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Start games on the second external monitor

Anyone who has connected an external monitor to their notebook in order to see more while playing games or other applications knows that this works without any problems with the Windows + “P” key. The screen can easily be extended or mirrored.

But if you want to play a game from Ubisoft’s Uplay on the large 24 inch monitor, the software gets caught again and again and the game always starts on the notebook display. Here is a tip on how to fix the problem with the display on the second screen.

The solution to this is the Change of main monitor. When the screen is expanded, the connected large screen is viewed as a second screen.

If you change the whole thing in the Windows / graphics driver settings so that the connected monitor is the first monitor and the built-in notebook monitor is the second, then the games start as desired on the external screen.

Here is a brief explanation based on the “Intel Graphics Settings”.

  1. Right-click on the empty Windows desktop and select “Intel Graphics Settings”

2. Select the menu item “Displays”. Then click on "Multiple displays"

3. Now simply select the external large monitor as the primary display. Finished

Then start the desired main programs, or as in this specific case a game from Uplay on the external monitor.

Have fun trying!

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