Howa Hact Trigger Reviews

Howa 1500 trigger replacement

The HACT trigger was introduced in 2012. It is very easy to tell which one you have. Watch the YouTube videos that explain the difference! The old one has two screws, front and back, while the HACT has one screw, on the front. You'll also learn a lot about how the triggers work. If it is two stage, with one screw on the front, it is HACT.

The aftermarket spring installation is extremely straightforward. Sure, you can get a gunsmith to do it if you aren't handy. But it is at the very simple end of the mods spectrum. And no, it won't result in a dangerous rifle. In the simplest terms the trigger will either work or it will not. This is a function of the design. You can test it to your hearts content with it out of the rifle.

I'll probably get told off for encouraging you to do it yourself, whatever. It's up to you.

I shoot 600-700m regularly with my one Howa and I am extremely deadly with it, even if I say so myself. You do not want to be a goat. At no time past, present or future would I consider replacing the trigger with a Timney or similar. Simply not necessary, plus it goes against the ethos of a budget rifle that shoots well.

I dont like the trigger in mine but just put up with it, however this thread has made me re-think. Mine just feels not very sensitive, difficult to know when it is going to break. Will a new spring help that?