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Anonymous WWE employee unpacks internals on reddit.com: Is Vince McMahon really “out of touch” and how does he see the fan reaction to Roman Reigns? What does the future hold for Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Paige, Becky Lynch & The Wyatt Family? No future for Damien Sandow & Tyler Breeze? John Cena vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33? + much MORE

- This morning (click!) We already reported on the Reddit user Falcon Arrow and his prediction that The Authority will soon (for the time being) disappear from the shows. The anonymous WWE employee, who has often been spot-on with his information in the past, revealed this detail on Monday morning during an “Ask me Anything” session on reddit.com. Not only did his predictions for “Monday Night RAW” after WrestleMania 32 apply (see below), he also revealed other interesting backstage information. Below is an excerpt:

* There were plans to wrap up WrestleMania 32 with Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker. Apparently The Wyatt Family should intervene in the match in this scenario.

* He explained that the Wyatt Family is being booked as it is being booked because Vince McMahon believes he has created a new undertaker with Bray Wyatt, with which he can now bring other superstars over. However, Falcon Arrow is of the opinion that Wyatt is now unfortunately more of a Papa Shango 2.0. However, the Wyatts are apparently getting a new direction after RAW (baby face turn?), Which could give them new momentum.

* Without the many changes due to injuries, WrestleMania 32 would have played the matches John Cena vs. The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

* Falcon Arrow was unable to say whether Shane McMahon will also be part of WWE in the future, apparently this has not yet been decided, but he confirmed that Shane had last influence on the writing.

* Many reports of alleged backstage heat for Lana are said to have been rumors. Falcon Arrow doesn't know anyone who has problems with Lana. At the moment, many of the female wrestlers are said to be cautious when it comes to getting into the ring with Lana, as she is still very "green" and inexperienced. Lana works hard though and he believes she will make her way as a wrestler.

* There should often be a very mixed mood within the creative team. It can be the greatest job, but it can also be the worst job. Many of the creative team members love their jobs, but they hate the fact that their ideas are regularly rejected by Vince McMahon. According to Falcon Arrow, Vince McMahon is really as "out of touch" as many fans and experts claim.

* Vince McMahon didn't care a bit about the negative fan reaction for Roman Reigns. For Vince, the novel is “the Guy” - the end of the story. Falcon Arrow himself is not a fan of Reigns as a top baby face and he explained that Reigns is only there because he is Vince’s "Guy".

* Roman Reigns will hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a while, probably until at least SummerSlam.

* According to Falcon Arrow, part-time wrestlers are very important to WWE right now. He believes John Cena and Randy Orton will also be used as part-time wrestlers in a couple of years.

* Within WWE one should have been enthusiastic about "NXT Takeover: Dallas", he personally found the show even better than WrestleMania 32. However, in his opinion Mania was also a good show, which even exceeded his expectations.

* He was unable to say when the time would come, but he revealed that the officials really want Samoa Joe on the main roster.

* Dean Ambrose wanted to make the Street Fight against Brock Lesnar much tougher, but this was rejected.

* Of the wrestlers he has met, Emma is, in his opinion, the most unsympathetic.

* In the end, it's still Vince McMahon who decides which talent NXT will bring to the main roster.

* Most of WrestleMania 32's finishes are said to have been pretty much fixed a week before. Even Zack Ryder is said to have been discussed as the winner of the ladder match a week earlier.

* WWE is said to have no interest in seeing Kurt Angle return at this time. The risk of injury is simply too great for him.

* Tyler Breeze and Damien Sandow apparently have no future at WWE. Just like Zack Ryder, for whom they still have no real plans despite winning the title at Mania. Even before RAW, Falcon Arrow predicted that Ryder would lose the title immediately.

* Due to the many NXT talents who are brought into the main roster, there will probably be another wave of layoffs. According to Falcon Arrow, Damien Sandow is likely to be on the list of those released.

* Even if she will probably not play a role in the womens title for the time being, it seems that Becky Lynch still has plans for the near future. The Irish woman is very popular and is considered a hard worker. However, you probably don't see her as the figurehead of the division, but as a worker directly behind it.

* Paige has had a lot of ideas lately - from winning the title to joining the Wyatt Family - but nothing really got concrete as the division's focus was on Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. In 6-7 months, Paige will probably play a bigger role again.

* Wade Barrett's departure is a done deal and apparently he is being offered a legend contract so that his character can continue to be used for merchandise and games.

* Baron Corbin's gimmick as "Lone Wolf" is based on his personality as a private person. But he should be popular with his colleagues.

* Kevin Owens should get a push this year, as long as nothing "bad" happens, and will almost certainly be in one or the other title match.

* The feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will continue for the next several months.

* Seth Rollins will return as Babyface (presumably in May) and possibly play a role in the Authority's exit.

* How much influence the wrestlers have on their storylines is also up to them. While The Miz keeps suggesting ideas, Fandango just lets people write something for him.

* Falcon Arrow expects the Undertaker to face John Cena at WrestleMania 33.

To make it clear again that Falcon Arrow is not just an anonymous weirdo, here are his predictions for the last RAW issue. (These were of course done a few hours before the broadcast):

* There will be two returnees - Right: Cesaro & Maryse!
* One of the returnees is a woman - correct: Maryse!
* There will be two NXT call-ups at RAW, including Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady - Right: Apollo Crews as well as Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady!
* One title will change and one of the returnees will be involved - Right: The Miz won the IC title with the help of Maryse!
* The show will end with a Fatal 4 Way Match, in which only audience favorites will compete - Right: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro!
* The Bullet Club / Balor Club will not make its debut - Right!
* Furthermore, when asked, Falcon Arrow indicated quite clearly that Zack Ryder would give up the IC title immediately and that Cesaro would be one of the returnees.

Source: reddit.com

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