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Angasana Ihuru travel reports

Travel report Angsana Ihuru, from December 7th to December 15th, 2016

Since we could only spend a week vacation time, it should be an island with a short transfer and so it was Ihuru for the 2nd time.

The flight was not very exciting, the Condor food was horrible as always and we landed in Hulule on time. After passport control and picking up the luggage, we were immediately directed to the counter and then taken to the island by speedboat (approx. 20 minutes). As with the first time, the sight of the island from the boat is a visual pleasure.


Not that much has changed since the renovation, it mainly affects the bungalows. Therefore the old travelogue is only updated here. The island is very small with very beautiful vegetation and very well-kept, has 45 rather closely spaced individual bungalows with and without jacuzzi (each distributed on the island) and no water bungalows. There is a reception (with a small library), a bar (sandy floor and terrace with wooden floor), a resti (more on that later), a gallery (is a shop), a spa, 4 garden bungalows (row bungalows next to the spa) and a marine -Center (diving school and other water sports). The island is really very built up, but it felt very different, you actually didn't notice much from other guests. You could swim very well in the lagoon on the south side! Visually a picture book island, unfortunately at the moment clouded by a lot of sandbags, most of them in front of the first 20 bungalows.


After a friendly reception (almost too attentive as a repeater) everything important was explained to us, and then we were accompanied to our bungi (south side). Everything was explained there, too, as well as a nicely prepared bed, the reception also included a bottle of red wine and a platter of fresh fruit.

The tiled rooms are about 2 meters longer than before, but still not huge, but noticeably more pleasant, including the small hall about 26 square meters. Visually very nice and nicely furnished with lots of color gimmicks. The room has a minibar, CD player, free e-safe, large TV, kettle, in the now extended area of ​​the room there is a small sofa with a small table and another table with 2 chairs. The air conditioning is electronically controlled and does not blow on the bed. In the hallway there is the still much too small “wardrobe” and also a couple of drawers for clothes, there are not necessarily many storage areas. There is also free drinking water, which was always refilled or which you can have brought to you at any time. In several places there are tea lights, bathing shoes, slippers, bathrobes, incense sticks and biscuits were available.

The bathroom is not exactly huge without the jacuzzi, but it is also very nicely furnished, at least there was enough storage space. The shower not only has a normal shower head, but also has a "flood shower". One of the two washbasins that was available did not have a simple tap, there the water flows in a channel to the washbasin, like a small waterfall. Difficult to describe, nobody needs it, but it looks really cool. The part of the bathroom in which the open-air jacuzzi is located was more spacious and also has a "play of water and colors" similar to that of a washbasin. Hair shampoo, shower gel and some other personal care products were plentiful. The bathroom and beach towels are changed when they are on the bathroom floor, regardless of whether in the morning and / or in the evening.

The terrace in front of the bungi is now unfortunately less or almost not covered at all! The first around 2.50 with wooden floors and equipped with 2 chairs, a larger table and a lounger (everything with cushions). Then there is a beautiful garden that is visually separated from the neighbor with access to the sea, this area of ​​our bungi was not visible to the neighbor, very private. There was also a large swing, 2 loungers with cushions and a “covered bed” (we call it a “relaxation island” or something similar). The view from the terrace to the sea was not unobstructed, very nicely overgrown. There are also bungis with a clear view of the sea, but even then they are not so private.


The Resti (sandy floor) has 2 covered parts of the building (all non-smokers) and a wooden terrace which is usually sufficient for all guests, directly by the sea under the open sky, but with plenty of natural shade (sometimes also parasols). There is also a smoking ban there. Free choice of seats at every meal, the waiter remains the same. Breakfast and lunch are always buffets. In the evening there is a not exactly lavish buffet three times a week (which has already been boasted), but of excellent quality, there is always fish and meat on the grill. However, it is difficult to get full at the lunch and dinner buffets if you are a vegetarian. If so, the kitchen can make extra "sausages" on request, i.e. a main menu can be prepared separately on request

A four-course dinner is served four times a week. Here, too, the dishes were of excellent quality, the main menu had 3 dishes to choose from, one fish, one meat and one vegetarian.

There is nothing wrong with the service.


WLAN can be received free of charge in the room, but fast is something else.

There is a regular and free shuttle (every 2 hours) to the neighboring island of Vabbinfaru, where rays are regularly fed and it has a turtle hatchery. Or you can snorkel or dive on the house reef. All expenses are written to Ihuru's room, so there is no need to take cash with you for consumption.

There are many other pleasant little things to mention, such as a decorated bed every evening, often with a small gift, or the refreshing towels that are given every time at lunch and dinner and, and, and ....

Price orientation including service charge and GST: Soft drink $ 5.50, Perrier $ 8.50, Evian $ 8, glass of red wine $ 10.50 to $ 15, beer 0.5 l. $ 11-13. Drinking water and presso / capu after dinner in the restaurant free of charge.

The audience was mainly European, compared to our first stay very few guests were Asians.

All prices listed (including those of the diving shop) include the service charge and GST. There is 1 $ per day per room for the turtle farm (Vabbinfaru), which can be revoked upon check-in if desired.

Diving trips

The diving school is not called a diving school, but a marine center, which is operated together with the neighboring island of Vabbinfaru. You can enter yourself in a list (the dive sites are then known), or you are asked if you want to join, the rest does the base. This means that the equipment is brought onto the boat and assembled, dismantled after diving, returned to the base, washed out and stored.

The diving boat is a spacious, modernly equipped boat and a little faster than a dhoni. Mineral water is served on the boat and, after diving, a fruit platter and, of course, towels. In the morning there will be a 2-tank dive together with the neighboring island of Vabbinfaru. Diving is only done in groups with a guide, all known and good spots are also visited. The regulations are a bit unusual, so the first dive is limited to 50 minutes, the second to 50 minutes with a maximum depth of 20 meters. If one of the groups has sucked empty the tank is completely surfaced, if there are several groups it is swapped under water. Since the first dive is already a very demanding one, a 15 liter bottle was installed instead of the normal and widespread 80 Cft aluminum bottle (approx. 11.1 liters) without being asked. Normally such a 15 liter monster offends against the diving honor, but it tiled really well towards the full moon, then it wasn't necessarily uncomfortable, you had to concentrate less on sufficient air. Nevertheless, someone once managed to empty the part in 25 minutes, until then I thought it was not medically possible.

Logically, the second dive (like on almost all other bases that offer a 2-tank) has something of a children's dive, so you don't have to like these 2-tank dives!

There is also a boat dive in the afternoon, but we never saw a boat go. In general, the exchange school is not overly frequented, if more than 6 divers were on board during the morning dive, that was a lot.

With your own equipment, a 2-tank dive with around $ 70, Nitrox included. So a total of around $ 140 including the children's dive.

Coral bleaching

The coral bleaching that took place in the spring of 2016 has had very drastic effects in the southern North Male Atoll. At every dive site, the corals were almost completely dead within the first few meters. This phenomenon happened in a similar form to El-Nino in 1998 and it is therefore to be feared that it will also apply to most / all atolls of the Maldives this time. The hard corals are much less affected in deeper areas, the soft corals do not seem to have been damaged. Currently the water temperatures are back in the normal range of around 28 degrees.

House reef

The house reef has 4 entrances and can be dived with Buddy at any time. If you don't have a buddy, a guide from the base will go with you at any time (subject to availability), no extra costs. Directly in front of the base is a small and interesting wreck (at the bottom, 26 meters), the 3 nurse's hoes are still there. During our stay the weather was not the best, it was quite windy, the water was mostly very cloudy and it was rel. a lot of current. For the most part, the corals on the Hauriff are completely dead, further down they are no longer as intact as they used to be. These were all reasons why a dive on the house reef of Ihuru and Vabbinfaru was completely sufficient.

