Apple keyboard A1048 how to clean

Cleaning the MacBook keyboard - this is how you keep it clean


The keyboard of your MacBook is exposed to a lot of contaminants such as crumbs, dust, and liquids. You should therefore clean the keyboard regularly to ensure that neither functionality nor cleanliness suffers. Because contamination can also damage your MacBook.

How to properly clean your MacBook keyboard

Doing your research on the internet will give you lots of tips on how to clean your MacBook's keyboard. However, many of these tips are dubious and can seriously damage your MacBook.
  1. First, you should have a clean duster, LCD cleaner, cotton swabs, and a soft brush ready. Because you should be careful when cleaning your MacBook. You can use a paint brush or a cosmetic brush.
  2. If you have any sticky residue on the keyboard of your MacBook, you should dampen a cotton swab with the cleaner and use it to rub off the stain. Carefully dry the area.
  3. Now use the dry duster and carefully run over the buttons. Don't be unsure if crumbs or dirt falls into the spaces between the keys. You remove these impurities in the next step.
  4. Now use the brush and brush the dirt out of the spaces between the keys. Make sure that the brush and keyboard are dry so as not to bring in moisture.
  5. Finally, spray the cloth with the cleaner and carefully run over the keyboard and the housing.

Invest in the right place

A MacBook is an expensive device that should be looked after accordingly. This is why you should use a good quality cleaner to clean the MacBook.

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