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Easter in the crèche

Here you can find the book "With crib children through the year"
The volumes are really recommended for work in the nursery!
best regards

19.3.2016 11:17We discover the spring collection of ideas for nativity scene

Creative offer for the community picture "Spring Meadow"
* Tulip - hand print
* Snowdrop folds
* Narcissus - cut (see book "With crib children through the year)
Greetings Daniela

23.3.2015 13:45With crèche children through the year Volume 4

Reviewer: Daniela Pfaffenberger (educator / daycare manager)
Date: 11/26/2017
Title: “Through the year with crèche children” Volume 4
Authors: Eva Danner; Beate Vogel
Publisher: verlag an der ruhr

It's finally that time again and there is another volume from the successful series “With crib children through the year”.
And again there are 15 small projects related to the crèche year for children under 3.

Projectsthat contain a wide range of offers that come from the immediate world of crèche children.
* Autumn time is leaf time
* Harvest time: Thanksgiving
* The potato A great tuber
* Doctor Sunshine on a visit
* Penguin on the ice
* Colorful carnival time
* On the beautiful flower meadow
* Of sheep and lambs
* Today we celebrate Mother's Day
* Soon I'll be a kindergarten child
*With hands and feet
* Lots of little dwarfs
* Noah and his ark
* Everything that drives and rolls
*Bake bake cake

Included in each project is a brief introductory story; Finger and movement games; Songs often to a well-known melody and therefore easy to learn even for non-instrument players, imaginative creative ideas as well as short experiments, nature experiences, cooking or baking activities.

The authors attached great importance to the holistic approach, the age of the children and the simple and uncomplicated implementation.
Numerous color photos complete the descriptions.

I work with crèche children and in my preparation for projects is currently my first reaching on the bookshelf to the already existing 3 volumes of this successful series.
I have already successfully implemented numerous ideas in my work.

Conclusion for me: absolute purchase recommendation to everyone who works with crèche children !!!!

26.11.2017 12:36With crèche children through the year Volume 3

New book “With crib children through the year” Volume 3

Reviewer: Daniela Pfaffenberger educator / head of a day nursery

Date: 14.12.2014

title: “Through the year with crèche children” VOLUME 3

Authors: Eva Danner / Beate Vogel

publishing company: Verlag an der Ruhr www.verlagruhr.de


It's finally here - the 3rd volume from the practice series “With crèche children through the year”.

15 small projects for the age group U3. 15 small projects very close to the living environment of the youngest.

Topics of this issue:

*I can do that already !
* In the forest, that's where the squirrel lives
* Isidor the little hedgehog
*Hooray! The clown is here!
*Saint Martin
*We go shopping
* Christmas is coming soon
*The world is round
* A trip to Africa
*Who wants to see hardworking craftsmen
* Bunny, rabbit and Co.
* Lots of little bugs
* Sweet red fruits
* Summer, sun, water fun
*Sun, moon and stars

Each project contains 5 sub-offers. Always there - a story that can be told using a wide variety of materials. There are also finger games, songs, rhymes, creative offers, movement ideas, massage stories and much more.
Many songs are written with a new text to a well-known nursery rhyme melody and all other offers can be implemented quickly with little expenditure of time and materials.
Numerous photos and a very clear and well-arranged design make preparation and implementation easier.

The ideas can not only be used in the project, but can also be used separately and offered as promotional offers in free play, e.g. b. I think of the nail board or the pasta box.

Personal conclusion:

We very often work with these volumes in our day nursery and get ideas and impulses from them for our daily work.
Numerous songs and finger games accompany us z. T. all year round in the morning circle.
I can only recommend these 3 volumes to anyone who works with children under the age of 3.

14.12.2014 16:00With crèche children through the year

New book "Through the year with crèche children"

Reviewer: Daniela Pfaffenberger educator / leader of a private playgroup - kind of pre-kindergarten

Date: 02.02.2013

Title: “Through the year with crèche children” VOLUME 1 and VOLUME 2

Authors: Eva Danner / Beate Vogel

Publisher: Verlag an der Ruhr www.verlagruhr.de

Book review:

“Through the year with crèche children” - 15 small projects for children under 3 - the title says a lot.

The 2 volumes are a collection of ideas for small projects all year round, specially tailored to the needs of 2-3 year old children.

Little preparation time is needed for the implementation and many materials are available in this or a similar form in the facilities.

Children learn through “experiencing and understanding” - through holistic, playful and age-appropriate offers!

In these 2 books there is a story on every topic. It can be told or played with little material. Implementation ideas can be found in the book.
Finger games / songs, whole-body and movement games are very important for linguistic support for children under 3.
This is followed by creative ideas with a wide variety of materials and techniques and finally action-packed movement impulses.
Sometimes the topic is still covered with ideas for relaxing e.g. b. supplemented by a massage story.

Every project begins with an impulse to the educators and then briefly - but meaningfully - describes the activities in pictures and text.