The sight of the corals while snorkeling is devastating compared to our first visit. It is a shame about what was once the most beautiful house reef in the Maldives, a shame, a sad sight. The same applies to the house reef of Vabbinfaru. The many black tip sharks still exist, but that's the only positive thing.

The sunk metal racks for growing new corals are still there and new racks are still being sunk. But here, too, most of the corals have died!


In our opinion, Ihuru still serves the most complete cliché of a Maldives island (and is one of the most visually beautiful) that we have visited. Fortunately, they have so far failed to increase the number of visitors by building water huts. You try to look after your guests, you just feel comfortable there in every way. Despite the almost completely destroyed house reef, it was very difficult for us to leave this island this time as well!

Travel report Angsana Ihuru 04/30/13– 05/15/13

Since I already wrote a travel report in January 2013, I will only deal with changes / innovations here.

getting there

Hamburg-Dubai-Male with Emirates Business, Boeing 777-300 ER ..

New in Dubai is Terminal A. Thought for the A 380. We docked there anyway. Terminal 3 can only be reached with a driverless subway. From the extreme end of A to the extreme end of Terminal 1 it takes about 25 minutes!

Island transfers by speedboat approx. 20 min.


When we arrived the island was relatively fully booked. Slightly more Europeans than Asians.

The Asian "combat snorkelers" were conspicuous: full body suit, hat, life jacket and gloves. Snorkeling was almost without exception in the 50 cm deep lagoon. What kind of pictures did they take with their high-tech cameras?


Our villa was in the west, therefore mostly windy (see also weather) with a direct sunset panorama.

So this time we used the "cuddle island" quite often. However, when there was a storm it was simply blown over if it was not occupied.


When we arrived the monsoon change had already started, the wind was strong to stormy from W / SW.

The first 2 days were ok, but then: 3 days in a row storm and continuous rain, snorkeling was out of the question, flooding in the staff area and in front of the boutique, it had to be pumped out with fire pumps!

After that, the weather was mixed, now and then a shower, but there was also 1 day with continuous rain.

Riveli restaurant

The restaurant consists of 3 areas: 1 open deck, 2 covered areas, one of which was intended for smokers.

The open deck was sometimes covered in the evenings. 80–100 seats. Was declared a non-smoker!

Even with 1/3 occupancy and in the last row without immediate neighbors, they insisted that this was not only met with incomprehension ...


Despite the capricious weather it was again a nice vacation on a small fine island.

Pictures will be available here shortly:

Travel report Angsana Ihuru 09.12.12–23.12.12

getting there

Hamburg-Dubai-Male with Emirates Business, Boeing 777-300 ER. All sections almost fully booked.

Island transfers by speedboat approx. 20 min.


approx. 200x200 m, (fried egg) 45 beach villas, very well-kept and beautifully overgrown. Good lighting was important. Around the island approx. 10 minutes. The villas were renovated and enlarged in mid-2012, so the previous terrace has been integrated into the living room, 2 double doors open to the new wooden terrace approx. 6 m wide, 3 m deep. Unfortunately, the roof overhang is only about 1.20 m.

Nice, well-kept interior, enough space, only the wardrobe is way too small.

In the bathroom there are 2 washbasins (1 for "dwarfs"), the open air shower has a bamboo tube as a spout. Very impractical, puts everything under water, on the side of the column a conventional shower that could only be used as a hand shower. Here, design triumphed over practicality!

Good quality care utensils were refilled without being asked

The garden facing the water was big enough and offered good privacy, partly thanks to wooden panels and natural vegetation, sufficient natural shade was available.

On the terrace 1 deck chair, 2 chairs 1 table, in the garden Maldives swing, rattan cuddly island (never used!), 2 loungers

Not completely mosquito-free. Spray if at all: only once a week and not very thoroughly. The giant ants felt very comfortable too!


Friendly and attentive, German guest manager (Marion), Insel Ass. Manager comes from Spain.


When we arrived the island was not fully booked. That only changed 2 days later, when a Chinese wedding party stayed there for 4 days. Then again only about 60% occupancy, probably even less over Christmas / New Year. Overall there were probably a little more Europeans than Asians there.


Our villa was in a westerly location, so there was always no wind (see also weather) with a direct sunset panorama. The buildings are quite dense, but good privacy thanks to the departments Day bed, 2 bedside tables, 1 table, 2 chairs, flat-screen TV, I-Pod docking station, safe, kettle, minibar. Up to 3 liters of water per person per day are free, environmentally friendly in glass bottles. On arrival, 1 bottle of red wine and a fruit basket are free.

House reef and snorkeling

The most beautiful house reef we have seen in the Maldives so far, there are 5 channels. The shortest way is between the bar and diving school. To snorkel counter-clockwise was almost impossible (see weather!) And also not harmless, high Waves, strong wind and strong countercurrent. So we snorkeled the other way around and were enthusiastic about the good condition of the reef and the numerous fish - including large sharks. The diving school gave an introduction to the peculiarities of the reef twice a day. Who Anyone wanting to rent equipment had to have attended such a briefing, which in our opinion was a sensible thing to do to help preserve the reef.


According to statements by the guest relations, the weather was unusual at our time, namely wind from the north / east, partly with storm force, from bungalow 5 to approx. 20 it “tiled” in, we would not have liked to live there. The beach had clearly declined there the first week sun and light cloud cover, the second week began with 1 ½ days of continuous rain, it was noticeably cooler, but then again sun and light cloud cover

Diving base and water sports center

The dive center was obviously not very busy, many divers dived directly on the house reef, for us snorkelers we always had an open ear. You could rent snorkel equipment, canoes, kayaks, wake boards.

Riveli restaurant

The restaurant consisted of 3 areas: 1 open deck, but there was never covered due to the wind, 2 covered areas, one of which was intended for smokers. There was a four-course menu and buffet alternating.

The buffet-breakfast as well as in the evening-was “clear”, but of very good quality. There was also barbeque once a week. The menus were adequately sized and very tasty, re-orders were possible without any problems. Wine of the week approx. 35– $ 40 / bottle, Pellegrino $ 8.5.

Bar Velaavani

Mostly covered, but also beautiful outdoor spaces, partly.with deck chairs on the sunset side. The frequency of use was limited. In the week 1 x Bodu-Beru, and 2 x live music, 2-3 musicians-guitar-. The drink prices were within the usual Maldivian framework, e.g. Beer 8 USD, wine / glass from 10 USD, cocktails between 13 and 18 USD


Unused prices were rather high.

Angsana Gallery

There souvenirs and the in-house Angsana care products were sold, the rest of the offer was extremely clear, had asked for paper handkerchiefs because of a strong cold - not available -! Here could and should be improved.


W-Lan included in the price, good connection speed, even on the terrace without any loss of quality.


On December 21st A Christmas tree was set up in the restaurant, there was a witch's house in the bar, even made of homemade gingerbread, the palm trees were decorated with garlands of lights. Quite kitschy, but: who likes it?


The evening before departure, information about luggage provision and pick-up time in the room. The speedboat then brought us the next day with up to 24 kn. to Male, so that there was no hectic check-in.


A small, fine island that thankfully gets by without water bungalows. Repetition not excluded!

Pictures for the report

Travel report Angsana Ihuru, from 04.04. until April 19, 2011

We had this little island in focus last year, it shouldn't have been back then, now it worked.

The flight was not very exciting and we landed in Hulule punctually in bright sunshine. After the passport control we were directed to the counter and then driven to the island by speedboat (approx. 20 minutes). Even the sight of the island from the boat was an optical delight.

The island is very small with very beautiful vegetation and very well-kept, has 45 rather closely spaced individual bungalows with and without jacuzzi (each distributed on the island) and no water bungalows. There is a reception (with a small library), a bar (sandy floor and terrace with wooden floor, there is also a TV), a resti (more on that later), a gallery (is a shop), a spa, 4 garden bungalows (row bungalows next to the spa) and a marine center (diving school and other water sports). The island is really very built up, but it felt very different, you actually didn't notice much from other guests. You could swim very well in the lagoon on the south side! Visually a picture book island, but the beach on the north side was unfortunately secured with sandbags, which just doesn't look so plump. Sandbag trunks were built during our stay, luckily they didn't get to the south side.

