but then succumbed to the injuries. Schleuter was on the verge of the Baden-Württemberg state elections, where he ran as a candidate for what was then the WASG.

While the majority of humanity turns a blind eye to electromagnetic terrorism, those affected try to prove the crimes. In doing so, they have taken a decisive step forward this year. Implants were found in the bodies of some of those affected. With a new measuring method, electromagnetic emissions could be measured, which, although with minimal strength, were still measurable from various parts of the body of the person concerned9. Without the knowledge of the people, a kind of chip was implanted in the body, with the help of which one can influence bodily functions and perception. The American Dr. In a video, John Hall shows what is known as a Verichip, which is located in the brain of an affected person10. Measurements in Germany showed clear signals emitted from the bodies of those affected. This means that some of the people affected were implanted with chips. What remains are those affected who do not emit electromagnetic signals, but who still have mind control complaints.

electromagnetic emissions emerge from the person's body

According to Nick Begich, modern mind control is also made with the help of electromagnetic radiation. No more implants are required for this, the psychoactive frequencies are practically pulsed directly into the brain of the person concerned11. The British researcher Barrie Trower also speaks of this technique. Then modulated microwaves are shot at the target person. The microwaves can cause different effects in the human body, from dizziness and nausea to severe pain, difficulty concentrating and sleep12. The range of emerging effects is large and varies with the set frequencies, the pulse rate or the modulation of the waves. Depending on the attitude, you get different effects that the target person has to suffer. In the worst case, the affected person gets cancer.

While for a large part of our society the horizon ends at the end of the news, it begins right there for those affected by mind control. It is no longer a question of whether these technologies exist, the question is much more how far they already access the majority of humanity. Mind control exists, the CIA has been researching the possibility of controlling the human mind for 60 years. Russia also has psychotronic weapons. Mindcontrol is used in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. Mindcontrol is the possibility to influence the behavior and thinking of a person, wirelessly, at a distance. With these possibilities in mind, it is time to consider why so many things go wrong in the world and why humanity is apparently unable to solve its problems. Is it because humans are such primitive hateful beings, or do other causes play a role? Is it possible that humanity is being influenced by things that they don't even know exist?

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