Impossible game how to light candle

Apparently nobody wants to mess up the statistics or has time to make a thread, so this time I’ll give a short opening again (which will probably be a little longer: D). On Sunday, Florence on the Elbe is the goal of our team, which will meet the Dynamo syndicate, which is about to retire (congratulations on the 60th). Kick-off in the sold out Rudolf-Harbig uhh Glücksgas Stadium is at 1.30pm.
Games against Dynamo are definitely something special because of the rivalry, I hope everything stays peaceful and we experience a football festival.

To the balance sheet:
Well worth seeing in league two, in Dresden balanced with one win, one draw and one defeat, at home we are unbeaten against Dynamo. The only defeat came in the second half of last season with two Pote hits, which is now missing.

For the first leg:
In a sovereign game we were able to prevail 2-0. Sörensen paved the way with his header goal in minute seven, which Banovic then refined with his penalty goal after a foul on Bittroff in the first half. In the second half Dynamo got into the game a little better, but weakened itself with Solga's yellow-red card three minutes after being substituted on and finally lost.

To the opponent:
As mentioned, the club with the largest number of members in the new Bundesliga is celebrating its 60th this year. The former police club of course celebrated extensively, with Bengalos on the Elbe beach and an away point at the Alte Försterei;) The greatest successes in the eventful history are only briefly outlined: Eight-time GDR -Meister, seven-time cup winner and numerous quarter-finals in European competitions. Big names like Pilz, Dörner, Minge, Kirsten, twice Sammer and Ede Geyer are inextricably linked with the club. At the moment things are not looking that rosy, Dynamo occupies the relegation place one point behind Bochum, which we really did in the last game. Sandhausen is already five points ahead of me, so I can no longer imagine a direct relegation, as there are still three home games in the rest of the program. Three of the last four home games could be won, which of course raises hopes to pull yourself out again on Sunday.
In addition to Potè with Koch and Savic, two other regular players are missing due to injuries.

The kicker predicts the following lineup:
Kirsten - Jungwirth, Bregerie, Losilla, Schuppan - Streker, Fiel - Kempe, Trojan, Ouali - Fort

To us:
Well what else can you say, 0: 2 against Bochum, you got a cold shudder. The second half of the season has been pretty desolate so far, some players seem to be thinking about the new season (with new clubs?), I can't explain the slump any other way. If the season should end like this, I would see a few players and the coach questioned for the new season. But the season goal is still achievable and a win against Dynamo could certainly help to reconcile with the fans. And: We're quite a lucky bag, a good performance against Dynamo would come as a surprise, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did;)
Adlung is still suspended, first leg scorers Sörensen, Brzenska and Brinkmann injured. Schulze and Bickel are still questionable at the moment, and I also expect Sanogo to return from the start, as Mosquera did not really recommend himself and this week we were working harder on the freshness of the entire squad.

Kirschbaum - Engel (Schulze), Möhrle, Hünemeier, Bittroff - Banovic, Kruska, Farina, Fomitschow - Stiepermann, Sanogo

1: 2 Sanogo, Stiepermann: o

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