After a friendly welcome, everything important was explained to us, and then we were escorted to our bungi (south side). Everything was explained there, too, as well as a nicely prepared bed, the reception also included a bottle of red wine and a platter of fresh fruit.

The tiled rooms are not exactly huge, including the small hall about 20 square meters (or small), and the bed is only 1.60 meters wide. But optically very nice and nicely furnished with lots of color gimmicks. The room has a minibar, CD player, free e-safe, a small sofa and electronically controlled air conditioning. In the hallway there is the much too small “wardrobe” and also a couple of drawers for clothes. Furthermore there is free drinking water with and without carbon dioxide, which was always refilled or which you can have brought to you at any time. Even bathing shoes, other "slippers" and bathrobes were available. There are tea lights in several places, apples were used as decoration, incense sticks are also available.

The bathroom is not exactly huge without the jacuzzi, but it is also very nicely furnished, at least there was enough storage space. The shower does not simply have a normal shower head, it is a "flood shower", and one of the two washbasins that was present did not have a simple tap, where the water flows in a channel to the washbasin, like a small waterfall. Difficult to describe, nobody needs it, but it looks really cool. The part of the bathroom in which the open-air jacuzzi is located was more spacious and also has a "play of water and colors" similar to that of a washbasin. The jacuzzi can only be filled and it actually has no drain, no idea how to get the water out of there. Hair shampoo, shower gel and a lot of other personal care products were plentiful. The bathroom and beach towels are changed when they are on the bathroom floor, regardless of whether in the morning and / or in the evening.

The terrace in front of the bungi is awesome! The first around 2.50 with wooden floors and equipped with 2 chairs, a larger table and a lounger (everything with cushions). Then there is a beautiful garden that is visually separated from the neighbor with access to the sea, this area of ​​our bungi was not visible to the neighbor, very private. There was also a large swing and 2 loungers with cushions. The whole wooden furniture, that goes without saying. The view from the terrace to the sea was not open, very nicely overgrown. There are also bungis with a clear view of the sea, but even then they are not so private.

The Resti (sandy floor) has 2 covered building parts, the larger non-smoking and the smaller one for the addicts and a wooden terrace that is sufficient for all guests, directly on the sea under the open sky, but with a lot of natural shade (partly also parasols), on which probably only recently there was a smoking ban. Free choice of seats at every meal, the waiter remains the same. Breakfast and lunch are always buffets. In the evening there is only a not exactly lavish buffet three times a week (which has already been boasted), but in excellent quality, there are always 2 types of fish on the grill, sometimes with crabs and one type of meat or poultry.

A four-course menu is served four times a week. Since we are ardent buffet fans, we had our concerns, which turned out to be completely unfounded. Here, too, the dishes were of excellent quality, the main menu had 3 dishes to choose from, one fish, one meat and one vegetarian. In retrospect, we can even say that the four-course menu was better than the buffet feed.
(Note from wife: these were the best vegetarian dishes, so to speak, that she has ever eaten).

Price orientation: soft drink $ 5.50, 1.5 liters of water $ 3.50, cappu $ 5.50, presso $ 4.50, glass of red wine $ 9 to $ 15, bottled wines start at around $ 80 to almost an unlimited amount.

WLAN can be received free of charge in the restaurant and the bar, we even had a reception on the beach and partly on the terrace (3rd bungalow from the bar).

Excursions are also offered, but we didn't go on any. There is also a regular and free shuttle to the neighboring island of Vabbinfaru, which we didn't use either.

Except once a week in Bodu-Beru, there is no organized tourist accommodation on the island, which is also a pleasure.

There are many other pleasant little things to mention, such as a decorated bed with a small present every evening, or the refreshing towels that are given every time at lunch and dinner and, and, and ...

No service charge or the new 3.5% tax is added to any of the prices mentioned (including those of the diving shop). They are included and are shown separately on the final invoice. In addition, 1 $ per day and room for the turtle farm (Vabbinfaru) is automatically billed, which can be revoked on request.

Diving in first-person form because only one of us dives.
The diving school is not called a diving school, it is a marine center that is operated by the hotel together with the neighboring island of Vabbinfaru. Normally, a slow, leisurely immersion dhoni is part of diving. There it is a very spacious, modern and fast boat; I was once told by someone that it had something from Raffaello advertising, it works a little too. In retrospect, I have to say: shit. on the nostalgia, the boat is great! There is mineral water on the boat and, after diving, a fruit platter, and of course towels.

You can enter yourself in a list (the dive sites are then known), or you are asked if you want to join, the rest does the base. This means that the equipment is brought onto the boat and assembled, dismantled after diving, returned to the base, washed out and stored.

There is a 2-tank dive in the morning, usually together with the neighboring island. Diving is only done in groups with a guide, all known and good spots are also visited. The regulations are a bit unusual, so the first dive is limited to 50 minutes, the second usually to 55 minutes and 20 meters. If one of the group has sucked the tank empty, it is completely surfaced. Since the first dive is usually a demanding one, it was very common that the dive was over after 40 minutes. Here, organizationally something could be "reworked" by the base, but that is the only thing that can be criticized at the base. Logically, the second dive (like on almost all other bases that offer a 2-tank) has something of a children's dive, that's why I basically don't like these 2-tank dives!

There is also a boat dive in the afternoon, but I have never seen a boat go. Already during the morning dive there were rarely more than 4 divers on board.

The house reef has 4 entrances and can be dived with Buddy at any time. If you don't have a buddy, a guide from the base will go with you at any time (subject to availability), no extra costs. Directly in front of the base is a small and interesting wreck (at the bottom, 26 meters), there were always 3 very trusting lionfish, a frogfish, a photo-horny octopus and usually 1 to 3 nurse sharks. I have also always met other sharks and rays there. In general, the house reef is THE most regenerated I have ever seen after the coral bleaching and of course indescribably beautiful. There are hardly any dead corals; If you don't know the reefs before the bleaching, you don't even notice them. I did 6 dives on the house reef by myself, which is a novelty for me. From Bungi 1 to 45 you can dive around the house reef at a depth of 12 to 15 meters (deeper only at the wreck) in 80 minutes. Incidentally, I saw most of the sharks during the dives on the house reef, some of them very impressive black tip sharks. There are also smaller steep walls on the house reef, actually I should have gone diving there a lot more often, I certainly haven't seen a lot.

In principle, the same applies to snorkeling. Wonderful and regenerated corals almost all around, sharks, shields, schools of fish. I especially liked the southwest side. Only right on the jetty is it not the best in terms of corals, but there are many schools of fish there. There are also sunk metal frames (as in the lagoon directly in front of the base) that stimulate coral growth, and these also offer protection for some livestock. At the reef edge, you can snorkel around the island completely in a sporty 60 minutes, of course, depending on the fish, gugge longer or, depending on the size and number of sharks, much faster for some.

The diving prices are staggered according to the number and can be found on the Ihuru homepage. If you have 25 or more dives, you have to pay $ 56 per dive with your own equipment, plus $ 20 for the boat for a 2-tank dive (this is not on the website), Nitrox is free.

Please, nobody should think that Ihuru is a 5-star island. If you think about going there, you will be disappointed, especially with the rooms that are too small. Ihuru is not only visually something very special, but also the whole "around it", which is difficult to describe and it was very difficult for us to leave this island!

Thomas and Sabine

Travel report Ihuru, Maldives, August 2010 - Gladly again !!

