What is pegging out

Post Ejaculatory Guilt Syndrome, or PEGS, is a little known but widely experienced sexual dysfunction which lasts for approximately 5 minutes after the male orgasm. This can occur both after sexual intercourse and more commonly following masturbation. During this period the male in question will find himself completely unattracted to the person or subject matter concerned in the previous activity. The male may also experience emotions of disgust or dislike towards both themselves and any other people they interact with during the PEGS period.
1. Jordan - "The second after I jizz when having a wank I instantly switch off the porn, clean up and feel a bit dirty."

Andrew - "Classic PEGS ha"

2. On a one night stand the second you have cum you quickly make an excuse and get the hell out of there! This due to the post sex PEGS period.
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To falsely assume something about a person. Often based on stereotypes or outward appearances. It can be used in both the positive and the negative (ie, someone is "pegged" with a characteristic they do not possess; or they are "not pegged" with a true but hidden characteristic.)

Derived from the hypothetical idea of ​​"pinning (or pegging) a label on someone".
"I never would have pegged Ben for a geek, but then I discovered his collection of Star-Wars action figures."

"I'm sick of people pegging me for a homosexual. There's nothing wrong with a little judiciousmanscaping here and there!"
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