Greater Howling Abyss Loot Archeage

ArcheAge: A voracious monster lurks in the deep seas

The latest update from gamigo for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained offers new content for assassins and monster hunters. The skill setQuick blade receives powerful for the first timeAncestral skills, with which the players can cause greater damage against their enemies. In addition, the game world of ArcheAge is being expanded to include its first solo dungeon. In the black depths of the sea a voracious sea monster is now waiting for heroic prey.

Charybdis, the terrible sea monster from theBlood Salt Bay, has escaped his bonds and is now hunting for the first time in the wide seas Erenor’s player ships. Courageous seafarers have to team up with their fellow players to win this mighty oneRaid boss in epicNaval battles to defeat. In the new solo dungeonBeyond Rebelliondrive restless souls and the henchmen ofPurple Army their mischief. Players can command their own host to stop the threat or the lost souls forBeyond prestige rescue. There are valuable rewards for every enemy defeated!