Mirihi? - or Kandholhu? - or maybe you prefer Kuda Funafaru? We had been thinking about this question months before, we just couldn't make up our minds. It became the only 200 x 200 meter small islet Angsana Ihuru in the North Male Atoll. One of the decisive factors was the return flight time of the Sri Lankan Airlines flight we selected at 9 a.m., which made a transfer with the air taxi in the morning not possible. In addition, we always wanted to dive the North Male Atoll ......
At check-in in Frankfurt they caught us, it had to happen. 7 kg of hand luggage is allowed per person - although this time we neither had any trolleys with us, we had to put the two pieces of luggage on the scales: 18 kg in total. The clerk wanted us to repack and check in a piece of luggage, which of course wasn't in our interest. We then discussed endlessly (valuable camera equipment, etc.) until he gave up and kindly granted us a special permit after consulting a person in the background.
The flight from Sri Lankan with a stop in Colombo was actually pleasant (except for the very noisy flight attendants during the night flight), the food was extremely good, due to a delayed departure in Frankfurt we unfortunately did not get the recommended foot massage in the transfer area in Colombo .
Arrival in Male was at 8 a.m. and then the vacation started. We were in the arrival terminal in no time and two employees from Angsana / Banyan Tree were already waiting there to take care of our luggage, which we only saw again in our bungalow on the island. We started immediately with a speedboat towards Ihuru, the island is only about 17 km away from the airport, 25 minutes later we were already sitting in the bar and received a brief introduction from the German guest manager, along with damp towels to cool off and coconut ice cream.
There are a total of 45 beach bungalows on Ihuru, no water bungalows, that was also one of the reasons why we chose this island. There was a choice of beach villas (25) and deluxe beach villas (20) - with a slightly larger bathroom including a jacuzzi. We got the beach villa No. 9 (without jacuzzi) on the sunrise side of the island with the slightly narrower beach, but significantly less wind (this will probably change during the year). The bungalows on Angsana Ihuru are very appealingly furnished in pleasant colors for our taste, a lot of emphasis was placed on design elements, which is not always very practical. We would also have liked the closet to have been a bit bigger and the bed a bit wider (1.40 m). Since we were diving every day, we didn't spend much time in the bungalow and when we did, we stayed on the spacious terrace.
The individual bungalows are a bit close to each other, but are separated by dense planting, so you have enough privacy. The bungalow includes: 1 lounger, 1 table and 2 chairs (on the terrace), 1 Maldivian swing and 2 wooden loungers on the beach.
The bathroom is half-open and with relatively new furnishings, we had done without the "jacuzzi" - what should we do with a bathtub when the Indian Ocean is right on our doorstep? We really liked the waterfall shower in the bathroom, you can also find such showers in front of the diving center and in the spa area. Shower lotion, shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap and body lotion were freely available.
As a greeting we were given a bottle of red wine and a fruit platter. A bottle was filled with drinking water every day, kettle, coffee and tea bags were always available.
"Riveli" restaurant:
Very varied food at all times of the day. Breakfast as a buffet with different types of bread, various yoghurt and muesli, always fresh fruit, sausage, cheese, ham, croissants and other pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice and other juices, on request eggs in all variations, waffles, pancakes. For the Asian guests the obligatory miso soup and other warm dishes, including potatoes and sausages.
At lunchtime there is also a buffet, always with a fresh grill station, alternating meat and fish dishes and, of course, lots of salads, vegetables and starters. Sometimes sushi, sashimi, etc. - but if there are enough alternatives.
In the evening there was an alternating buffet, every second evening there was a 4-course menu with starters and main courses to choose from. Alternative requests were also always taken into account here. We sometimes wished for more time between the individual courses, because it was served TOO FAST for our taste.
In the restaurant you could always choose your seat, even on the terrace, where we preferred to sit. The responsible waiter always “followed” you to the respective table.
Drink prices compared to other islands are not much higher, with the exception of the various wines. Mineral water (1.5 liters) USD 3.50, Cola / Fanta / Sprite USD 5, Tiger Beer USD 8, Erdinger Weizen USD 10, cocktails from USD 8 and up (without alcohol) to approx. USD 12.
We had our bungalow directly opposite the spa entrance, a rather "dangerous" location, as you passed the really pretty and nice Thai girls several times. They were also quite business-minded (“Buy 1 get 2” or “Pay 90 Minutes and get 120 Minutes” …… J Can warmly recommend from personal experience 1) Ibu's Secret - full body massage 80 USD, 2) Head and Shoulders massage 60 USD and 3) Finger Treatment at the end of the vacation (heavenly feeling, 90 minutes of rinsing, brushing, creaming, massaging, nail treatment and painting), USD 60.
There is no animation on the island, and there is only a single television, which is located in the bar area and is only switched on for "important" events, e.g. sports. There is also WiFi in the bar area, which can be used free of charge.
Snorkeling equipment can also be borrowed free of charge from the diving center, there are trips with the sailing boat, e.g. at sunset with champagne and appetizers. Surfboards and canoes are also available for hire. The restaurant manager organizes trips to a sandbank, where breakfast, lunch or dinner can be taken for a surcharge (costs from 70 USD upwards to around 170 USD per person, depending on the food chosen). You can also order a barbecue on the beach or on the bungalow terrace. Of course, there are also the obligatory excursions to local islands and tours to Male (4 hours, each afternoon).
A welcome change is the regular trips to the neighboring island of Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru (boat leaves every 2 hours). At 5 p.m. there is ray feeding at the jetty, after which a visit to the marine station (including rearing of turtles) is offered. In the beach bar on Banyan Tree you can have the drinks written on your room bill, for a surcharge of 25 USD per person it is also possible to eat there in the evening after registering.
Island Time:
The Angsana and Banyan Tree Hotels in the Maldives have their own "Island Time", this is as follows: Male time plus 1 hour. This actually only had advantages for us: 1) 1 hour longer sun in the evening 2) On the return journey a little more time for breakfast, as we had an early return flight from Male and last but not least, for us as divers, we always had the lead at the dive site, ours Boot was always there first.
There were mostly guests from the Asian region on the island (Japanese, Malay, Chinese), as well as Italians, British, French, Australians, Swiss, a few Germans.
Dive base:
Here we experienced something absolutely new in the Maldives. The dive center on Ihuru and that of the other Angsana & Banyan Tree Hotels is run by a Maldivian woman. Zoona Naseem does her job really well, it is a real treat to go diving with her. She is very knowledgeable, extremely friendly and helpful. The team consists mainly of Maldivian dive guides and diving instructors, there are only a few employees from Europe and Japan. Briefings are generally in English, no one can avoid the obligatory check-dive.
In the mornings, 2-tank dives are generally offered, the advantage is that the trips also go to more distant dive sites and only as a half-day trip and not as a "full-day trip". A dive without equipment costs 65 USD, from 10 dives the price per dive is reduced to 56 USD. Nitrox surcharge of USD 5 per bottle. Boat dives: Surcharge of 15 USD for the 2-tank dive, if another boat dive is booked in the afternoon, a total of 28 USD. The diving equipment is brought onto the boat by the crew, after the exit it is returned to the diving center and rinsed there. There are towels, bottled water and fruit on board.
Dives are generally accompanied, with the group size of 2-4 divers being kept small. At the house reef (Ihuru and Vabbinfaru) you dive alone, if you want a dive guide will come with you (at no extra cost).
The dive sites will be announced the day before in the dive center with a notice, since we were only a few divers, only one boat drove. Extra requests were gladly taken into account, as far as the current allowed it.
Dive sites:
Overall, we enjoyed diving in the North Male Atoll. Here, too, the corals are growing again, a miracle given the constantly high water temperature (29 ° C). Unfortunately there were no manta rays (yet) to be seen on Lankan Reef, we tried three times, there were a lot of divers there, but the season at the cleaning station will probably only start at the end of August. Our top favorites are listed below:

  1. Okobe Thila (beautiful soft corals and gorgonians plus white tip reef sharks, big zacki, stingrays, big school of fusiliers and mackerel).

  2. Nassimo Thila (Merciless countercurrent with poor visibility, however: a lot going on - Napoleons, turtles, eagle rays, MANTA !!!, soft corals in blue and orange).

