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Wazzub / Perfectinter has now become a mixture of social network with cashback and profit promises!


Founded: 09/26/2011 in Oregon, USA
Registered Office: 391 NW 179th Ave.
Beaverton, OR 97006, USA
Administration: 7251 W Lake Mead Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89128, USA
Subcompanies: Marathon Media Group Inc.
Perfect Internet Ltd.
Prize Mania Ltd.
Shobbit Inc.
Wazzub Inc.
Most Famous, Inc.
YueXin Internet Design
Wazzub Charity Funds (Non-Profit)
IPO: Planned for Q4 / 2014
Contact: investorrelations [at]

A very interesting research about WazzUp, the people behind it and what they have been up to:

Wazzub Review: Another useless search portal MLM

The Company

Wazzub provide no information about who is behind the company or who is running it on their website at the time of publication.

As always, if a MLM company is not upfront about who is running things or behind it, be extremely cautious about joining it.

The domain is registered to Internet Global Value Inc. operating out of Delaware in the US.

This corporation can be confirmed to exist by visiting the State of Delaware website and punching in "internet global value" into an entity search.

There is a website for Internet Global Value Inc., but this domain is registered to a "Internet Global Value Inc." with an address given as a PO Box in San Fransico, California.

I do note that this registry information hasn’t been updated since the 27th December, 2010 - so it might very well just be out of date. That said, their description of themselves on the website certainly seems to match the company being behind Wazzub;

Internet Global Value (IGV) is listed in all major market places around the globe as an accredited dealer and has access to virtually all the available shares of lucrative Internet Projects.

Because of that, IGV does not limit its clients / investors to only one Internet venture but creates different portfolio companies where the client investments are spread amongst quality projects.

What other projects these guys are involved in though, if any, remains a mystery.

Update December 28th 2011 - Since authoring this article the WHOIS for has been changed to

GIT Global Investments Inc.
391 NW 179 Ave.
Beaverton, Oregon 97006
United States

GIT Global Investments Inc. is registered as a ‘personal Services and Laundries‘ business and appears to have nothing to do with either MLM or the internet.

A ‘Cathy L Halverson’ is listed as a contact for GIT, but who she is or what her network marketing history is (if any) remains unclear.

Cathy Halverson, along with a ‘William B. Halverson’ and ‘David E Halverson’ (are these real names?) All seem to involved in something called ‘Flex World’ and ‘PSG2000 ′ back in 2004 that was still running in 2006.

The Halversons also appear to have multiple companies in their names;

Hi Detektiv007, habs found, but there is the name of Cathy Halverson!

This clan runs a whole host of shell companies and unauthorized banks, sometimes one is Chairman of DAVID E Halverson PSG2000! Thus the circle closes….

Note that these are all Portuguese language forums that I've linked to auto-translated. To see the relevant bits about Cathy Halverson, do a keyword search for "Cathy".

All said and done, the person (s) behind Wazzub appears to be less than credible at this stage. Regarding Wazzub disclosing this information themselves, they haven’t and I maintain that not disclosing management and ownership is always a huge red flag when it comes to MLM opportunities.


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The rip-offs Flex World and PSG2000 alone should be enough to warn of further projects by these companies!