What's different about Windows 10 Minecraft Mods

Minecraft: Windows 10 or Java - what's the difference?

The popular game Minecraft from publisher Mojang is available in two versions on the PC. On the one hand, there is a version exclusively for Windows 10 (also called Bedrock Edition). This is only available in the Microsoft Store. In addition, there is the well-known Java version.

We'll show you the advantages and disadvantages of each version here in the article!


The Minecraft Java Edition currently costs € 23.95 on the official Minecraft website. The Starter Edition currently costs € 29.99 in the Windows 10 Store. This is a little more expensive than the Java edition
At least these are the normal prices. In the most common key shops, however, the Windows 10 version is currently available for around € 4. The Java version is still significantly more expensive at around € 20. However, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to accept the risk associated with the key stores.

Java edition buyers before October 29, 2018 will receive the Bedrock version for Windows 10 Indeed free! Simply log in to the Minecraft website with your Mojang account and link your Microsoft account.

Mods & texture packs

Basically, both versions support texture packs. However, the Java version has a clear advantage here. It has been around a lot longer and is therefore better supported by mod developers. The very popular shaders, which visually enhance the game extremely, are only available in the Java version.

While there is a marketplace in the Windows 10 version in which you can purchase skins, texture packs and worlds for a fee, this does not exist on Java. Here 99% of all texture packs can be downloaded for free from the Internet.


The Windows 10 version now has a huge advantage here. While the Java players stay among themselves, the players of the Bedrock Edition under Windows 10 can play together with almost any other platform, such as the Playstation 4, the Xbox One or even the Pocket Edition under Android or iOS. To do this, however, you either have to be in the same network or purchase a paid server.


This point is the same for both versions. All updates always appear simultaneously for all versions. It makes no difference here whether you play on the mobile phone, PS4, Java or Windows 10. Technically, too, the versions differ only in very few subtleties, which, however, make no difference when actually playing.

Performance & stability

This always depends on the computer. The Java version in particular often runs very poorly on weaker PCs and laptops. While powerful gaming PCs and gaming laptops often manage several hundred frames per second, an office laptop often doesn't even reach 30FPS.

The official minimum requirements for the variant from the Microsoft store are an Intel Celeron J4105 in conjunction with the Intel HD Graphics 4000 and 4 GB RAM.

The system requirements for the Java edition are similar. Nevertheless, we advise you not to use the Java edition on very weak computers, unless of course you want to play on a server together with your "Java friends".

Further advantages and disadvantages and conclusion

It should also be mentioned that the Bedrock Edition is the only version with official controller support. If you prefer to play Minecraft with a controller (for whatever reason), you are better off with the Bedrock version.

In conclusion, it can be said that you cannot exactly say which of the two editions is better or worse. Everyone has to decide for themselves which version is better for them according to the above points
suitable is.

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