  3. Bodu Hithi Thila (Mantapoint in winter) - Lots of curious whitetip reef sharks, nurse sharks, hunting tunas, napoleons, moray eels.

  4. Banana Reef (very nice aquarium with many different reef fish).

  5. Kuda Giri (small reef with lots of fish, octopus, moray eels, nemos, shrimps, scorpionfish, stingrays, lionfish).

  6. Furana North (Channel at Full Moon) - Giant Sweet Lips, lots of eagle rays, boxing octopus, net moray eels, turtles, whitetip reef sharks.

  7. Hoholha Gaa (lots and lots of anemones and long-snouted mongoose).

  8. Angsana Ihuru house reef with wreck.

  9. House reef of Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru (also and especially recommended as a night dive, as there are plenty of blacktip reef sharks and nurse sharks).

Our assessment:
Compared to the islands we have visited so far, a very high feel-good factor on Angsana Ihuru. Despite the higher prices in general, we were very satisfied with the price / performance ratio. This is especially due to the people who work on this island. The bungalows look a bit small at first glance, but they are neat and well-maintained. We also don't ask ourselves whether this is a “real” 5-star island or just a 4-star island. The ants in the outdoor pool didn't really bother us either, our three house geckos were happy about it. This is an island that we would visit again anytime.
Photos can be found on our homepage, we are happy to answer further questions directly at

Antje & Roland

Travel report Angsana Ihuru and Banyan Tree from 08/19/2006 to 09/03/2006

We don't want to withhold our little travel report from you either ... 2 weeks Angsana Ihuru and Banyan Tree (no, not 2 weeks each)

It started from Munich, with the Emirates flight at 3:45 pm. When we arrived at the check-in, a little queue formed, so we checked in relatively quickly. After hopes for an upgrade due to membership in Skywards and their suppression (original sound, quite jagged: "No, we are NATURALLY FULLY BOOKED" and immediately afterwards: "... FROM DUBAI THE MACHINE IS FULL TOO") we have, despite not working Online check-in (shitty box) can still get 2 window seats. My excess baggage of a few kilos has not been noticed: grin: ... at least ONE success ... Boarding and then also departure have been delayed a bit, many hooded people: grin: on board. Worth mentioning: a menu card is served before the meal ... regularly "drinks bar", this was mistakenly interpreted by some German schnapps thrushes as an invitation to drink ("Frollein, noch'n Roten bidde") ... after various grains, whiskey, little wine their noses turned suspiciously red and their eyes were nasty glassy ... ok, everyone as he likes ... flight without further incidents, in Dubai it took us forever to find the next check-in counter, the guides there or airport employees are not exactly helpful either.

When we arrived at Hulhule, we were immediately received by a Banyan Tree employee, we weren't even allowed to carry luggage, etc. With a small throw-in after a toilet on my part and a 10-minute delay, we trotted to the speedboat, in which 4 employees were already waiting ... and only for US! Nothing more passengers, we had the speedboat to ourselves ... are then well taken care of with moist (lemongrass) scented towels and water bottles en masse in 25 min. To Angsana - heavy swell due to bad weather, choking -

Welcome by personal Supervisor (direct contact person, takes care of the needs of the guests assigned to him on the island) with coconut ice cream and mandatory cloth. There are 2 bungi - (.. also called villas ...) categories: standard without, deluxe with jacuzzi ... an open word: JACUZZI DOESN'T NEED IT! Bay without, the beautiful open-air shower with normal and waterfall shower is completely sufficient. We were put off using the J. by the smell and difficult filling.
Man, I write too much ...

Villas are so far o.k., 4 drawbacks:
- too small bed (1.40 wide), I can also have it at home ...
- cold tiled floor
- Inselweg leads directly behind all open-air bathrooms, you have to get used to it at best. Activities: grin:
- Little privacy, bungalows are glued together with a space of approx. 1 - 1.50 m ("Hello, neighbor")
Furthermore, tons of small ants crawled on all surfaces in the bathroom ... but you probably know ... oh yes, watch out for the wet tiled floor can be very slippery. In general, I was disappointed with the condition of the villas (... or price): a lot of sharp edges, when I fell on the bathroom tiled floor suspiciously for figure skating, I almost hit my head ... then no one needs another ... .

For the island itself, here are my subjective pros and cons:

* super house reef with many entrances (believe '5) ... Napoleon 1m, reef sharks, many pushers, sea cucumbers, Dori family members, of course Nemos including anemone, stonefish in the lagoon ..., turtles, dolphins about 20-30m from the Riff removed ... and the usual other suspects; the best reef exit in the large lagoon at the jetty (or in front of the restaurant) choose and from there to the left ... patrolling Napoleon guaranteed ...)
* heavenly rest
* nice diving base with daily trips to Thilas in the area (Targets are advertised the day before), also bid in collaboration with Banyan Tree Snorkeling Trips more on that later
* casual barefoot island (fulltime barefoot) with a bit of attitude and chic (in the evening quite a few in a chic top or a noble hanger, but it doesn't have to be)
* except for a few outliers super nice guests, all like it very quiet, mostly looking for togetherness; quite a few solo travelers too
* GREAT SPA, for this reason alone a short stay is worthwhile;
courteous, kind, human and ... cheap !!! See also later comparison to Banyan Tree Spa
* Villas: lighting to be dimmed (very nice in the evening), daily free: several incense sticks (daily changing scenting), new equipping of water bowls with floating candles and flowers, filling the fragrance lamp with ever new delicious oils, daily flower decoration of the bed including bed sweets (useful carved decorative objects, small turtles sewn from fabric and filled with beads, etc. ., which can also be bought in the shop, wonderful poems in rolled form, etc.), last but not least, repeatedly replenished tea and coffee (Nescafe) portions including creamer, sugar, etc. pp. as well as free desalinated and remineralized (!) water, i.e. no additional water costs apart from the main meals (lunch, evening)! If you ask (and tip accordingly) you get additional bottles; on Banyan Tree this is done as well ... important for divers ...
* As a honeymooner (wedding must not be more than 6 months ago) on the 1st evening surprisingly a bottle of good red wine and fruit platter (hmm ..) with exotic fruits, sauces etc. in the villa ("Thank you, we didn't order anything" ... ), on the 2nd evening canapes and bubbly ... was nice
* eat can be seen as pros and cons, at first it was great, of course, but after 2-3 days: frequent repetitions, to put it that way ... our Japanese friends (proportion approx Joy...In the morning There was always the same thing (different types of fruit, mostly cut pineapples and different melons, uncut: apples, bananas ..., then toast, white bread, one or two jams, 2 freshly squeezed fruit shakes, alternating, 1 sausage and 1 Cheese type ... brrr ... always the same dry muesli, Bircher muesli, yoghurt, quark ... as well as small sausages, bacon, tomatoes, beans, fried rice ... and station with freshly made omelettes as desired) Breakfast sounds a lot on, effectively you have it after 1 week at the latest over ...Lunch and dinner is similar, a lot with seaweed (seaweed salad, sushi without fish ..) and tuna (grilled steaks, pasta salad with ..., local balls with ...); generally little choice and everything quite similar, sounds stupid, but that's how it is ... Salad is grown on the island itself, including lamb's lettuce; Grill station: Meat and fish quite tough or sometimes bony, tastes a lot like smoke (according to other opinions, the nice grill person doesn't quite master his job ...), leftovers will probably be used the next day: subjective:
Dinner alternating between buffet and menu (4 courses), you have free choice of seat, you can SIT OUTSIDE AT ANY TIME, there is enough space for everyone! ... also applies to lunch ...
Because of the romantic lighting (... funny how they all try with flashlights ...) you can wonderfully watch the starry sky ...I've never seen such a starry sky.
Drinks prices: 1.5l still Angsana Water $ 3, Angsana sparkling water
About $ 5, glass of wine from $ 5, definitely try a sweet dessert wine glass for $ 6, origin of the wines mainly from France, South Africa, more conventional ... Bubbly quite expensive (1/2 liter house brand about $ 35).
The 4-course menu was generally a bit annoying, as you always had to wait a bit long between courses ... sometimes about 20-30 minutes. ... then I prefer the buffet ... one more thing: if the menu says LAMM, be sure to take it ... I haven't eaten better yet ...
Conclusion food: with a few outliers upwards approx. 50-80% more 4 * -worthy ... otherwise it is clear that with a maximum occupancy of the island of
Approx. 90 holidaymakers cannot be offered a large selection ... although ...
* very dear bar team and management (greetings to the Austrian and especially to Tim ...)