* Magical magical world
* Spring awakening at the frog pond
* Egg, rooster and hen house
* Summer, sun, beach and sea
* The monkeys are on the loose
* Forest gnomes, forest boxes and Co.
*The autumn is here
* Light, dark, light and shadow
* Farmer Paul has a farm
*Saint Martin
* Winter time
* Nicholas stomps through the forest
* Potatoes, carrots and Co.
*This is me !


* What do the birds do in winter
* Magical things with the little witch
* With the Indians
* Spring awakening on the flower meadow
* Grasshopper in the meadow
* The Easter bunny is coming
* My mommy
* Töröööö, calls the elephant in the zoo
*Sun, beach and sea
* Apple, kiwi, pineapple
* Harvest time on the farm
* "Uhu", calls the owl
* Autumn time, chestnut time!
* When the autumn wind blows
* Christmas is coming soon

Personal conclusion:

Do you know the practical magazine “Baussteine ​​Kindergarten”? - These two new books are so similar. Lots of great ideas, very good clear and concise description in text and images.

Actually it says: “With crèche children…”, but for me the ideas are also great for kindergarten children aged 3-4.

My conclusion: very successful practice books! MEEEEHHHHHRRRRR!

2.2.2013 14:58Easter in the crèche

The song is actually called "On the farm there is something going on" from the book "With crib children through the year. I simply repositioned" In the henhouse you just think about it ... "and the 2nd verse - as in the book" Das Huhn es cackles ... "hung on. Already you have a suitable chicken coop song.
Another song is in the book "Crib children discover the language" song: "Here comes Mama Chicken"

Greetings Daniela

19.3.2016 11:07Idea autumn theme nativity scene

Morning circle offers -Apple-
* Basket with fruits - cloth over it - look, name ...
* Lay-out picture with cloths - apple tree - put apples from the basket on the tree
-Color, shape, words (apple tree ...)
* Look at the apple, cut it open, name the peel - feel it
* Song from book "Crib children through the year" 1-2-3 you children come over .....
Greetings Daniela

5.10.2014 13:24Easter in the crèche

Collection of ideas next week:
* Look at eggs with all your senses (cooked, not cooked)
* Housekeeping offer: scrambled eggs
* When does a chick hatch from the egg? with chicken coop and small animals (see story above); Face cards - hatching chick portal, songs and finger play
Source: "Through the year with crèche children" "Crèche children discover the language"
* Game in the morning circle: Egg stealing (with a Kappi similar to a hen, straw nest, boiled egg) - children can take the egg away from me and give it to the Easter bunny - I have closed my eyes and can only hear and feel - maybe our big crib children try it too?
l. G. Daniela

13.3.2016 19:15Impulses in the manger

Also as an impulse for movement education: I tried out station gymnastics with the crèche children and it was very successful! At each station they were allowed to paint a dot from a ladybug drawing; they had a lot of fun:
Station 1: crawl through the tire; Ladybugs love to crawl, so do we!

Station 2: Foot parcours, we make sure that we can follow the glued feet on the floor

Station 3: Climb up on the Wesco elements and hop on the thick mat; Ladybugs also like to climb !!!

Station 4: throw a ball through the hoop

Station 5: balance on a tire

Station 6: crawl through the crawl tunnel
Because of the great interest, the stations were in operation for about 1.5 hours

5.7.2011 13:47Cress, pumpkin & carrot book novelty


Reviewer: Daniela Pfaffenberger (educator)
Date: April 22, 2018
Title: "Cress, pumpkin & Carrot"
Author: Eva Danner
Publisher: verlag an der ruhr


"Cress, Pumpkin & Carrot" is a practical handbook with 13 small projects around gardens, beds & Co. suitable for children from 1-4 years.

The author Eva Danner is perhaps known to some from the book series “With crib children through the year”?

The book described here is structured in a similar way to these books.

After a foreword “Discoveries in the garden and vegetable patch, the 13 projects just mentioned are clearly described and supplemented with photo material.

In the foreword there are numerous tips on gardening with children as well as an overview in tabular form of suitable seeds and seedlings with everything worth knowing about planting and sowing ”.

There are also ideas on animal species such as moles, blackbirds and snails. The author accompanies her units with the snail hand puppet "Louise", among other things. So the book begins
also with the idea of ​​the snail Louise.

Experiences worth knowing,, creative offer, language and music (finger play and a funny song)
Nature observations - symbols on the first page of the project show the educational areas for which the project has ideas.

The practical ideas are described with details of the material, implementation and supplemented by numerous practical color photos. Finger games and songs are easy to read. Text / movement instructions in tabular form or notation and text.

Every now and then there are small, color-contrasted tip boxes.

The songs are underlaid with a new text based on a well-known nursery rhyme melody.

All ideas are easy to implement - ideal for ages 1-4 !!!!

They are based on the immediate world of experiences of small children and promote holistic experience and perception.

Personal conclusion:

At the moment I no longer work directly with daycare children, but I was a daycare manager for 5 years.
Whenever I was looking for new project or practical ideas, the first thing I looked at was Eva Danner's books on the bookshelf.

Ideas from practice, for practice - clearly and concisely described and ideally tailored to the age of the crèche children.

I can definitely recommend this book to day-care centers with crèche children !!!!

27.4.2018 19:02

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