How to throw a battering ball

 Throws from the Litter display (Opposite leg in front) should be practiced systematically over and over again.
Passing the ball into the extended limb is a good exercise.

..Throwing over obstacles

Throwing over magic cords, construction tapes or natural obstacles is often a challenge for students as a technique training or simple long throwing.

Distances and throwing materials can be chosen variably.

Target throwingThrowing targets can be set up in different ways. The attraction of hitting a certain target is often higher than reaching a certain distance, although a combination of both elements is quite attractive.
In the hall, a goal, a box, a partition curtain or a wall offers good opportunities to attach throwing targets (newspapers, pictures) with adhesive tape.Cones, cardboard boxes, buckets, tires, etc. can of course also be used.Throw with the
Tail ball

Tailballs can be used e.g. B. produce from tennis balls and site tape. To do this, the tennis ball is cut open about a centimeter and the construction site tape with a strong knot is pressed in.

The tape should be about 16 inches long. The effective flight of the tail ball calls for a variety of throwing variations. Even throwing it back and forth is interesting here. Obstacles, taut cords (construction tapes) etc. make throwing even more interesting. Brennball with its many possible variations can also be used here well.

.Throwing gamesThrowing games, e.g. various driftball games, are part of the variety of throwing..Throwing squadronsThrowing can also be done in relay form or in combination with running, e.g. as a biathlon relay.back