* see Mankos villa above, actually only worth 4 * at most, even by Maldivian standards
* with restrictions the food, see above, you must not have 5 * claims
* with restrictions also room service and waiter: despite a good tip, our roomboy always came when we were in the villa ... or maybe because of the good tip, liked to forget something; our young waiter was not particularly friendly, rather disinterested ... what a shame ... I also gave a larger amount to the young man who raked and groomed the beach in front of our bungi every day ... I don't think I get much else .... ok, I have to come to the end (with Angsana)

A few more remarks about ANGSANA:
Tour around the island is difficult Beach situation on the Sunrise side extremely bad, washed away a lot, Secured by unsightly sandbags, difficult to get through through the heavily worn beach (right level ...), ... hope that improves again, as well as poor swimming opportunities due to the reef that stretches close to the beach. On the (our) sunset side, a very beautiful, wide sandy beach, , beautiful lagoon, but be careful: we have several times discovered a well camouflaged stonefish loyal to the territory, I almost slipped on it ... my husband spotted the stonefish in the lagoon at regular intervals (3-4 times) (and so did our English neighbor once), seems to be particularly resistant ... at the reef exit at the jetty (in the large lagoon ... by the way, you can swim there, water height up to 1.80m!); Of course, there were snorkelers and swimmers there from time to time, which we warned ... a baroque English tourist with a man of the same shape stayed there preferring to splash around and stood, believe it or not, 1m next to the dangerous object ... have ours Warning not taken too seriously ... well, we tried, then you can't do anything: flöt: After knowing about the stonefish (s) in the lagoon, you can see Italians splashing along with their toddlers a few meters further on other eyes ...! We also reported the stonefish to the diving school ... the marine biologist who was in charge of the snorkeling trips then drove him out of the lagoon ... I watched, the specimen swam very slowly and unwillingly over the reef out of the lagoon ....

A short snorkeling excursion: only takes place if there is sufficient interest (I think 4 minimum participants, there were only 6 with us), register one day in advance at the diving school, then join forces with Banyan Tree, both islands organize the excursion; Cost: $ 25 p.p. for a 10-minute dhoni ride to a place a few meters in front of the house reef of Baros, so to speak on the open sea; Snorkeling time: approx. 45 minutes ... have to be 20 minutes. with a huge school of trusting batfish, snorkeling with turtles etc., beautiful corals! After snorkeling, towels as well as water bottles and cut fruit (4 types) are served ... was ok.

It is essential to use the bathroom articles (shower gel, etc.). Both resorts have corporate articles with essential oils and natural substances (derived from the spas), i.e. they are sold in the respective island shops (everything from bathroom articles, tunics, polos, shorts, candles, wonderfully tasteful)

Addendum: daily $ 1 per person is paid as an obulus for the turtle projects, are extra on the final bill; if this is not desired, it can also be canceled; we also saw the older Maldiver who appeared in the travelogue (the other day on Vox); as we later found out, both islands belong to him ... he rode on the speedboat that picked us up at the airport ...

Due to a casual expression of displeasure (and burning interest in Banyan Tree) during a nice chat with the management of Angsana 3 days before the end of the holiday, it was possible to stay 2 more nights on Banyan Tree for a hefty surcharge. Banyan Tree is opposite Angsana, even if you are on Angsana every 2 hours you have the opportunity to visit Banyan Tree (and vice versa) at any time via free dhoni transfer ... there you can move freely, there is a marine biological station with turtle rearing and shark behavior research (quite new, are kept together with the turtles in a cage in the huge lagoon of Banyan Tree in order to be able to better protect their behavior due to better knowledge) and every evening 4 vacationers from Angsana on Banyan Tree can ( relatively) low price (about $ 25 pp) ONLY THEREFORE is it worth visiting Banyan Tree.
(Incidentally, on Banyan 2 $ p.p. are paid for the turtle projects ... on Angsana only 1 $ ... for that you get a larger cloth turtle on Banyan ... ... now have 2 ...)

General impression of Banyan Tree:
* conceited audience (mostly nouveau riche Russians, dress code !, a lot of really snotty English people, some Italians, also rich Indians and of course our friends, the Japanese ...)
* The beach is beautifully wide and fine, but it is NOT POSSIBLE to walk around the island or take a short walk on the beach! Based on the Deluxe Beachfront Villas (top category), each of which has a wooden walkway with an attached pavilion that extends directly into the sea ... there is no getting through! Probably also wanted by management ... privacy ...
* Lagoon very nice for swimming, house reef also within reach (approx. 50m) the lagoon in front of marine biology. Station with the said cage
* the interior of the island consists of a very wide sandy path that crosses the island, sometimes also used by small electric cars, sometimes with very sharp pieces of coral ... so be careful ...; From this very wide path, smaller sandy paths lead to the villas to the left and right; Almost in the middle of the island is the somewhat buzzing generator (at night ...) including the desalination system ...YES, there you also get the desalinated and remineralized water free of charge, which is called Banyan Water (as well as otherwise ...,) ... except for meals, then you have to pay for it
* There are several categories of villas, all of which have in common that they are secluded and have a private garden; there are
- Oceanview villas
- Oceanview Deluxe Villas
- Beachfront villas and ... (well, what?)
- Beachfront Deluxe Villas
The villas have an area of ​​approx. 60 square meters, including wooden veranda with deck chairs and jacuzzi, outdoor bathroom with 2 showers (outdoor and indoor shower), large living room with the finest materials (oriental iron chandeliers and sconces, heavy curtains with tiebacks made from real Nautilus ... my husband had to look twice) and large day bed and sofa corner with lots of pillows; Large four-poster bed with fine linen bedding, great mattress (do you know that when you sink in so comfortably?) with lots of soft pillows, curtains to close, etc. pp. Yes, the fruit plate to welcome you and the great tea and coffee cupboard: there you have Banyan noble roasting wrapped in gold and silver foilCoffee POWDER including coffee maker (0.5l brand Bodum), several fine teas, coffee milk and whites and other bells and whistles. Furthermore, you can keep a fully equipped toilet bag with all the trimmings (comb made of wood, etc.etc ... even mouthwash ... really everything you need with a great bag) ... you have slippers for outside, for inside made of silk, kimonos, heavy, cuddly terry towels and bathrobes, everything from shower gel to body lotion ... every evening gets a fine bed treat (large turtle made of fine fabric ... (see also Angsana) or scented bags in the form of Maldivian caftans etc. ) ... very nice, all of that ...
* In our opinion (if you already throw that much money out of the window) only the beachfront villas are worthwhile, otherwise you are set back 50 m, in your own garden (sand with 2 manicured green strips on the side), but only with a few meters wide Peephole on the sea and laterally limited by palisades made of bamboo ... a pavilion is available, but IN the garden, not on the beach. Pavilions are made of wood and fitted with Balinese mats; You can also get a massage there for an additional charge. So, if Banyan Tree, then book Beachfront. There are also hammocks on the beach ...

