Frasier episode in which Roz gives birth


Chez Henri has burned down, and Frasier and Niles feel like the new millennium has been canceled. They must now make alternative plans for their New Year's celebrations. Martin is in a better mood, having received the customized number plates he ordered for his new Winnebago RV. The plates read "RDWRER", which he claims is short for "Road Warrior". Frasier and Niles remember that the Wine Club is hosting a celebration in Sun Valley to which they are invited, but unable to find a flight at short notice, they end up traveling with Martin in the Winnebago. The trip is a difficult experience for Frasier and Niles to bear, though Martin thoroughly enjoys himself, whether driving or sitting in the back watching Austin Powers videos. They stop for a snack at a roadside café, and while Martin peruses the menu and Frasier attempts, unsuccessfully, to socialize with the locals, an exhausted Niles retires for a nap and ends up leaving in the wrong Winnebago. All of a sudden, Sun Valley is out of ...

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