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How do you use trimmings?

With trimmings one usually associates noble decorations for curtains, upholstery or lampshades. Generally one understands by trimmings Trimmings that are used as decorative elements. We'll give you tips on how to use trimmings correctly, where they can be particularly well presented and which styles they go with.

Decorative element with a long tradition

Have you decided to use trimmings for decoration? Congratulation! Because with trimmings you get products that can look back on a long tradition. The history of trimmings goes back to the 19th century. Even then, the decorative elements were used for the noble design. Nowadays, trimmings are less common. However, one should not underestimate the effect. By using borders, efilées, fringes and tips, which all belong to the group of trimmings, you create real eye-catchers. But how are trimmings properly used?

Use trimmings correctly

The use of trimmings isvery easy: Choose the right product and decorate your premises with it. There are no limits to your imagination. Large tassels can be used on curtains or floor vases, for example. With borders and brocade trimmings, pillows become a noble eye-catcher. In most cases, depending on the area of ​​application, the trimmings can be easy to attach. Tassels are easy to attach with knots, borders and trimmings should be sewn onto textiles. So using trimmings is easy - once you've decided on a product!

Put trimmings in the right place

With trimmings Decorated things immediately look more noble and of higher quality. The chic decorative elements upgrade things and put them in the limelight in the room. You should make sure that you only decorate individual things with trimmings. Set accents in the room by using Create color contrasts with the trimmings. A gray couch becomes a real eye-catcher with cushions decorated with colored trimmings. Especially in one cozy cafe, which in a romantic style is set up, Trimmings work particularly well. Are you looking for the right decoration to furnish a room in a historic building? Here, too, textiles with trimmings fit particularly well. Combined with old furniture that has been restored, you create one chic look.

Tip: Create accents with the occasional use of trimmings. If you use too many, the room can quickly become cluttered and possibly even cheesy.

What style do trimmings go with?

Especially with one Trimmings look particularly beautiful in traditional furnishings. Combined with heavy curtains and dark furniture, you can use accessories with trimmings to create the noble look that has already delighted landowners and lords. Do you prefer it playful? Even then, you should definitely use trimmings. Your favorite pillows look even more romantic with brocade borders. In the catering industry in particular, rooms can be designed thematically in this way. Trimmings quickly create a cozy atmospherewhich also exudes a chic retro charm. And if you haven't found what you're looking for, there are custom-made products available. Dare to use trimmings - your guests will be delighted by the chic eye-catchers!