* Division of the villas: iron entrance gate with wooden box for wooden notice boards ("Don't disturb" or "Make up room" ...), the daily newspaper is also thrown there; also available in a bell ..., behind the entrance gate a small inner courtyard with stone steps, on the right hand a wooden platform with jacuzzi (already a bit decrepit) and 2 wooden loungers with indirect lighting, goes over to the open bathroom with all the bells and whistles (2 showers etc., see above) ... even with a walk-in closet). To the left of the courtyard a few steps up is the entrance door, then comes the bedroom (round with a bed in the middle, a console with 2 elegant lamps behind the head of the bed), to the right of the bed you go back to the open bathroom .... from the bed if you look through a wide window front into the garden to the sea ... that was great ...
* Food Banyan Tree: toque quality
E.g. in the morning extra egg dishes menu cards (... omelette with balsamic essence blah blah over eggs with smoked salmon etc ... there are whole dishes with decorated plates ), a whole car with all imaginable types of fruit, including white mangoes, very ripe pineapples ... are freshly sliced, you can also order fruit plates, then you get huge plates with a choice ... uh ... there is everything. ... just 10 different cakes, huge cheese buffet etc. etc. etc. etc.
Buffet was 30m long without shit
In the evening it was awesome, I would need another page ... from the finest table linen to menu cards with up to 8 options per course for the 6-course menu (soup - salad - 1st main course - sorbet for neutralization - 2nd main course - dessert - coffee) , you could choose from the spa or the normal menu (spa menu = particularly healthy). Example dessert: Cheese platter with international cheeses, roasted nuts, fruit sauces, toasted bread, fruits ... all on a large platter)
Well, on the last evening there was a buffet with tables under palm trees in the sand right on the beach ... lit with torches ... music ... great buffet (Maldivian evening, always on Fridays) ... great curries, etc. The mango -Chutney tasted so good ... I gave it to me in a small glass the same evening ...
Tip: definitely try Ginger Lemon Ice Tea (also with food ... great)

Unfortunately nobody snorkeled on the house reef in the 2 days, we never saw anyone ... you feel a bit out of place.

We used the spa on both islands, our recommendation: definitely the Angsana Spa (rave, so) ... incomparably friendly, kind and cheap ... great service (fruit, tea ... I got free of charge because of swollen ankles during During the stay, ginger tea was brought to the bungi every evening ...). The Banyan Tree Spa was cold, not very friendly, and not particularly professional, in our opinion. Also expensive, so we were really disappointed.

CONCLUSION: Angsana is recommended for sporty, casual snorkelers and divers, if you look at the price level, then with clear cutbacks in the bungalows and in the food /
Banyan Tree has beautiful villas (but then beachfront ...) and VERY good food, but is generally colder, more anonymous and very geared towards rich clientele; relatively bad spa without atmo, definitely take chic clothes for dinner; Seldom snorkelers there, but you can then cross over to Angsana or Baros.

Short vacation Angsana, August 06

The "conditions" on board the LTU flights have already been discussed in detail, so that I largely give myself my own comments.
It should not be left unmentioned, however, that the drinks served are apparently limited per guest. My request for a second 0.5 l bottle of water (after all, it's a 10-hour flight) was rejected rather harshly.
To describe the food as marginal would be too much of the praise.

Airport transfer:
It was just awesome this time. Rolled out, across the apron to the reception desk, no queue at the counter (only international arrival that morning), through to the baggage hall, the suitcases picked up immediately, outside to the small stands. Immediately you were greeted by a Banyan Tree employee and escorted to the really elegant speedboat (here we were the only people arriving). Plowed through the NM Atoll at a good 40 knots and already we were almost exactly an hour after touching down at the Angsana jetty.
For a short break, a detail that should not be underestimated compared to the Ari Atoll.

You were immediately received by a front desk employee and directed to the bar. This then acts as your personal contact for the duration of your stay.
With a small sorbet and chilled towels you are provided with the most important information about the island and the usual formalities are carried out.
After a photo (the employees are probably shown to remember the new faces) we went to the bungi, where the suitcases were already waiting. Here, too, everything was over in a quarter of an hour.

Angsana is co-administered from the neighboring island of Banyan Tree. But more on that later.

There are only single bungalows on the island that only differ in terms of their outdoor swimming pool. Some have their own jacuzzi, others don't. Without it, the bathroom looks quite small, even though it is only made of fine materials. We had with. This simply makes the bathroom area appear more spacious. Second, you can of course take a bath in the open air with it and let the salt bubble away from your skin.

The jacuzzi had no outlet, so that the water stopped after use and had to be cleaned every time by the room boy (probably scooping). It was therefore not possible to rinse out the jacuzzi before using it, which would certainly have been appropriate, since the water was quite clearly colored at the beginning.It is also not possible to carry out a cleaning run in this way, which was noticeable in the intense "scent" when the device was switched on. With the prevailing temperatures, the jacuzzis are therefore real germs throwers. It could not be determined whether this was just ours, or whether it affects everyone. In any case, I allowed myself a thorough shower after every visit. At least there was no damage.

There is also a shower in the bathroom where you can choose between shower and flood mode (through a bamboo tube).

Another (visually extremely successful) special feature is a second small washbasin, which is supplied with water and a small waterfall through a groove in the stone cladding. Divers will be interested to know that it is ideal for rinsing the ears.

The living / sleeping area itself is of a fairly neat square layout with a small additional corridor in which cupboards are housed. The furnishings and light installations suggest an Asian design influence. The result is extremely appealing. Simple, unobtrusive elegance made of black woods, glass and colored accents. In addition, several candles, scented stoves, incense sticks, floating candles, indirect, dimmable lighting, lamps, etc. pp .. Everything together creates a wonderfully pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

Of course, the rooms also have air conditioning, a minibar (which were both quite loud) and a fan.
It should be noted, however, that (probably due to the small space) the bed does not entirely correspond to Central European dimensions.

In addition, each bungi has a small covered terrace on which there is a wooden table with chairs and a lounger. The terrace also has its own fan. In front of it there is a kind of small garden in which an attempt was made to shield the bungies that were very close by from each other. In this garden there is a Maldivian wooden swing and two other wooden loungers with cushions that can also be dragged onto the beach.

To clean your feet from the sand, a plastic flower pot with water and a ladle is set up at both entrances to the bungalow, which seems a little strange compared to the rest. There are much better solutions here, e.g. in the form of small showers.

Island / Beach:
Well, as far as the beach and access to the house reef are concerned, Angsana is pretty much at the forefront. The island is densely overgrown with tall trees and palm trees and surrounded by a circular white powder sandy beach several meters wide. Individual measures (bollard-like constructions made of white sandbags) against the seasonal transport of the sand hardly interfere. After a few meters the reef begins and after 15 - 150 meters you are already at the reef edge, which even offers steep walls and overhangs.

The beach is almost without any disturbing pieces of coral and there is also a zone of fine sand almost all the way around the water, so you can safely do without bathing shoes. Of course, at low tide (we had a new moon!) The water depth in this area can be too shallow for swimming.

That you are in the North Male Atoll is immediately clear from the first look under water. The corals are only just beginning to reclaim their habitat. Algae are now increasingly growing on the remains of the former corals. But they again serve as food for a large number of reef fish that occur in real schools. The number of fish and their size is just impressive. In addition to different shark species (I got 4 species in front of the lens myself), eagle rays and other rays can also be found. There are also large numbers of horse and horse mackerel, dozens of large snappers, groupers, etc.pp .. However, the number of small reef fish is unmanageable. A circumnavigation of the island at the edge of the reef can be comfortably done in an hour. But not recommended in strong waves, as the view on the far side of the island leaves a lot to be desired.

Diving / sport possibilities:
Diving had to be avoided due to an accident, which was not particularly difficult in view of the fantastic snorkeling conditions.

The base / equipment made a professional impression and the wishes of the divers (house reef / boat dives) were individually addressed.

Various water sports equipment (cat, surf, canoe, etc.) can also be borrowed. On request there is also water skiing, banana boat, etc. During our stay, however, this request did not seem to exist.

