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Three of the stocks of the applauded legend have formed an independent trilogy for Drache Quest: the legend of Zenithia. IV, V and VI of the saga understand the games, and they consider the heavenly castle Zenithia to be a common element. They are completely unpublished in the West. So, Sage this one is about to end (again) in our NDS in the form of the very good remakes developed by Artepiazza. And with it the moment has come ├ęsto you to start playing

Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the chosen (already available)

The last Dragon Quest of the NES consists of five chapters, in each of which we will know a new hero. This is also the first of the remakes of the Dragon Quest that the NDS has seen. It was developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix Tangled Today, and had a very, very good reception in its moment. Really, his spinoff breathed in the applauded series from Chunsoft Shiren The Wanderer, a fabulous dungeon crawler. It is already available in Europe and in perfect Castilian, so we can already put our dirty hands on it ...

Dragon Quest V: The Heavenly () Fiancee, which is already available

The first of the Dragon Quest De La Supernintendo was already published in Europe completely translated. In him we will follow the hero's path - ours - from the very moment of his birth, and guide him until he transforms himself into made and right people, and especially matchmakers, and even further, experiencing the hero's full life. Technically it is exactly the same in the previous remake, using the same graphic engine. Now it counts over time as a very important part of the game (sometimes we'll have to wait at night to do some things, etc.). Another great work to be experimented with in perfect Castilian.

Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie (2010 exit)

This was the first quest not developed by Chunsoft's Dragon. The chosen one was Heartbeat, author of some later remakes for the Playstation. In this one our heroes become titles against a past enemy who have to fight amnesia as many of them suffer it from the beginning, being one of the cornerstones of the story. It has sold very well in Japan in spite of its starting price gone out of orbit and finally remake will go out in west along the 2010 thanks to this.

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