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March 9, 2020 - URGENT: Message to Masters from AEPi’s CEO

With the Coronavirus spreading rapidly across the world, Alpha Epsilon Pi Headquarters wants to be proactive in ensuring that your chapters remain safe and functional in the event of an outbreak on or near your campuses.

As of this writing, the spread of the virus has already forced two North American universities to alter normal operations for students on campus. We can expect more to follow in the coming days and weeks. Of course, we all assume that campus operations will return to normal in the near future and business will resume as usual.

AEPi International wants to help your chapter remain stable throughout this period of uncertainty. If your campus is closed for an extended period of time you will be receiving an additional email with instructions on how to remain both safe and operational to mitigate the potential fallout.

Here are examples of issues you may run into:
Official communication to members: We will provide a template for you to discuss all of this with your Brothers if the university takes any official steps toward closure or suspension of student activities so that you may remain in contact and can keep everyone safe.

Chapter programming: Chapters may have to adapt and utilize technology to conduct E-board and committee meetings, but they should be able to continue to, at least, conduct long-term planning. Chapters can program using virtual meet-ups like facetime or webinars to further educate members or just keep in touch. We are working on new ways to keep activities going - in some way - in this new environment.

The staff at International Headquarters can help you walk through any issues your chapter might have if you are forced to cancel contracts or any other agreements associated with events (e.g., DJs, venues, formal hotels, caterers, etc.). Please contact us if you are having any such difficulties.

International dues collection and payment plans: Chapters will still be obligated to make any outstanding payments, such as dues and insurance, to the International Headquarters as the semester / quarter charges are past due. University closures will not serve as a valid excuse for delinquency or unpaid dues. We will, of course, work with each chapter to facilitate this.

Local dues collection and payment plans: If a term is cut short, we can help you and your chapter reallocate funds and / or maximize the budget so that Brothers still get the most out of their experience. You may need to adjust accordingly, but Brothers should still pay their dues and any money not used should be held until activity resumes. AEPi staff can help you develop a program to maintain operation while remaining flexible based on changing circumstances.

New Member Education: If campus operations cease in the middle of a new member program, the chapter / colony is expected to collect dues and potential members should be initiated as soon as it is safe to do so.
As always, Alpha Epsilon Pi Headquarters is here to help and we hope that you, your brothers and your family remain healthy during this unpredictable time.

James C. Fleischer
Chief Executive Officer