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Write slash characters (also vice versa) with the keyboard on the PC and Mac

Those who work regularly on the computer will also need one or the other special character. Letters and numbers can be entered easily using the keyboard, other symbols require key combinations. Find out here how to write the slash character as well as the reverse slash, the backslash, with the keyboard.

The slash is used as a punctuation mark or word mark, but it is more often used as a relationship and ratio symbol. The upside-down slash, which is shown the other way around, is mainly used in programming, but is used e.g. B. also its use in a mathematical context in the mapping of difference sets.

Slash characters (also the other way around): This is how it works on the PC and Mac

  • If you want to write the slash character with the keyboard, use the following key combination: Shift + 7 = /.
  • This key combination also works on the Mac.
  • If you want to write the slash the other way around, first press the "Alt Gr" key on a German keyboard. Hold this down and then tap on the "ß" in the top right corner of the row of digits: "Alt Gr" + "ß" = \.
  • To write the inverted slash, the backslash on the Mac, hold down "Alt" and "Shift" and then tap on the number "7": "Alt" + "Shift" + "7" = \ (on the Mac).
  • If Windows is installed under Bootcamp, you write the backslash with the German keyboard on the Mac using the key combination right "Alt" key + "Ctrl" + "ß".

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On a smartphone keyboard under Android and iOS, both the slash and the inverted slash can be found in the overview of special characters.

Write slash and backslash

The slash is used in German on various occasions. For example, the symbol can be used as a separator between different times (e.g. autumn / winter 2017). The use of the slash symbol is also common when specifying size, quantity and numerical relationships, such as in the information “30 km / h” or “15 l / s”.

With us you will find many more tips for writing special characters with the keyboard on PC and Mac:

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