Super Deal Episode 184 How I Met

GSD Society for Savings Bank Services

Sparkassen-Personalberatung - Great employer, great development opportunities & room for freedom of design

Employee or workerWas working in the area of ​​personnel / training and further education at the time of the assessment.

I think it's good about the employer

Sparkassen-Personalberatung is an employer that I have never met before:
transparent and respectful communication, the equality of all employees, the really lived flexible working hours, the appreciation of the person and the work are really fantastic! The team spirit is great, we laugh a lot together! Everyone can and should contribute their ideas.
Really highly recommended!

I think it's bad about the employer

Actually nothing!

Suggestions for improvement

Better technical infrastructure, otherwise everything is great!

Working atmosphere

We have a lot of fun at work, we are a great team!
We can work concentrated and committed, motivate each other and at the same time have not lost our sense of humor!


Communication is very open and honest. Criticism or suggestions for improvement are always communicated very respectfully!
Nobody here is too good for praise either!

Cohesion among colleagues

Excellent! An absolute unit!

Work-life balance

There are flexible working hours that you can absolutely live with here. Everyone is free to plan!

Managerial behavior

Really great: very transparent & respectful. You are encouraged at all times.

Interesting tasks

Very varied area of ​​responsibility. Your own ideas and suggestions for changes are welcome!

equal rights

Regardless of whether you are a permanent employee or a student trainee, everyone is treated equally!

working conditions

Nice office space. The technology could be a bit better, but that is complaining at a high level.

Salary / social benefits

Fair salary and very good variable remuneration!


We belong to the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe and really enjoy a good reputation. It's fun to work here!

Career / further education

All doors here are open to anyone who wants to develop themselves further or be promoted!

Dealing with older colleagues

Environmental / social awareness