How many spermatozoids per ejaculation

How many times does a man ejaculate in his life?

If you want to know how many times a man ejaculates in his life, it is worth studying the man's sexual maturity and sexual preferences. These vary from person to person, but what most men have in common is that they are sexually active and fertile well into old age.

The question of how often a man ejaculates in his life can only be answered statistically. Ejaculation is the term used to describe the discharge of sperm in connection with the seminal fluid. In men, this is usually associated with the sexual climax, orgasm. The number of times a man orgasms and ejaculates in his life varies greatly. It has been proven that the frequency decreases with age and that men in the second half of life can orgasm without ejaculation.

A man ejaculates after being sexually stimulated

  • A man ejaculates when sexually stimulated. Very young men experience ejaculation happening at night during sleep without their having done anything to help. This happens when the young man has not ejaculated for a long time. The "pressure" gets rid of itself.
  • Usually, however, a man needs sexual stimulation in order to ejaculate. This happens not only during sexual intercourse, but also by rubbing the limb during masturbation. Ejaculation goes hand in hand with orgasm. How often the man has an orgasm with ejaculation in his life depends on whether he is healthy, how actively he lives his sexuality and whether he masturbates regularly.

Men often have orgasms in his life

  • Most men are very sexually active and often orgasm, during which they also experience ejaculation. For the average man this is 7,200 times in his life. With a life expectancy of 80 years, this corresponds to a value of 7.5 ejaculations per month.
  • More than half of men report that they masturbate once a day during their sexually active time. Nevertheless, the value is justified, because in the first ten to thirteen years of life the man is sexually inactive. In addition, the sexual performance of many men from the age of 75 drops sharply or comes to a complete standstill.

Most healthy men also masturbate several times a week in a committed relationship. Many don't admit it, but research has shown that nearly one hundred percent of men, regardless of lifestyle, regularly orgasm themselves.

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