What does perpendicular to the ground mean

Vertical and horizontal - child-friendly explanation

Vertical and horizontal are two terms that are used again and again in everyday life. So that children can use these words quickly and easily, a child-friendly explanation is recommended.

The words vertical and horizontal are used to describe some things in life. These terms are also used frequently in school. It is therefore a good idea to explain them to your children at an early stage.

What is vertical

Something is described as perpendicular when it is shown at right angles to the ground. You can easily demonstrate this to your children using a ruler. Just put the ruler on the table. Then show the long side of the ruler that is perpendicular to the table. She is the vertical.

  • You can also teach your child the term vertical at the same time, as this is a frequently used synonym for the word. Make a game of it to familiarize your child with the names. Door frames, for example, are vertical to the floor. Let it find more verticals in the apartment.
  • You can look for it outside as well. Lanterns, house sides, traffic lights and the like are aligned vertically.

So that they can also use the terms in school, draw a straight line on a piece of paper and put diagonal and straight lines on it. It should find the vertical by itself. A set square is ideal for this purpose, because it can use it to control which straight line is at right angles to the straight line drawn first.

What is horizontal

All lines that run parallel to the ground are referred to as horizontal. The path or the road, for example, is horizontal, provided that it does not contain a mountain slope.

  • Since horizontal is a synonym for the word, the explanation is easier here. You can show your child the horizon by looking out the window. This is particularly good at the sea. Everything that runs like the horizon is therefore horizontal and therefore horizontal.
  • Here, too, you can playfully discover the straight lines in the apartment or outside. It is best to have the horizontal line shown for each vertical line.
  • For school your child only needs to put the ruler on a pre-drawn line and trace it with a pencil. It already has the horizontal, which it can then supplement with a vertical.

Have fun explaining the terms!

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