How to bunny hop in hl2 mods

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These are BloodCobalt's citizen pack from I noticed a few things, like Rusty's Female National Guard Pack, needing the facemaps from these to work properly. I figured with these and Lt. Commander's back, we coudl saved a few Pink and Black te ...
no i did not make the missles i used someone elses dupe welded 3 together and added trails with a cool launch sound enjoy: D ...
~ Requires CSS For Hand Textures ~

GDCW is now using tokarev rounds. I finally made a PPSH, came out fairly nice. Includes a world model (as shown in the picture). Sounds for the weapon (shoot, clipin, clipout, boltpull) are from the PPSH in BFBC2: V ...
If it wasn't made completely obvious the first time and you have less than the average IQ of 100, please take note:

These are not mine, I simply fixed a few simple things so I could use them on my now, non-existent server and uploaded them to the worksh ...
Siminov's WW2 Weapons I edited for my 1950's themed roleplay server.

Connection Info:

Game mode: DarkRp

Server name: 1950's Roleplay


Player count: / 32


- Excuse the image -...
1950NYRP / DarkRP Taco Shack
This is me and my friends LiquidSmoke's Taco Shack for 1950NYRP / DarkRP
Numpad 4 for the window
Numpad 5 for the door
You need Fading Door for this ...
The Huston Duststorm was adopted by the Law in late 1956 ... Perfect for persuing renegades. Controls: Arrowkeys = Movement, L = Lights, RShift = Siren,, = incicator left,. = indicator right. FEATURES damagable parts! DO NOT REUPLOAD and have fun! THIS IS...
1960s American muscle car
The Straife Blockade ... a late 60s muscle car for those who are normaly on the wrong side of the law. controls: Arrowkeys = Movement, L = Lights, Downarrow = brakes. Shoot the gas cap for it to blow up. DO NOT REUPLOAD as alot of work goes into these cars. ...

Zombie survival is a massive gamemode where humans are pit against a zombie horde. Once a human dies, they become a zombie. The game ends when all the humans are (un) dead or the humans survive a certain amount of time or complete o ...
This is a reupload from garrysmod strictly for people to enjoy, and not for me to take any credit.

Contains two ragdolls, vehicles, rocket launchers, and destroyed vehicles.

WW2 German Props ...
WW2 vehicle carrier (water)
* NOTICE * This dupe does no long work! * NOTICE *
Need TF2 WW2 props addon!
Useful for scenes of WW2.
movement = arrow keys
winch = numberpad 1-open 2-close
extra thrust = numberpad.-forward 0-back ...
This pack is for adding World War 2 weapons to a TTT server. As this is pre-optimized for the TTT game mode, you will not need to change anything about it, unless you want to change recoil, damage etc ... Once you have downloaded this you will need to extra ...
WW2 July 24th 1943 READ DESC
A squad of soldiers are attacking a German base sorry for shortness and suckishness
REQUIRES: WW2 American NPCS and WW2 Vehicles and last but not least WW2 German NPCS ...
Perfect for Nazi zombies. Requires "Resistance and Liberation" which doesn't require CSS or Half Life or DOD ....