An oasis of calm. Although I only know massages after sports injuries, I also indulged in massages here. I was absolutely thrilled. The petite people understand their craft and leave no doubt that they know every muscle fiber of the human body by first and last name and are happy to reorganize them.
Before and after the massages, other “wellness stuff” was part of the package. You have to like it or not. Except for the ginger tea, I left it for a while. But if you want, you can turn a massage into a procedure lasting several hours.

Only the advice on the various applications was a bit meager, which is particularly unfortunate since extensive applications are offered.

Restaurants / Bar:
The island could only be booked as full board for us. The breakfast was of normal international standard (and international expressly includes Japan). The other meals are always offered in buffet form at lunchtime and alternately in the evening as a buffet and served en place as a menu.

That the kitchen in this form (although extremely tasty) cannot meet any special requirements must be clear to you before you start your journey. Culinary highlights at hood level (as can be found on other islands) were not there.

The food is varied (there was a wide range from tuna sashimi to smoked duck breast to lamb with mint sauce and paella. The only thing missing was the Rhenish sauerbraten). The desserts were most likely of the gourmet standard.
The selection of wines was rather small and also a bit unconventional.

Meals are all taken in the same building (or, if the weather is good, on an open deck above the sea). There is free choice of table, but not free "upper choice". You are always served by the same waiter during your stay. That this system tends to "smear" is unfortunately noticeable very quickly. Long waiting times are inevitable when the guests of a Obers all appear at the same time. The colleagues then stand around stupidly in the landscape, while the poor man can then display medium-stretching qualities. It is also noticeable that there was apparently no "maitre" who would have sorted these grievances.

The bar, on the other hand, is completely different. I cannot judge whether it is because no Maldivians but only Sri Lankans work there. In any case, the service there works smoothly and is always friendly and unobtrusive.

The Japanese and British had the upper hand in rapidly changing proportions. In general, the average length of stay on Angsana seems to be quite short. There were also Italians, French, Spaniards, and Germans, as well as a few inevitable Russians. So there was at least some amusement in the evening.
Surprisingly, the age structure was quite balanced, although the 30s had a slight advantage.
Singles or children were very rare. The island is probably not particularly suitable for them.

I think under this point the price-performance ratio has to be mentioned. It takes your shoes off a bit if you pay $ 18 for a hamburger, $ 10 for a 0.4 beer and $ 140 for a bottle of the Veuve / Moet category (I always use these 3 for comparison, because almost the whole world standardized) has to put on the table. The same applies to open wines at dinner. 11 € for about 8cl from a 5 € bottle is actually beyond the rip-off limit.
This price structure runs through all areas of the facility. It is apparently 1: 1 identical to Banyan Tree. Sorry, but there is a corner missing from the LHW house with a corresponding price level and, above all, service.

There are several (of course) paid excursions such as night fishing, a visit to a local island or a dinner on a sandbank. The usual.

Angsana is a wonderful address to be pampered and to switch off in a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere (no news, no shoes). Unfortunately, the system suffers from excessive demands. $ 600 standard rate per night and room is already a word and makes you squint at the absolute world elite. With the best will in the world, the system cannot meet these requirements. With a bit of goodwill she has 4.5 stars with clear deficits in the area of ​​F&B and accommodation.

All in all, everything seems a bit wanted and “covered in make-up”, like the young sister of the top model, who unfortunately does not have the grace and charisma of the big ones.

The fact that the management does not have to worry about such issues shows an (alleged) occupancy rate of over 95%. What a pity. With a bit of fine-tuning and cutting back your own requirements, this would be an absolute top recommendation. Unfortunately, it's only enough for one: "good".

Would I go back to the island? Probably not. I enjoyed this vacation. Incredibly good.


Dream honeymoon

We were on Angsana / Ihuru from August 20th to September 4th, 2005 and it was a wonderful vacation.

Flight with Emirates
The first time we flew a long haul in business class
- was a present on the occasion of our wedding. It was really nice. The legroom was more than sufficient, even too much for us. The food - served on china - delicious and the service very courteous and friendly.
The icing on the cake, however, was the business class lounge in Dubai. An incredibly delicious buffet, all sorts and types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, comfortable leather armchairs, free internet, showers and rooms to sleep in, television, magazines ...... and, and, and.
Waiting for the connecting plane is fun!
Nevertheless, in our opinion, three times the price for business class is not worth it.
Next time we will fly - as always - economy.
Hotel and location of the island
The beautiful island is located in the middle of the North Male Atoll and can be reached in 20-25 minutes by speedboat from the airport.
Angsana is located on a small 200m x 200m circular island, which can be comfortably circumnavigated in 5-10 minutes. There are 50 villas in two categories on the island. Each villa has its own beach section, which is separated from the neighboring villa by bushes and a palisade. The villas are quite close together, but everyone still has their privacy and does not have to contact their neighbors if they do not want to.
The hotel complex is very well maintained and every little thing is removed immediately. The guest structure is very international (Japanese, British, Australian, Koreans, German, Italian, American, Greek, Chinese and much more). We found the mix very pleasant, only when two Italian couples meet, it can get a little louder.
The average age was around 30-35 years and consisted mainly of honeymooners.
After Male you can go on excursions if you want to escape the loneliness of the island. But it was this calm that made the island so charming.
Since the Angsana Resort & Spa has the same management as the Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru, both islands can be used together. You can either take a speedboat over at set times or paddle over in a canoe yourself. We thought that was really nice and the canoe could be rented for free.
On Banyan Tree you could also use the spa and all dining facilities. We found that to be enough of a change.

We really liked the rooms and were the deciding factor, which is why we really wanted to go to Angsana. The island consists of 46 beach villas with and without jacuzzi and 4 garden villas.
We had a jacuzzi beach villa (number 19), which we liked very much.
When entering the villa you first find yourself in a small anteroom with luggage rack, wardrobe with drawers and a safe. On the right is the very nice half-open bathroom. Our open-air jacuzzi was the highlight. Relax at night with a glass of champagne under the starry sky in the jacuzzi - a dream! Like the rest of the villa, the bedroom with queen-size bed, chest of drawers with minibar and couch is furnished in Feng Shui style. Many colored, illuminated square wall elements with real apples, candles, incense sticks and scented lamps make the flair perfect.
Every day there are two large water bottles for free and the coffee and tea bags were also sufficiently refilled.
Each villa has its own terrace and its own beach section, each with two loungers with tables and a Maldivian swing.

Gastronomy and service
The food was incredibly delicious and very varied. For breakfast there was always a buffet and a fresh stand for all kinds of egg variations, waffles, pancakes and much more. There were also fruit juices, but nothing freshly squeezed, only from the pack. I missed that a bit, but still it was delicious and there was fresh fruit.
The lunch buffet was incredibly varied and always very, very tasty.
There was a starter buffet, a warm buffet, a dessert buffet and a freshness stand, where you can have fish, meat, vegetables, etc. freshly prepared. We always looked forward to the lunch buffet and every time it was a surprise.
In the evening there was four menus and three themed buffets (Maldivian evening, Asian evening and barbecue night). The menu was prepared as delicious as in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Germany and the buffets were, as always, very good.

We have never eaten so well and have also gained a lot. The desserts were just always too tasty.
We had a permanent table waiter and a permanent room boy during our entire stay. Our waiter was very reserved and not quite approachable like the others, but we still liked him very much at the end of our vacation. The other waiters were super nice and enjoyed talking to the guests. We were particularly impressed by the chef from the show cooking, Adam. He spoke different languages, including some German, and knew our habits very quickly. After a short time you were always greeted in a friendly manner by the entire staff. The staff in the spa were incredibly friendly and we often met in the evenings at the jetty and talked and fed the fish. We felt like we were in a big family and when we said goodbye, two girls from the spa and two from reception stood at the jetty and waved until our boat could no longer be seen. We have never left with tears in our eyes and have never been seen off like this.

Sports and diving center
The price included snorkeling, kayaking, volleyball, darts and table tennis.
You could also go windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, fun tubes, catamaran sailing and deep sea fishing, but only very few guests did that.